Celebrity Apprentice

The Donald conducts the crazy. Credit: Art Streiber,  NBC

The Donald conducts the crazy.
Credit: Art Streiber, NBC

By Lesley Rousso

Sunday night the seventh installment of Celebrity Apprentice began on NBC. It’s two hour debut featured several B list celebs including Lorenzo Lamas (who’s still pretty hot) and Geraldo Rivera (who’s still pretty annoying). I’m pretty sure the show attracted many Bravo TV viewers as Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore are also cast members. Could they’ve chosen two more volatile women?

As always it was girls vs. boys and both teams came up with pretty stupid names. The boys chose Vortex, the girls chose Infinity. We here at TBB, hope that with those monikers they’ll be selling condoms at some point.  Keshia Knight Pulliam from The Cosby Show became the first project manager for the girls with Geraldo as PM for the boys. The first task took place at Pie Face, with the teams selling pot pies they made for charity. Each team had to come up with a sweet and a savory recipe. Geraldo was well Geraldo, if you get my drift, and Keshia was definitely a micro manager. Both teams completed the tasks and sold their gross looking pies while raising money for their charities. Gilbert Gottfried had a circus of freaks performing outside their location and the ladies posed for pictures. The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro went to both shops to select a winning pie. The winner received a substantial donation to their team cause. The gals took that one but in the end it didn’t make a dent because the boys more than doubled the girls final tally of solicited donations.

In the boardroom, the question awkwardly enough, came up about why Keshia hadn’t reached out to “Mr. Cosby” for a donation. Apparently she hasn’t spoken to him in five years and felt weird about it. I won’t spoil it for you but you can probably connect the dots on who got fired. Should be quite the interesting season with jerks like Geraldo and Kate (plus 8 plastic surgery procedures) Gosselin on. I don’t think one thing on Kate is real. She is pulled every which way possible and the weave is never ending.

Episode 2 aired on Monday.  I’ll continue watching until I get bored. Did you catch it? What are your thoughts and predictions for Celebrity Apprentice so far?

Jamie Bertolini Reviews LVP’s SUR and Pump Lounges

imageby Jamie Bertolini

When my cousin and I entered SUR, of Vanderpump Rules fame, we were greeted before finding a spot at the front bar. Chad, our bartender that evening, spoke to us and served us promptly. Every drink was delicious. We tried all three signature LVP Sangrias  (the red was my favorite while the white was my cousin’s favorite.) I also tried the SUR signature drink, Lisa’s Big PinkyVanderpump Vodka, fresh lime, mint and a splash of cranberry. It was a little sweeter than what I usually go for but I did enjoy it. Overall, my experience at SUR was excellent and I’d go back in a heartbeat. The atmosphere, music and service all contributed to making it a great evening.

We didn’t spend much time at the Lisa’s other hot spot, PUMP, but we did have a few glasses of champagne and sat in the garden. It’s just as beautiful as SUR and has chandeliers EVERYWHERE. Truly, as a designer, both spaces did it for me.

We did walk by Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd’s, Villa Blanca restaurant on Sunday. It was very busy. The décor was just beautiful. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans should note that it’s right down the street from Kyle Richards’ boutique Kyle by Alene Too.

I hope you enjoyed my taste of the RHOBH!

Be sure to tune into Bravo for the premiere on Tuesday November 18th!

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The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Review

photo credit: TheAndyCohenDiaries.com

photo credit: TheAndyCohenDiaries.com

by Lesley Rousso

Now I know what you’re all thinking. How can she write a fair and impartial review of Andy Cohen‘s book? Yes, I am admittedly Mr. Cohen’s biggest fan and love pretty much anything he does. However, I am quite capable of being fair, even if I’m not extra fond of the person I’m writing about. (See Leggy Blonde: A Review) All that being said, let’s get down to biz, shall we?

I adored Most Talkative, Andy’s memoir. I loved hearing about Andy’s early television days and his growing up. I found it to be touching and hilarious. The Andy Cohen Diaries in comparison, does not disappoint. Written like, well a diary, Andy chronicles every day for a year beginning on September 8th, 2013 and concluding to Labor Day weekend this 2014. Andy says he modeled it after The Andy Warhol Diaries, which I will now definitely have to read. Without giving too much away, some of my favorite laugh out loud parts of this book include airplane hair, the Ralph Lauren Olympics sweater  throwing up Washington DC, and without a doubt #BabyJaneFlightAttendent.

We get a birdseye view of what everyday life is for our illustrious King of the Housewives. I have to tell you, that day-to-day, Andy has a pretty cool existence. We learn about his workout routine, followed closely by his eating routine. One to be jealous of. I’m speaking of the food by the way. We learn things about Watch What Happens Live and the sometimes craziness that ensues behind the scenes. Like the weird bathroom which I already told you about (See: Here’s What Happens). We re-meet all of his friends, Bruce, John, Hickey, Liza, Grac. Yes, I am on a first name basis with them, well, every one except Hickey. We hear about his mother’s nightly critique of the show and we are right there as Andy participates in an All Star softball game. We get all sorts of juicy tidbits about some of our favorite and not so favorite celebs. (See: Kim Kardashian‘s ass, in Reality Roundup).


We meet Wacha Cohen for the first time and ride along with Andy on his adventure to adopt him. One part that touched me was when a very conservative woman told Andy that he actually changed the way she thought about “things”. I’m assuming that “things” means homosexuality and gay marriage. That’s incredible as far as I’m concerned. Love is love everyone. I’d be a whole lot happier if Andy found a nice Jewish guy to take home to Evelyn and Lou. Just sayin’.

Andy is the type of person we all feel like we could just hang out and shoot the shit with. There were so many times I found myself saying, “Oh, me too!” while reading this book. So, as much I love to romanticize about being his friend, at the end of the day, I know I’m just a fan. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t try to continue to pursue Andy’s attention while I continue my daily tweetfest. (Insert winking smiley emoticon)

It was truly a delicious read. I had a hard time putting it down, but for my tweeps, you know my kids did eat that night. I was bummed when I finished. (Insert sad emoticon here) So my reccomendation is that you READ THIS BOOK, not that kind of read, get your minds out of the Bravo gutter please! I also suggest listening to the audio version if you can, because it’s Andy doing the reading which makes it all the more hilarious. Next up, I go on a The Andy Cohen Diaries book signing crawl Sunday the 23rd of November. Stay tuned…