Shrimp and Spinach Orzo With a Side of RHONJ

imageIf you follow me on Instagram you get your fill of foodie pictures. Every recipe I try I photograph and post to my social media. This acts as a great gage for what you, the readers, want to eat. Last week I posted a photo of my favorite orzo dish and the response was overwhelming. I started making this dish after I dined at one of my favorite Greek restaurants with a good friend, who also happens to work closely with Jacqueline Laurita.

This dish will satisfy your craving for all the food groups…well almost, you just will have to add some baklava for dessert. Opa!

Speaking of dessert, I was driving through Franklin Lakes over the weekend and passed a massive house that is under construction. The place was huge with several garages on the side and a turret in front. Could it be? When I met up with a local gal pal I mentioned the home and asked if it was the future residence of The Wakiles. My friend mentioned the street name and told me she’s pretty sure it’s the house. Ladies and gents, I really don’t believe Franklin Lakes is that large. How many turreted houses in the phase of construction that Kathy‘s is at could there be? Kathy and Rich, if it is your house, it is AMAZING! I also think it’s big enough that I could move in and you guys will never notice I’m there. Got a spare room for a mommy who needs a vacay?

One mommy got a little vacay, if only for an afternoon. Another set of Jersey eyes I know spotted Caroline Manzo out shopping with her great niece Olivia, daughter of Dazzle Candy owner Candice Laurita, over the weekend. I’m sure this was the calm before the storm as Caro and company’s new show Manzo’d With Childen starts this coming Sunday on Bravo right after RHONJ!

Tell us, what do you think of Kathy and Rich’s new house? Will you watch the Manzo’s new show? Will you make this recipe?

Shrimp and Spinach Orzo

*1 package of orzo (I like tri-colored)

*1 package of fresh baby spinach leaves

* 2 cloves garlic

*1 package grape tomatoes

* sea salt

*several fresh basil leaves

*1-2 cups  cooked shrimp, tail on or off

* 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese (or goat)

Coat bottom of sauce pan with olive oil and place over medium low heat. Add chopped garlic cloves and whole grape tomatoes. Cover and let sit until tomatoes start to open (about 10-15 minutes). While tomatoes are cooking prepare orzo according to package directions. When tomatoes are soft and opening add spinach, basil, shrimp, and pinch of sea salt. Lower heat and cover until spinach is steamed and shrimp is warm (about 3 minutes). Add sauce mixture to drained orzo and sprinkle with feta. The leftovers are great heated or cold!

Reality Roundup

Bethenny Frankel revealed something interesting on Access Hollywood this week? See the clip below. Source: Access Hollywood

Bethenny Frankel revealed something interesting on Access Hollywood this week? See the clip below. Source: Access Hollywood

By Lesley Rousso

Hey everyone! I’m so pleased to be writing the round up from now on. I have big shoes to fill but I hope to do just that!

Anyway, here’s the scoop from the land of the Real Housewives and beyond…

Reports all over the internet claim the new season of the Real Houswives of Beverly Hills, which begins airing in October, will be a dull one. According to sources in the 90210 Kim Richards and Eileen Davidson are already at odds. Apparently the Young and the Restless star (Ashley Abott)has yet to be confirmed as a castmember, but already thinks Kim is an idiot who has no business being on the show. I have to say, I kind of agree. Besides hanging out with Kingsley what exactly does Kim do? Or perhaps she just wants to nix Kim’s salary to make that reported $750K paycheck, the highest in newbie Housewife history, easier on Bravo‘s payroll department…

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion taping has been pushed back a few days until after  Teresa and Joe Guidice’s sentencing on October 2nd.
Reportedly Dina Manzo is busy doing damage control in advance of the taping. Guess she wants to smooth things over before Andy Cohen starts firing off questions. Now if Tre gets house arrest will they be filming at her place?

Bethenny Frankel, former Real Housewife of New York, admitted to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that she has been in talks to return to the show that made her famous. She goes on to say that she’s in talks with Andy Cohen regarding a top secret project. One new not secret project from the Skinnygirl mogul is Cookie Meets Peanut, her new children’s book which released this week. Watch Bethenny’s Acceess Hollywood interview here:

Life and Style Magazine is reporting that, under the advice of his attorney, Mario Singer has moved back into the apartment he shared with RHONY‘s Ramona Singer. Allegedly he’s been sleeping in daughter Avery‘s room while she’s away at college. There must be tons of Pinot Grigio flowing in that house these days…

In the land beyond Bravo, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s Mama June has kicked out Sugar Bear. According to TMZ, June caught him trolling online dating sites. While June’s crew got smaller, Jersey Shore‘s Nicole (Snooki) Polizzis has grown. The former fried pickle eating queen of the boardwalk gets a big Mazel on the birth of daughter Giovanna Marie. Snooki’s second child, she has a two-year-old son, Lorenzo, was born early Friday morning. While his former castmate is giving lukewarm water spongebaths to her newborn,Mike the Situation Sorrentino has gotten himself into a bit of hot water. He allegedly owes 8.9 million dollars and was indicted on tax fraud. What is with these reality stars and their money? Get it together kids! Stay tuned until next week!

