Sonja in the City…Of Fashion

Sonja poses for photographers with one of her models.

Sonja poses for photographers with one of her models.

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

It’s September and TBB is back after taking a much needed summer hiatus. What better way to make our fall debut than with a trip to the city for New York Fashion Week (NYFW)? Why, a trip for a Housewife headed fashion show of course! Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York City hosted her second turn on the catwalk as a designer, the first round we witnessed on the recently wrapped season of RHONY. For a few minutes, however, I want you to forget about the Housewife and focus on the designer, because this really is the real deal. It’s Sonja version 2.0, and it just may be the version that we will know long after RHONY has ridden off into the sunset on a camel (Ya habibi).

Sonja’s biggest challenge in riding this wave into the future will be to get people to do just that. At first I had my doubts about the show even happening. I had traveled from work (about 13 miles) to The New Yorker hotel in an hour and a half of traffic. The invite said 4pm “sharp” so when I was a half mile away in a traffic jam at 3:55 I decided to just park in the lot to my left and run it in pony hair leopard print J.Crew heels (the same ones I wore last fall on the Meredith Vieira Show ). I made it to the door at 4:03, worried I wouldn’t be let in. One of the models was walking in next to me. At this point I realized that this show would be running on Sonja Time, not real time, and that I probably could have parked much closer.

A sheer one piece swimsuit with lingerie seaming.

A sheer one piece swimsuit with lingerie seaming.

Inside, the seats bore signs emblazoned with some pretty interesting names in the fashion, television, and music industries…none of them Housewives related. The only recognizable face I saw, however, was former (and perpetual) Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese. I said my hellos (we have a mutual friend who introduced us a few years ago) and met a photographer, a canine couture designer, and three young women who work in public relations. The conversation flowed…but the show didn’t. By the time it was a half hour past the original start Borghese had to bolt. People started to leave, getting impatient and wondering if the show would go on. I spotted Sonja nervously peering out through the curtains in the balcony above the waning crowd. My three new young friends and I wondered exactly what the hold up was. Finally, an hour delayed, the music started, the first model graced the runway, and, thankfully, more seats had filled.

A nautical white short suit with tuxedo detailing.

A nautical white short suit with tuxedo detailing.

I LOVED the first look, a nautical feeling short suit with a pin striped crop top. Not sure if at almost 40 I could pull it off, but I definitely could see myself in the white satin trimmed tuxedo shorts. The second, a tuxedo inspired slouch pant with matching jacket and lattice backed swimsuit, was also a winner. This was the same suit that Sonja, herself, was donning for the event. Other favorites of mine were a sheer bodied one piece swimsuit, and black evening gown with satin detail. All these neutral pieces spoke to my basic and classic New York inspired tastes. For those of you who love color there was also a red evening gown, hot pink bikini, and the infamous gold lame dress Sonja wore on the latest Housewives Reunion special (this was the final look in the collection). You can see them all in the video below.

A tuxedo inspired slouch pantsuit with satin details.

A tuxedo inspired slouch pantsuit with satin details.

Sonja joined all her models on the runway for the final look. She looked less Real Housewife and more Real Designer to me, and with what truly is a viable collection, I think she has found her calling. I just hope the rest of the world gives her the chance to prove herself. After the show I gave Sonja a kiss on the cheek and my sincerest congratulations. Then after a quick trip to the loo I was off again running in those heels, this time through the rain, with an overpriced anorexic sized dinner from Starbucks in one hand and no umbrella in the other. As the rain poured down on me, and I called a driver an asshole, I thought about my crazy day running from here to there. I paid the parking attendant a whopping $60 and smiled at the crazy that is New York. Being back in the city I love doing what I do best I couldn’t help but feel sheer gratitude.

Sonja had invited me to stay behind for a drink after the show, but after 10 minutes I had left. I hope you aren’t offended Sonja, but I have to live on Tara time…when everything happens on the “sharp”. XOXO


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