Vegan Cous Cous Sushi

imageThere’s a butcher in my neck of the woods known for three things; the finest cuts of meats and fish, an array of interesting side dishes, and exorbitant prices. I’m not kidding you, a tiny container of this dude’s mango salsa…the best in the world…is eight dollars. That’s right eight freaking dollars…and it’s worth it! One thing he sells is cous cous sushi. I love this stuff, I can’t get enough of it, and if he sold it regularly with a lower price tag I’d be in there like a panting dog every week. However it’s hit or miss with the inventory and the pricing won’t come down as he knows his cuisine is THAT good. So my epicurious mind started thinking, how does he do it? I came up with a logical idea and went to work. Is it what he uses? I don’t know, but it works and since I created this version of the recipe it’s mine, and I can share it with you. This is fantastic as a party appetizer or light and filling lunch, and because it’s vegan there are very few who cannot enjoy it. It’s also extremely cheap to make and one recipe yields a large volume…sorry expensive butcher.

1 cup water

2 tsp olive oil

3/4 cup plain dry cous cous

1 average sized can kidney beans

1 Tbs soy sauce 

long thinly sliced strips of cucumber…the firm portion, NOT the seeded part

long thinly sliced strips of green onion

3 whole wheat tortillas

additional soy sauce for dipping

Prepare cous cous as per instructions on the box and let cool. Drain and then puree beans with the tablespoon of soy sauce. Mix in cooked/cooled cous cous. Place tortilla flat and mold mixture around a few cucumber and scallion strips into long bar on top. Tightly roll up into tortilla. Slice into sushi sized rolls. Serve with soy sauce for dipping. Yields enough for small party or three meals!

* optional: Sprinkle with sesame seeds 


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