Mad Men: A farewell

By Lesley Rousso (@MommyRou)

Today, I’m a little heartbroken.  I know what you’re thinking, get over it, it’s just a TV show.  My logical head agrees with you but the other side, not so much. I happened upon Mad Men a few years ago when I was looking for something new to binge watch.  I think I had just come off of Brothers & Sisters, another great show.   I was working on the Preschool  yearbook and I started watching.  It took me an episode or two but hooked me fast.  I’m a Virgo, and I’m very much in my head thinking, a lot of the time.  Mad Men was thought provoking, it left me asking questions and wondering about life in the 1960’s.  From what I’ve heard, it seemed a pretty accurate depiction.  I watched this season, especially those last seven episodes, breathing in every last scene. It was basically torture because I knew it was ending.  I’m a television addict, we all know this but there are few shows that latch themselves on to me like Mad Men did. As much as I love a good reality show or Scandal type soap opera, a great drama can really grab me.  Like I said, there are few shows.  Friday Night Lights falls into this category as does American Dreams.  Anyone remember that show? Brittany Snow was in it, she was a dancer on Bandstand.  It was so good.  Then NBC just ended it, leaving us hanging.  At least last night, we got a resolution.  There are spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched yet, what the hell are you wating for?  Go watch and then come back.

I thought last night’s episode was perfect. That montage in the beginning, set to Times of Your Life by Paul Anka had me ugly crying. By the way, I downloaded it immediately and have listened to it way too many times this morning. My only real negative is that there was a little too much Stephanie for my taste, but we had to get Don to that retreat.  I loved Peggy & Stan‘s little game of telephone. Let’s face it, I was just glad that Peggy wound up with someone.  I was starting to think that she’d end up alone, married only to her job.  Roger & Marie were just okay for me.  I wanted him to end up with Joan. I knew it wouldn’t happen though, I think that ship sailed.  Pete & Trudy hop a lear jet and I’m sure have a very nice life in Witchita now.

This of course now brings me to Betty Draper Francis. Poor Bets, all those cigarettes and cocktails at the kitchen table didn’t fare her well.  I think I felt worse about her cancer than she did.  She honestly took her diagnosis much better than I thought she would’ve. Don calling her Birdie on that last phone call was everything.  I mean, they clearly didn’t belong together, but they loved one another. Remember that encounter when they were visiting Bobby at sleepaway camp? One of my favorite episodes.  The ending was brilliant and true to Don Draper, who we all know is a very complex character. Or is he?  You had to love him and root for him, no matter what bad things he did. Everything for Don, was really just about his next great idea.  That was his high. He looked for that high in every woman and every drink but only truly found it, when he had his next great ad, and, every experience, good, bad or otherwise, led him to it. Hence the retreat.  I’d like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company.  That’s the real thing…  1431960293_don-draper-ohm-lg

May Raves

Top: Bare Skin foundation by Bare Minerals, Amazing Grace olive oil body scrub from Philosophy, Anthropologie hat, Three Bird Nest top, Niks Creations necklace Bottom: Stonewall Kitchen Herbs de Provence handsoap, Janie and Jack swim trunks, me wearing Bare Skin foundation and my Niks Creations necklace.

Top: Bare Skin foundation by Bare Minerals, Amazing Grace olive oil body scrub from Philosophy, Anthropologie hat, Three Bird Nest top, Niks Creations necklace
Bottom: Stonewall Kitchen Herbs de Provence handsoap, Janie and Jack swim trunks, me wearing Bare Skin foundation and my Niks Creations necklace.

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

I’m the kind of person who never feels so-so about anything. I either love something, or hate it, there’s no in between. When one feels so strongly about the things she likes, naturally she wants to share them with others, and so I invented the rave page. None of these companies have sought me out to rave about their products, these are all just things I’ve recently acquired and love.

