Vegetarian Summer Sandwich

imageAh summer, barbecue season. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs…and the ungrateful vegetarian guest picking at the side dishes. After 25 years as a non-meat eater, I know that there’s no bigger pain in the ass than a vegetarian at a barbecue. We don’t want to be an inconvenience, and many of us will avoid the problem by bringing  a dish to share that we ourselves can eat (at least this is what I do, and hope others do as well). A great host, however, tries to accommodate all, so here is my favorite vegetarian friendly sandwich. Please note that, though it is vegetarian, it is not vegan, and with the cost and flavor (or lack there of) of vegan cheese, well, they probably will have to fend for themselves. Can’t please everyone you know.

Eggplant Delight Sandwich

*one medium eggplant peeled

*1 c whole wheat flour

*1 c Italian flavored breadcrumbs

*2 eggs

* 1/2 c milk (dairy or non dairy)

* 1 vine ripe tomato sliced in thin rounds

* 6 slices provolone cheese

* several large basil leaves

* 1 large ciabatta loaf

* balsamic vinegar

Prepare breaded eggplant as per instructions in our eggplant parmesan recipe. Slice open ciabatta loaf and drizzle balsamic vinegar onto both sides. Layer three slices of eggplant on top of bread. Place three cheese slices over eggplant. Layer 1/2 the sliced tomato on top of cheese, layer basil leaves on top of tomato layer. Repeat one more time. Place three more breaded eggplant slices on top of final basil layer. Wrap sandwich tightly in tinfoil. Place foiled sandwich on the grill to heat up and melt cheese prior to slicing and serving. Serve extra balsamic on the side for dipping. Will be a hit with vegetarians and non vegetarians alike…sorry vegans.

Got vegans? Try this recipe.


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