Jail Time For Giudice

According to artist's renderings the couple was emotional. Do you believe they have remorse?

According to artist’s renderings the couple was emotional. Do you believe they have remorse?

If you don’t know by now you either live under a rock  or are incarcerated yourself, but both Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to the big house, and it’s not the one in Montville with the tacky front door.

It was decided today by a New Jersey judge that Teresa will serve 15 months starting around January 5, 2015. When she is released her husband will begin serving his term of 41 months. The staggered sentences allow for the couple to take turns caring for their four daughters who range in age from 5-13.

I’m not here to rehash the details. There’s a ton of publications both online and in print that will do that. If you’ve read TBB for a while you know that we don’t like to be redundant. What we prefer to do is put our own flavor into things. I’m writing to state what I think of the case.

There is no doubt that what the Giudice’s did was wrong. There is no doubt that they need to pay for their crimes. Being public figures warrants the need for them to be handled a certain way. If they got away with it then others would think they could too. It’s a greedy sneaky world we live in.

What I am surprised about is that both Teresa and Joe will be incarcerated. I was almost positive that he would take the fall. I was hoping he would. Say what you want about the Giudices, but at the end of the day those girls need their mother. I would have thought a judge, a female one at that, would have felt this way. To not give the woman an ankle bracelet and keep her home with her kids, well the crimes and attitudes must really have been something else.

I hope the Giudices have learned from their mistakes. I hope Bravo has too. If they want to glorify the so-called good life then they need to look for people truly living it. Do your due diligence in selecting people who are making their living honestly. For those who aren’t…well don’t go flaunting your fictitious lifestyle for the cameras. A liar always gets caught…especially when lying to the IRS.

Teresa and Joe will be one on one with Andy Cohen on Monday 10/6 on Watch What Happens Live. Will you watch? What do you think of the verdict? Share your thoughts below.


15 thoughts on “Jail Time For Giudice

  1. Teresa has not learned anything from this. If you read her statement to the judge it is filled with I’s. It is always about her. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. It is terrible that these children have to go through this. But it was their parents that did it to them nobody else. Being a parent is not an excuse to get out of doing jail time. What kind of message would that send. Don’t worry women, you can do whatever crimes you want and you won’t have to go to jail if you have children.

    • You have an excellent point Sally. I guess I just feel differently when they aren’t violent crimes. She’s not a threat to anybody.

    • No one but Teresa and her family know what she’s learned from this experience. Especially someone who diesnt even know her. It’s ridiculous to think she is not filled with regret, and wishes she had made better choices. Have a little compassion.

  2. Most people in their situation would have removed themselves from reality TV. Her cookbooks and wine are something else, but allowing people to watch you for the last few years live the way they did was not going to win you over in the sympathy vote department. The downsizing should have happened years ago not in September. So many people pretend they live a life that they don’t. Most of Facebook is people advertising their version of the good life or self promoting….they took it to a dangerous extreme. I think the comment that the production company “brings things in” is BS. I wonder if the judge is making her serve first to end her run on the show…. had Joe served first she could have done a few more seasons. Her people unable to work for a few months will kill them financially. Sadly when she gets out they will have to do yet another reality show to function and then the cycle continues….

  3. From reading the court documents and decisions, it sounds as if Tre might have gotten propation/house arrest if not for the continued lying and subterfuge when it came to assets.

  4. What comes around, goes around…. Having money or lavish things does not prove happiness. I hope they serve all their time and some. As far as I’m concerned, those kids don’t live a normal life anyway. Your kids should always come first. She does not put put those kids first by placing them on TV at such a young age.

  5. I have a family friend who committed similar crimes. Not even nearly the level that the Giudices did, but still. He is serving a 200 year sentence. His wife is serving a 70 year sentence. Their children & soon to be grandchildren will NEVER have a holiday with them. I feel no sympathy for Teresa serving jail time. She got off easy when you consider she gets to spend the holidays with her family & she was allowed to serve opposite Joe. Most “common criminals” would NEVER be afforded those opportunities. What it comes down to is – Joe & Teresa, in an effort to give themselves & their girls a “lifestyle”, actually ended up giving their children the worst they ever could. They made those choices & because of the choices, their girls will now suffer. That falls squarely on their shoulders. The judge very clearly was the ONLY one thinking of those girls in the long run.

  6. WOWOW I don’t believe this is trash at all, it’s just an opinion. IMO, in this case, the punishment should be equal for all who commit it. I happened to have to visit our family attorney today and when I was leaving, a group of attorneys were talking about this case. This firm has been around for more than 20 years and they all say the Teresa was sentenced for her celebrity. Had I committed the same crime, with no prior criminal record, I would have had to pay back and gotten probation. They say the Judge was grabbing a piece of the *FAME* pie. That’s why Teresa went 2nd. To keep the media around so she get herself some fame. Maybe she was hoping to have a show with Bravo.

  7. Feel so sad for the family, I really do. Being away from her daughters, I feel so bad. That is going to kill her. I know they did wrong, and they should pay for their crime, but shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? Did the Judge sentence her, to send a message? Would she do that for normal joe-shmoes like us? I mean, take into account her no criminal past, etc. I could see house arrest, restitution, probation, all of that, yes. But prison?

    I can see Joe going for a while, sounds like he was expecting that. I still feel bad for him, too.

    Just my opinion, but isn’t there bigger fish to fry, than a mom to 4 young girls, who didn’t murder anyone or hurt anyone? Yes, she should be “punished”, and I’m sure there are other ways for her to serve out a sentence. I don’t know, I just think that it’s too much someone who has no criminal past, and who has 4 children to take care of and raise.

    Here’s the other thing, the lawyers that they are paying BIG money to, they’re the ones that have to submit these financial statements, etc. to the Court. Maybe the judge should chastise the attorneys? I mean, what the heck are you paying all this money in lawyer’s fees for?

    Again, I don’t know the whole story. I don’t know who did or didn’t do what, or who didn’t fill out the paperwork, but kind of sounds like that would be the LAWYERS job – just saying.

    I just wish the family well and hope the kids get through this nightmare in one piece. It’s all really very sad. I hope and pray the family comes through this okay, and they put this behind them. Maybe it’s time for the cameras to go away and leave them alone.

    • You can’t blame the “cameras”. They invite them in. What did they do the second they were sentenced? They ran to film Watch What Happens Live.

  8. Teresa will serve her sentence first so Joe can be home with the girls. He will go in once she gets out. Once he gets out, he will be deported. If he served first, got deported and she went in, there would not be a parent home with the girls.
    I think they (she) has forgotten what real life is like. Life before the cameras. The day after sentencing they filmed an interview for Bravo. They should quit the show, get rid of the cameras, get real jobs after jail and go back to real reality.
    But someone’s used schkeevy house and live within your means.

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