No look can go over well when your skin looks crappy. Believe it or not, I have problem skin, and it’s never an easy task for me to cover it up. For years I’ve relied on Bare Minerals powder foundations, but now that I’m getting older the powder is starting to make my face look dry, not to mention it settles into any fine lines that may or may not be starting to develop. On a recent Sephora trip I discovered that Bare Minerals does have a liquid foundation called Bare Skin (1). I love it. My skin looks hydrated, brighter, and it’s sheer enough to not feel or look heavy. They recommend buying a special applicator brush with it, but I’m using my good old fashioned (cheap) fingers just fine. Make sure you shake the container well before applying or the foundation comes out too liquidy. Check it out here.

My second beauty rave is from another company I have purchased many products from. A relative of mine received a free bottle of Philosophy Amazing Grace olive oil body scrub (2) and passed it on to me. I can’t get enough of this stuff! It makes my skin baby soft and the smell is light and clean…and most scented products irritate my nose and give me headaches. The scrubbing particles are minimally abrasive. The only downside is the price, but the bottle is HUGE and it’s so great, I’ll be purchasing it even when my freebie is gone. Amazon has a good deal here.

From beauty lets go to fashion, and this month I’m raving about black and white. I got a sunhat from Anthropologie (3) and I just can’t wait to wear it to the beach Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have it in stock anymore, but here’s a similar style that’s just as cute. Matching the hat this really cute top from Three Bird Nest (4). The shoulders are adjustable, just don’t let your kids untie them in public! My last new fashion find is this Buddha tassel necklace from Niks Creations (5). Though I do represent Niks Creations, they have no idea that this article is even being written, I’m just honestly obsessed with this piece. It goes with so many things and I get compliments everywhere I wear it. What’s even better is they will customize it according to your color specifications.

In the home this month I’m obsessing over products by Stonewall Kitchen, especially their hand soaps (6).At about $10 a pop they are pricey, so I treated myself to one each grocery shopping until every sink in my house had one. My favorite scent is Herbs de Provence, and not just because it’s my favorite color. I also love the Lavender Mint and the Grapefruit Thyme. Their soy candles are also fabulous!

Last but not least is a rave for my kids. Though I don’t usually like to spend a lot of money on kids clothes that will be outgrown after one season, I couldn’t resist these Janie and Jack swim trunks. I love the appliquéd anchor. Even my husband was on board with buying these when we saw them in the store.

So what are you raving about this month? Let us know in the comments section, maybe your suggestion will end up to be the next thing I’m raving about!

Chapter Three

Keeping me busy these days, aside for work and the SoMe business is this crew right here!

Keeping me busy these days, aside from work and the SoMe business is this crew right here!

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

This week TBB Reality turns 3 years old. Three years ago I started The Bravo Bitch which eventually became TBB  and The Bravo Blonde. It’s been an interesting journey with many ups and downs along the way. Recently I’ve been able to take my experience with social media and parlay that into a side business (Boutique SoMe) helping others develop and expose their brands on the web.

Naturally it gets harder to do some things when you have to focus on new ones. So if you’ve been wondering what happened to the interviews and the gossip, well there you go. Personally the gossip has never been of much interest to me. Once Brent Osborne left us, a couple of us tried to fill his shoes, but none of us could keep up with it weekly, and since there are so many gossip sources for Reality TV we decided to let it go. Interviews take a lot of time to schedule and write and quite frankly I just haven’t had the time to do that…maybe during the lazy days of summer.

And so we move onward into a new era of TBB, which, ironically, is how I originally intended it to be. I set out in 2012 to write a lifestyle blog that incorporates my obsession with Bravo TV. That, my friends, is where we are today! I hope you will stick around as there will still be celebrity meetings, sightings, and the occasional interview, because I still love getting to know the people we love to watch, but there will be a lot of sharing of thoughts, ideas, and favorite things. Our new Rave Page will be debuting later this week and I think you will all really enjoy it!

Thanks for hanging out with me for the last three years!

Regards and hugs!