An Open Letter to Dolce and Gabbana

imageDear Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana,

Interestingly enough, I was reading Marie Claire over the weekend and saw a pair of heels in Nina Garcia‘s spring fashion week diary that I was attracted to. They were Mary Jane style with locket heels that opened to reveal golden hearts. Do they sound familiar? I’ve never purchased anything from your brand (quite frankly your overpriced merchandise is out of my financial league, and to be honest if it wasn’t, I’d be more of a Chanel girl), but recently I’ve had some moderate success in launching a small side business, and thought, “Hmmm, maybe it’s time to treat myself to something decadently extravagant.” Well, as they say, you know, timing certainly is everything.

Sunday was an extremely busy day for me, it always is. In the morning I take my twin 4 year old boys to baseball practice, then we do snack at Starbucks, followed by weekly errands, a family dinner, and then, once those adorable and exhausting little ones are tucked into bed, I work well into the night on my side business before I get up at 6 am for my regular day-job. During the day I saw some mentions on Social Media that you had put your well heeled feet into your mouths, but did’t really have a second to investigate. Finally, in the late of night as I fell into bed, I saw a comment from one of our Co-Founders about tossing her D&G perfume in the trash. Tossing away a pricey fragrance? Now I needed to investigate. Investigate I did, and within five minutes I was outraged! I was supposed to be asleep, but instead I took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to make sure everybody that I know, and everyone they know, knows what you said.

People are saying you offended the gay community, and rightfully so, but your hurtful, hateful, and ignorant comments extend far beyond that. Your stance that children conceived via IVF are “synthetic” and “chemical” is one of the most offensive and vitriolic statements I’ve ever read. The reason it is so heinous, is because the attack is on children. Beautiful, innocent, natural children. Those two little boys sleeping as I read those statements are my miracles, the answers to prayers said and tears cried over and over and over. They are not bionic, they are not chemical, they are not synthetic in any way. They were conceived with the same ingredients ANY baby is conceived with, an egg, a sperm, and love, just maybe we took a long drive to parenthood as opposed to a fast flight.

When you take a journey, the method you take rarely matters, it’s that you’ve gotten there. Once my children were born I never saw them as anything other than children. The same goes to say for any child born by any method to anybody. Whether conceived naturally, or with assistance, whether born to a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, or adopted, a baby is a baby. A baby is the purest most natural thing on this earth, and YOU two are the ones that are contaminated.

I am glad that you have chosen not to have children. You obviously don’t have the capacity to love children and thankfully you seem to be aware of that, but please don’t ever call my children, or any child for that matter, “synthetic” again. Fashion is made of synthetics, not people. It’s too bad your hearts can’t be open like the ones on those shoes…the shoes I will not be buying!

Best Regards,

Tara Cushing

Founder/Editor in Chief


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