NIAW 2015 and Giuliana Rancic

Clockwise from Top: The note I wrote to the Rancics, Priceless Life's silver double sided hangtag pendant by Good Charma Inc, my photo op with Giuliana.

Clockwise from Top:
The note I wrote to the Rancics;  Priceless Life Fund Inc.’s silver double sided hangtag pendant by Good Charma Inc. ;my photo op with Giuliana.

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Sunday kicked off National Infertility Awareness week, a cause that is extremely close to my heart. After struggling to conceive my sons I swore that I would do something to help others in the same situation and so I partnered with Good Charma to design an infertility awareness pendant. In October 2013 I launched Priceless Life Fund Inc. with Lindsey, Jack, and Lisa, all people I met during my IF journey. It’s been our mission to get people to Tag themselves with our hangtag silver pendant in the name of Infertility awareness. Recently one wearer, who just had twins, told me she felt her necklace brought her luck. It was a real feel good moment for me.

Priceless Life Fund Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that takes the money collected from both our necklace sales and direct donations and puts it in a fund that will grow for us to help somebody pay for IVF  treatment that is not covered by their health insurance. Right now we are working on what we call a Million Penny Miracle, you can check it out here.Launching a charity is probably the toughest thing I’ve ever done, it’s not easy to get people on board, and so we’ve tried to get some celebrities to tag themselves. Our latest was somebody who has been very instrumental in spreading the word about infertility.

When I found out Giuliana Rancic was going to be signing copies of her new book Going Off Script at one of my favorite local bookstores, I knew my chance had finally come to thank her for being outspoken about her infertility experience, and to let her know that Priceless Life Fund Inc. is here and anxious to help others. I have to say she exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to many celeb meet and greets and some are so happy to see their fans and others, umm well, are there simply because their literary agent made them. The line for Giuliana didn’t move as fast as most, but that’s because she really took the time to talk to every person on it. She really is a lovely woman and my goodness is she tall! With such a small frame one expects her to be petite, but she has major height even on 5’7″ me as you can see from the photo. (For all you skinny shamers, she’s skinny, but she doesn’t look unhealthy in person. She really just has a very delicate bone structure.)

When it was my turn I gave Giuliana one of PLF’s very special sterling silver necklaces and thanked her for being outspoken about her struggle to conceive her son Duke. She thanked me not only for the necklace, but for fighting for those who desperately want to be parents but can’t afford the treatments. “It is SO expensive,” she said. This goes to show just how costly this can be. Not that I know what Giuliana Rancic has in her bank account, but my guess is it’s more than the average person. Now if she thinks it’s expensive, imagine how it seems to somebody with a more modest income. That’s why we started Priceless Life Fund Inc.

For more information about Priceless Life Fund Inc. you can follow us on twitter @pricelesslife1 and hook up with us on Facebook

To order our exclusive sterling silver necklace (all proceeds to charity) or make a direct donation visit our website priceless

Andy Crawl 2014

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By Lesley Rousso

So I embarked on my latest Andy Cohen crawl last weekend. He was in town doing signings of his newest book The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep look at a Shallow Year. I ordered the Kindle version months ago so I had already read it earlier in the week. (See The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Review).

The first signing was Sunday the 23rd of November at the Miami International Book Fair. At 10 am downtown on a Sunday morning. I had a friend’s 40th birthday party the night before, but I behaved so I was only slightly hungover. I took my aunt to this one because she also loves Andy. On a side note, this was my first time at the book fair and it was super cool. It was a street fair with books about everything and an entire kids’ area at Miami Dade College. The only drawback was the expensive parking, 20 dollars for the hour I was there. I didn’t have time to browse much but I’ll go again next year and check it out. They charge admission to the street fair but I made a donation the month before and got Friend of the Fair passes. This paid off (as well as making me feel like a Mensch*) We went to the auditorium and the line was already pretty long for the Q&A portion. The Friend of the Fair line, however, had 3 people in it. We got to go in first and sit directly in front of Andy. He came out, totally casual; Lacoste shirt, jeans, flip-flops. First thing he did was tell us about his night on the beach and admits he was a lil’ hungover. Yeah, him and me both.

People lined up, asked him questions, got hugs. Two women actually started CRYING when they asked their questions. Listen I love me some Andy Cohen, but he’s not The Beatles for god sakes. All in all he was adorable, as he always is, and made us laugh for a good forty minutes. We went to get in line for the signing which was outside and downstairs. The girl next to me and I had a plan to run down the back stairs and skip the escalator, I literally almost hopped over a wall. Oh whatever! At least I didn’t cry. At a book signing you always have to write your name on a post it, stuck to the page they’re signing. I wrote Mommyrou (Lesley). He looked at my book, looked at me and said, “Hi Lesley! You came to my show.” I died, really I did. We had a full five-minute conversation which included him asking me if I liked the book and I told him I loved it and that I wrote a review. To which he thanked me, like genuinely thanked me. This is what I love about him. He’s a real, approachable person. I gave him a gift bag of stuff for Wacha. He opened it right there. He signed my book and I told him I’d see him later at The Palm. He was so nice to me. He’s like the Davy Jones to my Marcia Brady, or the Susan Lucci to my Andy Cohen.

