Welcome to Million Dollar Listing Miami

Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi, and Chris Leavitt of MDLMIA. Photo: bravotv.com

Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi, and Chris Leavitt of MDLMIA.
Photo: bravotv.com

I’ve always gone against the grain. Historically my road is the road less taken, and most often the one that ends up closed, especially when it comes to television programming. Basically if I really like a show it’s bound to get canceled. I apologize Million Dollar Listing Miami for this kiss of death.

MDLMIA isn’t catching on as quickly with many of our readers, at least not from what you’ve all told me on Twitter. Many of you are partial to the MDL seniors out of LA and NY. I get it, you’ve watched those a few seasons and are invested in the realtors, or the characters the realtors have become. The exact reason why I’m really enjoying the latest installment of the Million Dollar empire.

You see, Miami is still in its infancy. This is the part of Bravo TV that I love. When a series is still about getting to know the cast. It’s when a Reality TV show is the most, for lack of a better word, real. With the MDL shows, it’s also when the real estate is truly front and center. It’s a focus on selling and buying beautiful homes, before the cast gets too entangled in each other’s businesses and the storylines get too contrived.

Just what is it about the series some of you are having trouble connecting with? I know for many seasons we’ve all wondered why not a female agent front and center. Now that we have one it should generate interest. I for one like Samantha DeBianchi (@SamDeBianchi). I find her humbler than the typical Million Dollar Lister. She’s established in the business yet still finding her footing. She’s a bit unsure of herself, a realistic quality for a young woman. She’s real enough to be believable and emotional enough to make good TV.

Too sure of himself is Chad Carroll (@ChadCarollMIA). In typical MDL fashion he’s too cocky, too impulsive, and too good looking. He’s almost swoon worthy…until he does something cheesy like put his picture on a wine bottle and call it Chad-teau. He’s like Josh Altman and Ryan Serhant rolled into one. He’s an arrogant all-American man boy. Suave enough to get the big bucks, but naive enough to blow an entire commission on an Aston Martin before the deal even closes.

Last but not least is Clinton Kelly, I mean Chris Leavitt (@TheChrisLeavitt). There’s nothing to dislike about Chris…except that you keep wanting him to critique his clients’ clothing. For real, close your eyes and suddenly you think it’s What Not Too Wear. He sounds EXACTLY like Clinton! He actually resembles him too. So far there’s really nothing too remarkable about Chris. There’s no whiny meltdowns or showboating like his co-stars. In fact, Chris may be too normal for Reality television. A compliment in the real world, but not so good when you’ve already got a Reality TV gig.

Time will tell if Million Dollar Listing Miami has what it takes to make it. They are following a tough act.  Million Dollar Listing New York just ended a super successful season nabbing an Emmy nomination. I’m hoping this newbie franchise gets the chance it deserves as I see it’s potential and it’s on my weekly watch list. If not, perhaps Chris can find another TV gig as Clinton Kelly’s stunt double…you know for all the risks associated with being on The Chew.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Million Dollar Listing Miami

  1. That’s it. I am going to start watching. I was grieving the end of #MDLNY’s season, and just could not start another that soon after. While I tolerate the manufactured reality “drama” of this franchise, I mostly love the art of the sale and what I refer to as “Real Estate Porn”. Thank you.

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