TBB: Turning Terrible Two

With Kathy and Victoria Wakile at a recent fashion show to support brain tumor research.

With Kathy and Victoria Wakile at a recent fashion show to support brain tumor research.

Yes, it’s true, the TBB blog is now 2 years old. When I look back it feels like absolutely no time has passed, but when I glance through the archives it really has been a while. During that time we’ve compiled quite our share of posts, both Reality Television and Lifestyle related. Maybe it seems so fast because it has been the busiest 2 years of my life with so many balls in the air.

When I embarked upon this journey in 2012 I had one main goal, to find an audience for my writing so I could obtain a literary agent and a book deal for a lifestyle book I started penning when I was on maternity leave. My secondary goal was to find a career in the realm of broadcasting, my major in college. No such career has surfaced, and all the work I poured into TBB put my book on the proverbial shelf.

Last month I had a vacation from work. I spent it in Starbucks sipping green tea lattes a’la Fredrik Eklund and revisiting my book. I hadn’t looked at it in almost a year. I read it over, tweaked it, and was reenergized. I began to write again, and enjoy the process, and, without sounding too conceited, I enjoyed reading it. I truly felt that if  this were somebody else’s writing I’d purchase it. That vote of confidence was all  I needed.

So I’m marking this 2 year anniversary by redirecting my goals back to what initially lead me to Twitter, when an author friend of mine advised me that without somewhat of a name for myself nobody would be interested in giving me a book deal, even if I wrote the modern day equivalent of War and Peace.  Redirection at this time is vital for me to keep going. I need to know that I’m moving forward and in a capacity that I can somewhat take charge of.

The best part of traveling this path, even if it has not yet lead me where I think  I want to be, is all the unexpected perks I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve gone to some pretty kick ass parties and made some pretty awesome friends. I’m not just talking about people on TV, I’m talking about people who are behind the scenes. Creative types, visionaries, and people whose sole purpose are to raise awareness and funds for a cause. Most of all, this journey has lead me to you.

Yes, I’ve met my fair share of Housewives, and Reality Stars, but that was never my aim, nor would it be enough to keep me going. Celebrities honestly are just like us, but far more recognizable. Meeting celebrities could never be enough to keep me grinding like this. What’s really been my gasoline is the interaction I am having with my readers. I look forward to our exchanges via social media daily  and some of you have introduced yourselves at events and on the street. Crazy that I am recognized, just a suburban mom trying to reach for the brass ring, but somehow I’ve touched some of you as much as you have touched me.

I hope you continue to follow my journey, as well as Lesley and Brent ‘s because they are now such an integral part of what we do here. We will continue to talk about Housewives but we hope that TBBReality.com has become so much more than just that to you. We want this to be a place for you to relate, to laugh, and sometimes to cry. Moving into our third year we want this to be your dose of reality with a touch of that other Reality.

Regards and Hugs,



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