Jeff Lewis Stalker Alert

imageBy Laura Piazza

Ok I have a confession to make,  I stalked Jeff Lewis. When I read on Twitter that he was in Raleigh (NC)…thank you @Bravotwins… I instantly joked about stalking RDU, the local airport. Then on Valentine’s night Jeff  posted a picture of himself outside my local mall. He was standing in the snow shivering because American Airlines had lost his luggage. I knew exactly where he was. I was encouraged through some Twitter dares to go. I explained to my husband I needed him to take care of the kids. When he asked “why” I thought he would be ready to sign the commitment papers. To my surprise he said “yes”, still, when I got into the car I started thinking myself insane to go through with this.

I arrived at the mall, sat down on the bench, and wondered “now what?” Should I just sit here praying he walks by again? Only 25 minutes had passed since his tweet. Perhaps he’s eating in the upperclass restaurant next to where he took the photo. You may recall Jeff will slap you with a restraining order (remember the Ugly Betty Star in 2008), so I was a tad nervous. Yet I was on a mission to experience my very first Bravolebrity sighting. I even stopped at a Starbucks and bought him coffee just to stir up conversation. I don’t know where my common sense went. If he’s eating at the restaurant, maybe I can catch him on the way out. I went inside and asked to buy a gift card. They sent me to the bar. I was looking in every direction. I felt like a fool at the bar buying a gift card on Valentines Day solo.  I then asked if I could use the rest room, you know, so I could continue to search the restaurant for Jeff. I walked the entire restaurant. No Jeff. I left disappointed. Then I saw the car he took his picture in front of. I stood around it thinking someone’s going to call the cops. I would have. So I asked a random stranger to take my picture in the same style Jeff’s was. I went home after that, defeated, but after all it was Valentines Day and I did want to spend some quality time with my husband.

As I tweeted my “stalker pic” a commercial aired that said Jeff and Dina Manzo would be at the Raleigh Convention Center for a home show that weekend. I was free on Sunday, tickets were only 3 bucks, I had no choice but to go! (I even ditched church. I hope God’s a Bravo fan…or at least would understand and let me slide this time).

I elected my sister to be my new partner in crime. When we arrived I saw Jeff walking in the hall with Gage. We made eye contact and he said “hi” with a smile; I smiled, said “hi”, and waved like a little giggly girl. After I got over that Ramotional moment my sister and I headed straight to the stage, sat in the third row and waited. Over 175 people followed us, many stuck standing the entire two hours. Jeff, who looked fantastic, started with  a Q&A. The moderator asked him questions about his experiences on Bravo, his line of paint, and his relationship with Gage. Jeff revealed that he’s painting his living room black and that wallpaper is making a comeback. He reminded us all that the new season of Flipping Out will be starting soon. When somebody asked “when” rather loud, I instinctively shouted out, in true stalker form, March 5th. Everyone enjoyed a chuckle, even Jeff.

Jeff had a lot to say regarding his work on Bravo TV. He said Interior Therapy may or may not return pending on negotiations he is having with Bravo on the state of the show. He felt Season 1 was overproduced, so Season 2 was not produced at all and he enjoyed it more.  He went on to inform us that in no way is Flipping Out produced. What you see is exactly like it is like in his office daily. He said Flipping Out saved him financially  when the housing market crashed.  He appreciates every penny that comes thru his hands, but knows it won’t last forever. That’s when  Jill Zarin came up in the conversation out of nowhere. He said, ” Don’t get me wrong Jill Zarin made good tv, but she wasn’t appreciative, too hard to work with and over demanding. She thought she couldn’t be replaced. She was mistaken, has tried to get back on Bravo, but it’s a no from all above.”

Jeff continued on about some of his Bravo colleagues saying many Housewives are “not starving they are already well off and are just in it for the fame. They don’t need the money. This s why there are so many replaced housewives on Bravo. They don’t appreciate it so they lose it”. He never hits diva status with Bravo hence his long, continuing  career with them. Jeff then went on to talk about how Jenni (Pulos) is the main reason there is a Flipping Out. He also talked about how much grief he still gets from his family for firing his sister in law. Holidays are very uncomfortable for him. Jeff went on to answer some design related questions and then stayed to take a photo with all 200 plus people waiting.

I was one of the lucky first in line. Jeff’ complimented my hair. I thanked him, then said how much I appreciated him taking the time to chat and snap photos with fans. When I showed him my stalker pic and asked him to sign it he laughed and said, “you’re not my first stalker.” He also gave me advice on pillow colors for my couch!

