Perfect Sunday Pancakes

About a year or 2 ago…with kids time moves so fast that I just can’t tell when anything happened anymore…some crazy idea, read in the popular book Skinny Bitch, permeated my brain. I decided to go vegan. Having been a pescaterian for 20 some odd years it didn’t seem like such a big change.  No sushi? Veggie sushi is just as fabulous. No eggs? I didn’t care for them much anyway. No milk? Hate the stuff, besides almond milk is tasty. No butter? Olive oil is delicious and healthy. No cheese? Ummmm….ok I’ll keep vegan at home, I’ll still eat pizza, nachos and eggplant parmesan in restaurants. So with my half commitment to veganism I began searching for ways to make some of my favorite foods 100 percent animal friendly. One of the easiest was pancakes. There are a ton of recipes for vegan pancakes online. For months I served my family these puffy half sponge, half cardboard creations. My husband wouldn’t touch them and my kids, having not yet fully developed their taste buds, were the only ones on board. Eventually I realized that vegan fair was not my thing…to be honest it sucks. I added the egg into my pancake recipe and real milk into my mac and cheese. Below is my perfect pancake recipe, but just in case you are vegan you can still enjoy it, just leave out the egg.

image1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tbs sugar, honey, or agave syrup

1/2 tbs baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

pinch of salt

1 cup of milk (dairy or almond)

1 tbs olive oil

coconut oil for greasing  (You can use butter or olive oil but I’ve found coconut oil  yields the best color)

1 egg  (optional)

cup of chopped apples or  whole blueberries (optional)  

Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Mix in wet ingredients until all lumps are gone.  Drop tablespoon sized dollops onto coconut oil greased skillet over medium low heat. When bubbles started to form on top and edges brown flip pancake over. Pancake is ready when underside is also browned.

*Busy human tip: Double recipe and freeze half for next pancake breakfast. Also works great to freeze individually to pop into the microwave or toaster for breakfast on the go!

*Kid friendly tip: Let little ones pick up these small pancakes and dip into syrup. No cutting and less cleanup!


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