Ladies of London: A review



By Lesley Rousso

So, we finally have a Real Housewives of London!  Okay it’s not an official franchise of the wives but it may as well be.  The cast features six major players and another “friend” of the ladies who we haven’t seen much of yet. The queen bee of this group seems to be Caroline Stanbury, one of the two actual Brits on the show.  The others all hail from the states.  Caroline is the a married mother of three, who owns the Gift Library and is quite familiar with the London high society scene. She’s also a former celebrity stylist who has a Wedding Shop business in the works.

Caprice Bourret, our second lady, is originally from California (sigh), and moved to London several years ago to become a model.  Also an actress, Caprice is seven months pregnant during the episodes while  also having  a baby on the way via gestational surrogate in the United States.  Yes, you heard me right.  Caprice and her husband were told she couldn’t carry a baby and two months after the surrogate became preggo, so did Caprice.  She also owns By Caprice, a successful lingerie and swimwear line.  She reminds me of a more mature Joanna Krupa.

Annabelle Neilson, the only other British cast member, comes from a wealthy English family and is a model. She’s writing a book about her twenty year friendship with the late Alexander McQueen.  So far beside being somewhat bitchy, her claim to fame seems to be that she was McQueen’s muse.  We know this because when she’s not insulting someone it’s pretty much the only thing she speaks of.

Marissa Hermer, now an ex-pat, is also originally from California.  She’s married to a London nightclub owner and restaurateur, and they have two boys.  She helps to run the family business with her PR experience. She seems nice enough, so far no drama from her.

Juliet Angus, born in Chicago, had a successful career as a television producer and stylist in the US and is now planning on opening her own styling studio in London.  Her husband Gregor’s  job moved them to London and there they are raising their kids.

Last, but certainly not least is Noelle Reno.  Hailing from Seattle, Noelle moved to London to also purse modeling at the age of twenty.  Noelle is also in fashion and in a relationship with British property entrepreneur Scot Young, who is going through a very high-profile divorce.  Noelle is accused by many as being a gold digger.  I honestly cannot disagree with this.

So there you have our Ladies.  The show is only a few episodes in but I like it so far.  So does my husband which has to count for something right?   The different country aspect is entertaining even though the majority of them are American.  It’s fun to watch the American gals try to behave like the Brits.  I’m sorry but no matter how much tea they drink and how Madonna-like they behave, they’re still American.  Well all except Marissa who becomes an actual British citizen. Give it a watch or two, see what you think.  For the love of god, at least it’s not set in Atlanta.



About mommyrou

I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

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