RHOBH: Season 4

WIll the ladies make it to another season? Should they even be allowed> Photo: bravotv.com

WIll the ladies make it to another season? Should they even be allowed? Photo: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

Where do I begin? We all watched this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , mostly appalled. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, it’s true. The season brought us two new Housewives, Joyce Giraud  and Carlton Gebbia. Each came with their own brand of drama, but the real drama involved veterans Brandi Glanville  and Lisa Vanderpump. For Brandi, it was another season of inexcusable, but ultimately excused, bad behavior. Her alchohol infused tirades got old quickly and I was easily exhausted by her. What I couldn’t believe was that she  turned on her biggest supporter, LVP.

At first it was all about Lisa’s “mothering”. Brandi, under the false assumption that she doesn’t need any guidance, felt she was being bossed around by her former BFF. Then the conflict centered around Scheana. Brandi was convinced that Lisa purposely brought her around to upset her. Can we say reaching here? Honestly it seemed as if all season she was looking for a way to stir up trouble with the Vanderpumps. Kyle Richards, prone to Mean Girls type behavior, was happy to join in on the “lets bash Lisa olympics”. Then Yolanda Foster decided to hop on the bandwagon. If you ask me the whole season just evolved into everyone but Joyce and Carlton turning on Lisa and Ken. (Subplots included Kyle and Carlton accusing each other of horrible things and Brandi against Joyce, or shall I say Jacqueline.)

By the time the season was winding down I had sympathy anxiety as far as Lisa was concerned. Season four ended as it started, at a Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce event, but things had definitely changed. The three part reunion rolled around and mercifully finished off Monday night. As much as I love and adore Andy Cohen, you don’t have to be Nancy Drew to see where his loyalties lie. It was painful to watch.

So, where does the future lie for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Who will return next season and will there even be a next season? As much as the majority of us loathe Brandi, there’s no doubt with Andy behind her, she’ll be back. Did Joyce and Carlton add enough to the drama to merit a return? Rumor has it they didn’t. Does Kim Richards even deserve to come back after much of the season centered around her training her dog? Boooooring. Then there’s continuing talk of Faye Resnick joining the cast. Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little. I’m not sure what’s next, but I cannot and will not watch another season of bashing Lisa Vanderpump. Unfortunately with the status of Lisa and Brandi’s relationship currently, I’m afraid that’s what we may be in for, if this show sees another season at all. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned…


Tell us: Do you think RHOBH is done or should there be another season? 


RHOBH Episode 17: Lines in the Sand

The dinner party from hell is alive and well. Photo: bravotv.com

The dinner party from hell is alive and well.
Photo: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

The episode opens with everyone preparing to go to Puerto Rico, well everyone except Carlton, who wasn’t invited. They meet up at LAX and Joyce explains that although her father has passed away, she wants everyone to have fun.

The group arrives in San Juan and on the bus Brandi looks stressed. She explains that she needs to say something to Lisa, and soon. Ken and Lisa check into their room and they are less than thrilled with the accommodations.

Yolanda and Brandi sit down to talk and Brandi tells her that Lisa hasn’t called her in a week. She’s also tired of Lisa “pushing” Scheana on her. She claims that Lisa has stepped on Kyle and now is stepping on her. Yolanda tells us that Lisa never has anything nice to say about Kyle. Yolanda promises to give Lisa a piece of her mind the following day, as she has her own problems with her.

After breakfast, a ferry comes to pick up all but Joyce who is spending the day with her mother. They arrive at a Palomonito a private island and if I have to hear Mauricio describe something as amazing again I’m reaching through the screen. Seriously, like Tom Cruise jumping on a couch annoying!

Yolanda walks away with Lisa and immediately tells her that Brandi is upset because she feels like there is a divide in the group. Okay hold on, I thought Yolanda had her own issues and can Brandi not speak for herself? Yo chastises her for throwing a party with Kyle and says that she should’ve let everyone know that her and Kyle sorted things out. Why? Lisa asks the same thing and Yo says because they were all part of it. Yo tells us that Lisa should’ve asked Kyle for forgiveness after saying things about Mauricio behind his back. Why may I ask, again is this Yolanda’s problem? Lisa gets up to walk away and Yo tells her to sit down. Brandi chimes in that Lisa never calls her anymore and is now BFFs with Kyle again. Lisa basically tells her she’s being ridiculous. Brandi goes on to say that Lisa doesn’t call or check in on her. Really? Wasn’t it Brandi who didn’t want Lisa mothering her. She was just complaining about that three episodes ago. Make up your mind Brandi! Lisa asks her when the last time she called her was. Touche! She gets up to walk away and holier than thou Yolanda tells her that walking away won’t solve anything.

