Fun at Disney?

imageBy Lesley Rousso


We took the kids to Walt Disney World over the weekend during Spring Break.  Let me clarify that as a Disney expert and Floridian, I would never normally go during such a crowded time of year.  We had to be in Orlando for my daughters cheer competition though, and I thought a couple of days at Disney after, was a good idea.  Well, not so much.

I’ll start off prefacing this with my vast Disney experience.  I have been going yearly since I was six years old; I’m forty-one now, you do the math. Some years I’d even go two  to three times, and I  have rarely stayed off Disney property.  I’ve stayed at every hotel except two, The Grand Floridian and The Coronado Springs.  My personal favorite is one of the original hotels, The Contemporary.

Disney breaks down their hotels into categories of value, moderate and deluxe.  Prices vary during different times of the year and for Florida residents.  You can get a great deal, if you know what you’re doing.  My husband always asks for an upgrade and we almost always get it for free.  Can’t hurt to ask, if they have it, they’ll give it.  Anyway, I booked the Caribbean Beach Resort which is on the moderate level of the Disney resorts.   To be honest, normally I would’ve tried for The Contemporary or  another of the deluxe hotels.  We had however, just spent two nights at the Orlando Hyatt for cheer which wasn’t cheap and with five of us we always need two rooms or a suite.

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach once when our boys were little, before the cheer girl. It was totally fine.  Now, it is in serious need of an overhaul. I love my Disney, ask anyone who knows me. I am a hundred percent, Pro Disney.  I’m not going to bitch about the crowds or lines because I knew what I was getting into during Spring break.  Instead, I’ll tell you that a company that prides themselves on customer service and their guests is letting it slip.  One of my children, who shall remain nameless, but it’s not who you think, left the iPhone charger in the room at the Hyatt.  We didn’t realize this until arriving on Disney property. So I thought, “okay, no biggie, I’ll buy a new charger at the hotel.”  In my defense I had what I thought was two chargers plus my Brookstone mophie device. All I needed was the plug that goes into the wall.  I had every cord, just no plug.  So, we check into our connecting rooms which, by the way, really need a refurb, and after walking a hundred miles to the food court/store area I went in to buy a charger. As a side note, for some reason the check in area is in a separate building a mile a way from the store area, bizarre. In the store meanwhile, guess what? No charger. No plug. No nothing. Okay not entirely true. They had a RayoVac mophie type thing that you put AA batteries in and it charges your phone.   This would’ve been fine if the batteries actually lasted longer than two hours and provided more that a trickle of charge. Plus I am not a fan of RayoVac. Sorry, not sorry. The Walt Disney company should also be aware that none of their employees in The Caribbean Beach hotel have any knowledge of phones, chargers or as Max would say, “Rachet mophies.”

Later that day poor Ethan got the Disney virus and I had to stay with him the following morning while the other three were at Hollywood Studios.  I went to get something to eat for Ethan in the food court. He had been throwing up so I wanted something unfried and plain.  I got him pasta and wanted butter for it.  What I got was butter “spread”. Yuck.  I’m not sure how people can’t believe it’s not butter.  It’s more than obvious it’s not butter.  I also wanted  something on the healthier side for myself.   I tried to order a sandwich without tomato. They refused to make me one without, saying they were premade. I know this is a lie because they day before Darren,my husband  had them make one without.  I told them this but they couldn’t care less.  I ate a side salad for lunch that was the size of my hand.  For a company that I feel, considers themselves as a powerhouse in the industry they really need to take a better look at some of their customer service policies.  People vacationing, especially at a place where you are spending money hand over fist, need convenience and choices. Especially healthier choices. Of course we had fun, we always do, it is Disney World afterall.


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I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

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