After fans took a moment with Jeff they ran over to snap a photo with Gage. I asked him if and  when they are considering having kids. He said, “perhaps in the next year or two. Thing are very busy at this exact moment in time.” Gage didn’t have an assistant with him. So many people were solo wanting a photo with nobody to take them, so I volunteered to be Gage’s assistant for the hour. I took so many photos. I felt like a professional photographer. I wasn’t nervous any longer and Gage and I were constantly interacting making jokes. One woman wanted a picture alone with Gage and one with her boyfriend and Gage. I said ” so when you dump him you don’t have to photoshop him out” Gage laughed really hard and said I was a comedian. Then a mother took a picture with Gage for her daughter stationed in Hong Kong.  I told Gage her story and he took a second one with his arm in the air pretending to be wrapped around a person so she could photoshop her daughter in. He is extremely sweet.

After it was all over. Gage and Jeff thanked ME! Gage went on to say I was the nicest stalker ever. And off they went to stir up some more American Airlines Twitter drama.

imageLaura Piazza is a North Carolina wife and mother of  children who has a major passion for Bravo TV. Her knowledge of the programming caught the eyes of the network who awarded her the title of Bravoholic in 2013. In addition to Reality Television Laura enjoys crafting and baking. The most important part of her life is family. In addition to raising teenage twins and a toddler, she cares for her sister in law and volunteers within the special needs community. Follow Laura on Twitter @LauraRHONC 

Reality Roundup

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice isn’t the only Garden State Diva in a pickle! RHONJ guest-star Kim Depaola is entangled in a new lawsuit over her jewelry.

TMZ reports that Kim ripped off jewelry designer Constantino Frangopolous, who claims the reality star convinced him to lend her pieces to wear on the show, only to later find out she mimicked the designs and began selling her own look-a-like jewelry.

The report claims that Constantino made a deal with Kim, which allowed her to wear some of his pieces on RHONJ in exchange for promotion. After Kim sported some of the pieces on the show, she allegedly stole the designs and created knockoff versions to sell in her retail stores and on her website.

The two never had a formal contract; however, Constantino has filed lawsuits against Kim D and Bravo.

Kenya Moore may truly be gone with the wind. The former Miss USA is frustrated with the drama between cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, she is seriously considering leaving the show.

 “If Bravo asked me to come back, I’d have to really think about it,” Kenya told OK Magazine. “Right at this moment, it’s a very tough question.”

 Kenya is mostly disappointed that her RHOA cast mates do not support each other in times of need. “I’m nobody’s victim and never will be. But at some point you want people to put aside their differences and back you up because it’s the right thing to do,” she said.

After confirming that she will not be returning as a Real Housewife next season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita opened up for the first time about life after RHONJ to Life & Style.

“Right now, I’m really just enjoying time with my family and I’m writing a few books,” she told the mag. “My husband [Chris Laurita] and I are writing a book together about our journey with autism.”

“My other passion is the beauty industry, so I’m also writing a book about busy moms and beauty things. I’m also writing children’s books! I enjoy writing — that’s what I love,” she expressed. “It’s just been really great with my family. I feel like I’m in a very good place.”

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey can expect to see some new, and some old, faces next season. RHONJ alum Caroline Manzo will not be featured on the upcoming sixth season of the show and Kathy Wakile is only filming part-time.

Teresa Giudice and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga will be back in full swing while Nicole Napolitano, Teresa Napolitano, and Amber Marchese join the cast full-time.

Dina Manzo will also be returning to the hit series after she quit three years ago. Rumor has it that Dina did not want her sister-in-law, Jacqueline, to be part of the series.

“I understand why Dina wouldn’t want me on the show: She doesn’t want to address family issues on-camera!” Jacqueline said.

Dina recently told a group of fans that although Jacqueline will not be on RHONJ,  Jac fans will get their dose of the no holds barred brunette on sister Caroline Manzo’s spinoff Manzo’d With Children. As for her relationship with Caroline, Dina told the group that they still ‘”are not on the best of terms” but that she loves her sister and will “mend their relationship soon.” Dina also revealed some of the stories that will take place on season 6, but we would hate to spoil any of it for you.  We will tell you, however, that Grandma Wrinkles has some new competition in the household. Speaking of Grandma Wrinkles, don’t look for her on Twitter anymore, as Dina confessed to losing the infamous cat’s account password.

Season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming.

What would have happened to The Real Housewives of New York City if Jill Zarin never got the boot? With just a few weeks away from the season six premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, former RHONY star Jill Zarin is still talking about how she was fired nearly three years ago.