Lisa’s voice breaks as she says she doesn’t want to stay. Brandi keeps saying she is afraid to go against Lisa, because she’s seen what happens when people do this. She then says she must be one hundred percent honest with Kyle and proceeds to tell her that Lisa wanted Brandi to bring the tabloids with the cheating claims about Mauricio to Palm Springs with them. Why in the first place, did Brandi have the tabloids? Kyle of course believes Brandi. Kyle and Yolanda walk back over to Lisa and Ken asks Yolanda why she’s getting involved when it has nothing to do with her. Ding ding ding! Yolanda tells him that it has nothing to do with him either to which Ken replies, “that’s my wife and she’s upset.” Yolanda of course seems to take issue with that. She’s very hypocritical in this episode. Kyle comes out and asks Lisa about Brandi’s claims and Lisa tells no, that did not happen.

Meanwhile, Joyce’s family arrives and they all have lunch. It’s a nice scene in comparison to the previous one. Joyce tells her mom she needs to come and live with her in California.

Back at scary island, Kim fills Mauricio in on what the conversation was about and of course, Mauricio believes her. Lisa continues to deny it. Ken, in true form tells us that Lisa is the perfect woman and they’re just jealous and trying to start trouble. Why I ask you would anyone believe Brandi? How many times does she have to prove that she lies and is not a genuine person? Mauricio gets pissed and leaves. Guess he believes it too. Kyle goes after him.

On the bus to dinner, Lisa asks Brandi what her problem is and Brandi tells her to ask Scheana. So Lisa says, “What do you mean ask Scheana?” Brandi asks Lisa how close the two are and Lisa says that Scheana has been very close to Pandy for five years. She claims that she did some digging and the two are “thick as thieves”. Brandi says she’s used her to get publicity for herself. Ken says she’s a kid who works for us, not our friend. Once again. I think Brandi is grasping. Brandi tells Lisa she needs to take a lie detector test. She then claims that Lisa puts people under her spell and makes them do what she wants. Seriously? Do you not have a mind of your own Brandi?

The group arrives at dinner, and Lisa walks over and promises Brandi she had no idea that Scheana had slept with Eddie that first time the two ran into each other at Sur. She tells her she loves her and is always on her side. Kyle announces that she feels uneasy and needs to ask Lisa and Brandi at the same time what happened. Maybe after dinner would’ve been a good choice but Kyle asks right at the table in true dinner party from hell form. Lisa again denies it, Brandi accuses her of lying. Ken gets pissed and again Yolanda asks him why he’s getting involved. He tells her not to be so stupid. Kim chimes in and Ken tells her to stay out of it. Kim fires back that she’s tired of his godamned mouth and that he’s a “big stubborn old man”. Joyce is horrified. Again, Kim brings up Kimberly’s graduation. Really Kim, they RSVP’d two weeks in advance and sent a gift. Get over yourself! So Ken says well, “Why weren’t you at my daughters wedding?” By the way, Kim never RSVP’d to that. Ken and Lisa get pissed and get up to leave. They go back to their room and discuss how ridiculous the whole thing is. At the table Yolanda continues to give her two cents as does everyone else. They sit down and have some wine, Lisa cries and they actually show her and Ken smoking, scandalous!! Ken says he won’t have them talking about her like that. The episode ends.

Next week: the trip drags on, Kim and Yolanda say goodbye to their daughters as they leave for college, and Lisa fills Carlton in on what happened…Stay tuned.

RHOBH Episode 15: Trail of Doubts

Best frenemies? Brandi and Kyle go walking. Photo: bravotv.com

Best frenemies? Brandi and Kyle go walking. Photo: bravotv.com

By Lesley Rousso

The episode opens as Yolanda arrives at Mohammed‘s house to plan Gigi‘s graduation party.  They will be using the same Arabic room we’ve seen in seasons past.  Yolanda and Mohammed have a nice relationship, she tells us that they focus on their three children instead of what they don’t like about one another.  Shiva, Mohammed’s fiance will help plan as well, considering the party is at her house.  Gigi wants her dad to cook for her and Mohammed agrees.  Really cute.  My husband doesn’t cook, besides grilling, but I would love to think he would cook for a big party if his girl wanted him to. They begin to discuss David‘s daughter’s wedding which was held at Mohammed’s house.  Yolanda brings up Lisa‘s party, which was the same night and Mohammed tells her that Lisa invited him.  Yolanda is annoyed at this, saying that Lisa knew she would be at the wedding. Lisa did know, as she told Kyle and Kevin Lee the week before.  Clearly Lisa and Ken weren’t invited, which Lisa didn’t make any catty remarks about, of course Kyle put her two cents in.  What’s the big deal?  Is Lisa not allowed to have a party the same night as a wedding she wasn’t invited to?  Yolanda is obviously still upset that Lisa didn’t attend the painting party.

