On Beyond Bravo

Photo: NY Daily News/Getty images

Photo: NY Daily News/Getty images

By Lesley Rousso


Sorry ladies, according to People Magazine, The Voices Adam Levine married model Bahati Prinsloo in Mexico over the weekend.  Guests included Robert Downey Jr. as well as Adam’s Maroon 5 bandmates.  Oddly enough Jonah Hill officiated the ceremony.  Stevie Nicks also was on hand to sing a duet with Adam during the reception.

Us Weekly is reporting that Brody Jenner had a couple of reasons for not attending step-sister Kim Kardashian‘s wedding to rapper Kayne West.  For one, Brody says, it was in Paris, quite far away and Kim didn’t give anyone, including her family, notice until just a few weeks prior. Jenner goes on to say that he’s not at all close with Kanye, and in fact barely knows him.  All of this talk stemmed from Brody attending the nuptials of Kim’s ex boyfriend Reggie Bush last weekend.  Brody explains that he and Reggie have been friends for years.

The Biggest Losers former trainer Jillian Michaels opened up to People about her exit from the NBC show.  Jillian claims that the producers portrayed her as being too tough and weren’t revealing the bonds she shared with her clients.  She also goes on to say that the nasty side of fame was spilling over into her personal life which includes partner Heidi Rhoades and their two children.

VH1 had a few premieres this week which included Candidly Nicole and LeAnn and Eddie.  Candidly stars Nicole Richie goofing around with friends and singer/father Lionel Richie.  I loved it and I think Nicole is hilarious.  This didn’t surprise me, after all I was a big fan of The Simple Life.  LeAnn and Eddie on the other hand can be described in one word.  Boring!  The only thing this show actually does is make LeAnn Rimes look pretty normal and Brandi Glanville look that much more insane. Eddie Cibrian just looks kind of dumb.  Hmm.

Last week ABC‘s Celebrity Wife Swap starred none other than former Bravo Tv housewife Jill Zarin.  Jill swapped places with Blossom star Jenna Van Oy and went to Nashville while Jenna came to the Hamptons.  It was mostly an uneventful show but it did prove one important thing.  Jill is still the same obnoxious person she always was.  One of her lines, and I quote “You’ll see one day, children are overrated.”  Classy Jill, bet that made Ally feel good.

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One thought on “On Beyond Bravo

  1. I have to disagree, the show makes LeAnn look really desperate and obsessed with Brandi…if I had a public platform I certainly would not spend so much time talking about Brandi, why give her power and more publicity? The bit with them driving to the premiere was staged after their awkward appearance that night, and even then did little to control to image of Eddie looking pained by her behavior. Where is this woman’s PR team? Oh yeah, you can’t manage crazy!

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