Tell us, would you like to see Bethenny back on Bravo?

Got a tip? Email your identity will always remain anonymous!

And Then There Were Two…

Above: a second awning hangs inside Angelo's of Little Italy. Below: Team TBB meets for the first and last time.

Above: a second awning hangs inside Angelo’s of Little Italy. Below: Team TBB meets for the first and last time.

Last Saturday was a monumental evening for TBB. After nearly two years of working together we finally met Lesley Rousso (@MommyRou) in person. If that seems weird (and what isn’t in the age of social media?) what is even weirder is that there was no “Nice to meet you” or any awkwardness of a first time encounter. The conversation just picked up like we were all old friends, and in some ways we are.

It’s amazing how much you can get to know somebody over the internet. I almost understand how some people get swooped up into these love affairs with imprisoned strangers they never met. Via your Wifi and cellphone strangers can become besties…they are even meeting for hugs now via some bizarre new app. I’m not about to go hugging strangers, but it was all I could do to hug Lesley like she was a long lost sister. In some ways it felt like I really was meeting one.

Twitter has lead me to some pretty awesome people who will forever be part of my life, especially those who spent some time at TBB. Former intern Drew still checks in with me from his new home in LA and I plan to continue to track him as he chases down all of his dreams. He’s totally going to be big, I know it. If you haven’t seen the last post yet then you may not know that Brent Osborne (@HousewifeGuy) has also flown the coop. Even though he’s been gone less than a week, I still chat with him constantly. Our meeting Lesley was the high of our celebration dinner, the low was saying goodbye to an extraordinarily talented young man who is also going to tackle his dreams in huge ways. Seriously, Brent and Drew I would not be shocked if some day either of you ends up being my boss! In fact I would love it!

So as we celebrated Lesley’s birthday and gifted her with some Good Charma, we also celebrated Brent and all he has done for us, and all he is and forever will be to us. He will always be part of our family. However, there was another event unfolding. With Brent’s absence we need to make some changes. We thought about bringing in some new people, but the problem is when you’ve worked with the best, the bar is set pretty high. So what are two blonde moms who watch too much Bravo left to do?

The answer is simple, to continue delivering what you expect from us. Real life, real laughs, and real encounters with the stars of Reality Television. Of course with two really girly girls at the helm things might get a little more, to quote Wendy Williams, soft and pink. So in the coming weeks you’ll see some changes. Girls just want to have fun, and so we will be doing lots of that and hope you will come along for the ride. The last thing we ever want this site to feel like is work. Not for us and not for you, the reader.

So buckle up it’s about to get crazy in here! Speaking of crazy, it was the blonde leading the blonde last weekend when we both obliviously scheduled our meeting at Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Rino Aprea‘s Angelo’s in Little Italy during the busiest weekend of the NY Italian year. Neither one of us realized that the world famous Feast Of San Gennaro was still in full effect. As I was exiting the door my mother, who was here to babysit the blondelets, said, “Have fun at the feast.” Wha-wha-what? Silly me didn’t know the thing went on across two weekends. The hubs, Brent, and I ended up stuck in major traffic. Les and Darren left midtown on the late side. I feared our table would be gone. I called Angelo’s to tell them we’d be late.

After nudging 99 people in the street with my second hand Louis Vuitton I made it to the famous 100+ year old restaurant with the blue and white awning. The line outside was insane! But hey, our reservation was secured for us by Teresa Aprea. We walked right in and partied at the bar until our table was ready…which considering the timing and that we were a half hour late was not a long wait at all.

Angelo’s is clearly a place that is a tourist and local favorite. Right across from the bar was a table of New York’s Bravest (that’s the FDNY ). Firefighters in the Big Apple are notorious foodies. If you see them dining somewhere you know you’re in a good place to chow down. We loved the rice balls, calamari, and my gnocchi was the right consistency…lots of places get it wrong. The husband felt his steak was medium, though he wanted it medium rare, so if you go, just really stress how you like your meat. And no worries, we didn’t see Rino and his interesting underwear choices anywhere.

Loads and loads of thanks and hugs and kisses to Teresa! My dear I had no idea that I was asking you to squeeze in five of us during TFSG! You are amazeballs!