RHOBH: Season 4

WIll the ladies make it to another season? Should they even be allowed> Photo: bravotv.com

WIll the ladies make it to another season? Should they even be allowed? Photo: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

Where do I begin? We all watched this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , mostly appalled. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, it’s true. The season brought us two new Housewives, Joyce Giraud  and Carlton Gebbia. Each came with their own brand of drama, but the real drama involved veterans Brandi Glanville  and Lisa Vanderpump. For Brandi, it was another season of inexcusable, but ultimately excused, bad behavior. Her alchohol infused tirades got old quickly and I was easily exhausted by her. What I couldn’t believe was that she  turned on her biggest supporter, LVP.

At first it was all about Lisa’s “mothering”. Brandi, under the false assumption that she doesn’t need any guidance, felt she was being bossed around by her former BFF. Then the conflict centered around Scheana. Brandi was convinced that Lisa purposely brought her around to upset her. Can we say reaching here? Honestly it seemed as if all season she was looking for a way to stir up trouble with the Vanderpumps. Kyle Richards, prone to Mean Girls type behavior, was happy to join in on the “lets bash Lisa olympics”. Then Yolanda Foster decided to hop on the bandwagon. If you ask me the whole season just evolved into everyone but Joyce and Carlton turning on Lisa and Ken. (Subplots included Kyle and Carlton accusing each other of horrible things and Brandi against Joyce, or shall I say Jacqueline.)

By the time the season was winding down I had sympathy anxiety as far as Lisa was concerned. Season four ended as it started, at a Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce event, but things had definitely changed. The three part reunion rolled around and mercifully finished off Monday night. As much as I love and adore Andy Cohen, you don’t have to be Nancy Drew to see where his loyalties lie. It was painful to watch.

So, where does the future lie for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Who will return next season and will there even be a next season? As much as the majority of us loathe Brandi, there’s no doubt with Andy behind her, she’ll be back. Did Joyce and Carlton add enough to the drama to merit a return? Rumor has it they didn’t. Does Kim Richards even deserve to come back after much of the season centered around her training her dog? Boooooring. Then there’s continuing talk of Faye Resnick joining the cast. Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little. I’m not sure what’s next, but I cannot and will not watch another season of bashing Lisa Vanderpump. Unfortunately with the status of Lisa and Brandi’s relationship currently, I’m afraid that’s what we may be in for, if this show sees another season at all. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned…


Tell us: Do you think RHOBH is done or should there be another season? 


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I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

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