Jill claims that even though she had been considering quitting, she doesn’t know the real reason why she was fired.
“Nobody will tell me the true answer,” she said in a recent interview for Oprah: Where Are They Now?“. At the time, I was told that they thought the show had gone so dark that it couldn’t recover and that they needed to change the cast. I don’t think the fans agreed.”

Jill also dished on her feud with Bethenny Frankel, her new buisness venture, and  life after RHONY. Check out Jill’s full interview below!

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Housekeeping Cheat Sheet

Stainless steel improved!

Stainless steel improved!

Before the boys came along I spent much of my free time exploring my appreciation of the domestic arts. I enjoyed cleaning, cooking, baking, interior design, so much so that my friends and family jokingly referred to me as Bree, after the anally retentive homemaker Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives, which was my favorite scripted television show. After children, however, I feel less like Bree and more like Lynette Scavo…overworked, overstressed, and over it when it comes to trying to keep the perfect home.

Old habits, however, die hard and this creature of habit cannot thrive in chaos. Disarray and clutter are conditions that I cannot function in and as I pass on my borderline OCD to my offspring…twin A demands napkins at dinner so he can systematically wipe his table space…I’ve devised some shortcuts to help keep this place clean even at my busiest…and most exhausted.

The Sheet Cheat : In a perfect world I would change my sheets every weekend. I used to do this, but being that now the second I get to touch the bed I’m pretty much passing out in it, that no longer flies. There are things that you can do to keep your sheets looking cleaner longer, for example don’t eat in bed, but even the cleanest looking sheets have a certain ick factor. Sorry folks you have to change them, but you can cut down the weekly sheet duty to bi weekly with this simple trick. By using your top sheet tucked in over your fitted sheet you get a double layer. Spend a week on the top sheet and next week take it off. Voila! Clean sheet underneath. That laundry and fitted sheet wrestling can wait to mid month!

Kick The Bucket : Have you seen the Swiffer commercial where the old women in the family scoff at the younger woman’s tendency to clean the floor with a housecleaning wipe and her foot? This next tip is the middle of the road. I NEVER use a bucket to clean my floors. It’s heavy, it splashes, and after a few dips you are washing your floors with dirty cleaner…ewww! Toss the bucket and grab the spray bottle. Use a product like Swiffer Wet and Windex to shine your tile. For wooden floors I like Parker and Bailey wood floor cleaner. For you organic folks you can make cleaner out of vinegar and water…but your house will smell like salad. The main idea however isn’t the product it’s spray and mop, and it’s a lot less work than the bucket. Want the shine to last longer? Make your family wear socks or slippers when they walk around indoors.

Create a Stainless Steel : I dreamed of stainless steel appliances…before I had them. Nobody told me how hard they are to keep clean, especially towards the bottom where they are prone to toddler hand and canine nasal prints. Before the kids I would use this highly toxic miracle spray a friend would give me from his maintenance job where he cleaned elevator doors. The fumes were frightening though, and I feared what affect they would have on little lungs. Then one day while watching HGTV I saw a tip about olive oil to polish stainless steel. It works! Clean your SS appliances with a household cleaning wipe and then polish with a small amount of olive oil on a paper towel. The rest of the week they are practically print resistant and any smudges that break the barrier wipe off in a cinch!

Shower With Your Shower : Cleaning the shower can be a pain, literally, why not just scrub the walls while you are already in there and the water is running? Just take precaution not to poison yourself. Pre treat the walls beforehand and rinse. Then scrub them during your shower.

Baby Your Wood : Wood furniture requires special care. Many cleaners are too harsh and those made for wood release toxins in the air and leave a residue. Baby wipes are gentle enough to clean your wood with and they do a fantastic job, just be sure to dust first.

A Tisket, a Tasket : Baskets are amazing! One of the things that parents complain about are how toys have taken over their homes. By keeping things in baskets you can camouflage the play things as part of the decor. They also help train your kids to clean up. Set the baskets out and play the sorting game, they love it!

Take a Load Off : Weekends were supposed to be for relaxation, but when you have a family you find that weekends are for laundry. If you are lucky enough to have your own washing machine and dryer you can lessen some of the time by leaving the last load in the dryer for the week…and make sure it’s the largest load. As you pluck things from it to use it gets smaller and smaller, less to fold and put away when you start the following week’s laundry marathon. Just make sure you air dry and put away anything that can wrinkle.

I have to confess, with twins, a dog, and a husband, when somebody enters my home and says, “How do you keep this place so clean and organized” the heavens open up and I hear the angels sing. Here’s hoping you can adopt some of these into your routine and lighten your load.