Part two: The Palm Restaurant, Bay Harbour islands.
The Palm in Bay Harbour is located 30 minutes from where I live, right over the bridge from The Shops at Bal Harbour. Too bad I was on borrowed time. Note to self, return soon. Darren and I checked in at The Palm which was a tickets only event. The tix were $35.00 and included a signed book, and lots of yummy hors d’oeuvres. We went to the bar first and got some drinks and then sat down towards the back. It was pretty full when we got there but it’s a small space so it felt cozy. I was on the end of the left side, the side Andy made his entrance from. He came out saw me and he smiled at me and grabbed my hand. Again, happy me! He did a similar Q&A and again was hilarious. I will tell you one thing, don’t hold your breath waiting for The Real Housewives of Miami to come back. He loves the cast it seems, but ratings were bad, etc. and he thinks it needs a major shakeup if it does. Right after he finished everyone got in line to take a pic with him. I gave him a silly gift and once again he was so sweet and gracious. He’s just a nice guy, no two ways about it. It was a gorgeous evening, we put the top down and stopped for sushi on the way home. Another successful meet up with Andy.


*Mensch a person of integrity and honor, example “That Andy is a real Mensch!”

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My Night in AC-Andy Cohen Talks Live with Anderson Cooper

Hoping to meet Andy again for a better photo op. (and a job..pick me Andy, pick me!)

Hoping to meet Andy again for a better photo op… (and a job..pick me Andy, pick me!)

On Friday November 14th Bravo fans flocked to the 92nd Street Y on New York’s swanky UES (that’s Upper East Side for you out of towners).  The crowd, like so many I have been a part of, was there to meet a Bravoleb but this was no ordinary Bravolebrity, and it wasn’t even an ordinary meet and greet. This was the pen-ultimate Bravolebrity appearance. The fairy godfather of the Housewives himself, Andy Cohen,was taking to the stage to share a few laughs and promote his new book The Andy Cohen Diaries , with…wait for it…Anderson Cooper.

Dandy Andy and The Silver Fox (as I’ve heard the other AC is called in some circles). Thank The Lord for my guardian former intern That Housewife Guy (Brent Osborne) who knows by now that half the time I’m so buried in my to-do list that I miss these opportunities unless they are placed right in front of my face. This was one ticket that I didn’t mind buying. Let’s face it, I’m not “comped by Andy Cohen” successful…yet. The $70 ticket got me entry to the event and the book. It also got me seated in the balcony next to some cackling battle-axe who smelled like offensive old lady perfume and shushed me when I arrived (late as usual). (Go ahead and flame me folks, but I stand by that I’m not mean, I’m honest!)

Due to traffic that made our last mile to 92nd street take 25 minutes, we missed the grand intro and entrance, but luckily our books, all copies were sold out, were still waiting for us. So was a lot of fun and gossip. Andy and Anderson will probably hate me for saying this, but their chemistry is amazing. They know each other so well and it’s tough not to wonder why they aren’t together in THAT way. They talk a lot about their adventures with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. (Seriously…can we be sure they aren’t in some best kept entertainment industry secret love connection?)

Anywho Andy divulged much from his Shallow Year that is outlined in the book. His audience question answers, however aren’t. So I took some notes:

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If Andy could do an all-star Housewives cast it would include Nene (Leakes), Vicki (Gunvalson), Teresa (Giudice), Lisa Vanderpump, and Bethenny (Frankel). Speaking of Bethenny, she initially came back to Bravo trying to pitch a new show. It took some time, but Andy planted the seed that eventually brought her back to RHONY. Though Andy likes to showcase large personalities on TV, he himself would never do a reality show, though he loves doing Watch What Happens Live, and knew he had made-it when the show was picked up for 5 nights a week. Somebody you will never see on WWHL is Howard Stern. Apparently they have tried and Stern thinks he is too big for The Clubhouse. However, Andy still aims high even after his Oprahcalypse. His wish list includes Madonna (who he once was on the same plane with) and Michele Obama who said she may do it late second term.

I tried to get a question about Housewife divorces delivered, but that bad breathed old hen next to me made it impossible for me to get my index card to the usher. It didn’t matter however, because I got my moment. After the show Andy agreed to sign all the books in the audience. I wonder if he had known how many books there were if he would have still done that. Alas, a benefit to being stuck in the way back of the balcony next to Madame le Stench, those front rowers were screwed! We got a decent spot in line, and though there wasn’t much time to take a decent picture, Mr. Cohen did stop mid signature while reading my post it. “Are you on Twitter he asked?”

“Yes, I’m The Bravo Blonde, I have a blog where I write about your shows.”

“I know you! I know you from Twitter,” Andy exclaimed, excited to see somebody he sort of recognized in that crazy sea of fandom.

“Yes, and you know my Miami writer, Lesley Rousso, Mommy Rou.”

“She came to my show!”

Then I was shooed off by a guard but not before I was able to say, “My goal is to work for you!”

See Andy, I can dream big too!