Real Housewives of Melbourne: A review

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Source:

The Real Housewives of Melbourne

By Lesley Rousso


Bravo TV recently began the U.S. airing of The Real Housewives of  Melbourne. The show premiered in Australia in February of this year and had a reunion show which was hosted by Australian fashion designer Alex Perry .  So far I’ve watched three episodes and I am hooked.

Here’s the story of a lovely ladyLydia Schiavello is a  mother of three who recently remarried architect and investor Andrew Norbury, who has three children of his own. Lydia keeps herself busy with gourmet cooking and studying interior design.

Chyka Keebaugh and her husband Bruce own a huge catering and event planning company and have two teenagers.

Recently divorced property developer Janet Roach is a mother of two sons and three stepchildren.

Andrea Moss, who also has three children, is married to Dr. Chris, a renowned plastic surgeon.

Jackie Gillies is the youngest of the ladies. She is married to Australian rock star Ben Gillies from the band Silverchair.  She’s also a psychic.  Yep, you read it right. We have a real live Allison DuBois as an actual housewife.

Gina Liano is a barrister who wears a powdered wig and is the mother of two sons. Divorced and in a long distance relationship (but not for long), Gina favors a lot of color and even more eye makeup. This woman needs a serious make under.  She jokes that she calls herself a drag queen, which pretty much describes her style.

FYI, Jackie and Gina already have established a conflict.

I’m not sure what’s in the water in Australia, but the majority of the ladies have really deep voices.  They can be hard to understand at times. However,it hasn’t deterred me from tuning in, and I confess that  all I want to do is imitate their accents after watching an episode.

I have to say that this show is giving us serious Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills vibes . These girls have real money, huge homes and even travel to the store by jet.  Throw in a dinner party and a psychic and we’ve got ourselves a show kids. Stay tuned…

The Real housewives of Melbourne airs Sundays at noon on Bravo TV.

What country would you like to see Housewives on next?


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I am a Miami raised wife and mom of three. Actually six if you count my 3 dogs. I have always been a TV junkie and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

4 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Melbourne: A review

  1. Are you sure that these really are women in this show? Honestly, between the low voices, the gobs of makeup and the very unfeminine appearances of these “women” I’m not convinced that these are not drag queens and this whole show is a joke on us by Andy Cohen.

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