Kyle and Mauricio play basketball in their yard and talk to Alexia who they’ve agreed to let go on a weekend alone with her friends.  They make her promise to be responsible and make smart decisions.  Kyle tells us that everything with her kids worries her, which those of us with kids can totally relate to.  Kyle and Mauricio decide to join Joyce and Michael in Puerto Rico for the Queen of the Universe Pageant.  

Carlton arrives at Stock and Cross, The Gebbia family’s  investment business.  It’s the fortieth anniversary and they are planning a huge party for their clients.  Kyle tells Mauricio that she was uninvited to the party but Mauricio was still welcome to attend.  Really, are you kidding me (In my best Carlton accent)?  Tacky.  They get a good laugh over this and Kyle explains that it was unnecessary for Carlton to disinvite her, she wouldn’t have gone anyway.  At this point these two just need to just exist around one another.  They will never be friends.

Joyce joins her personal trainer, Rob, and current Queen of the Universe, Ivette, for a backyard work out.  Joyce lets us know that working out is not her thing.  She also says she wasn’t raised with the “Golden Crib” as they say.  I think “they” say silver spoon, but maybe it gets lost in translation with her.

Yolanda preps for her citizenship test with David asking her the questions.  She explains that since her children and now David are American citizens, it’s important for her to be one too.  She’s a little worried because the Lyme disease has really affected her brain. She gets the majority of the questions right, as did I, thank god.

The night arrives of the Stock Cross party and you can totally tell that Carlton was in charge of decor.  Aside from a couple of orchids, all I’m noticing is balloons.  When will people realize that balloons, unless you’re at a child’s birthday party, are not a good choice for centerpieces? Ken and Lisa arrive, bypassing the line, LVP looking stunning.  They greet Carlton, and look around a little.  Ken goes to get drinks and Lisa tells Carlton that she may have overreacted to Kyle’s comment.  Once again defending Kyle. It’s unfortunate that Kyle never does the same, as we’ll see later in the episode.  Carlton is hurt by Kyle’s comment that she’s anti-semitic.  Lisa continues to tell Carlton to work it out with her.  Carlton starts to cry and says she never judges people. That’s really funny, because she seems to over judge some people.  Lisa and Ken stay for a while and on their way out run into Kim.  In my opinion and the twitterspheres opinion, Kim was a little loopy.  She tells them she’s still mad at them for not attending Kimberly’s party.  To quote Carlton again, “Are you f*ucking serious?”.  Enough Kim, move on!  Brandi comes in too and she and Kim sit down and proceed to bash LVP.  She tells Kim that going to Lisa’s house was difficult because she had the Sur staff there and she had to see Scheana.  Seriously? She goes on to say that she shouldn’t have to see her at Lisa’s house.  Okay, I get that, but it seems to me she always engages Scheana.  She was at Kyle’s too in the first episode.  I think Brandi is grasping for a reason to hate Lisa at this point. Kim tells us that it’s hard to catch Lisa doing her “naughtiness”.

Yolanda’s big day arrives and she has a private test with her lawyer in the immigration officer’s office. I am quite sure not everyone gets that little perk.  She passes, of course.  Congrats Yolanda!

Lisa prepares for a photo shoot and Stassi is there to help the stylist.  They hang out in Lisa’s closet as Lisa gets coiffed and pampered.  Giggy, in his tux, grumpily watches as Stassi asks Lisa if there is anything in her closet that she can take.  Lisa tells her she just gave a bunch of stuff away to the girls’ foster home and Stassi is horrified and baffled.  Lisa does her shoot and nails it.

Brandi and Kyle meet up to gossip, oops I mean exercise.  Kyle tells Brandi about the trip to Puerto Rico and Brandi kind of invites herself.  On Joyce’s trip Brandi? Delusional! They move on to other subjects.  Brandi asks Kyle about her relationship with Lisa and how she managed to move forward with someone who has said such terrible things about her.  I think Kyle was an equal part the demise of their friendship, don’t you?  Kyle says that Lisa and her haven’t been so close but lately Lisa has been calling Kyle every morning, which Kyle knew meant there was a problem between LVP and Brandi.  Brandi tells us that every morning she’d get a call from Lisa to discuss everything under the sun and the calls just trickled off.  Brandi says she doesn’t understand how Lisa could go from hating Kyle to then having her back.  She says she feels like Lisa is cheating on her.  Kyle says she gets along with Lisa but she knows who Lisa is and that she’ll never change.  They’re so hypocritical because they used to talk just as much crap about each other.  Now what, they’re bonding over bashing LVP?

They flashback to the scene of Lisa chiding Mauricio in front of Portia about being seen with a younger woman.  Probably not the best comment, especially in front of Portia, but Kyle says horrible things about Lisa all the time, behind her back.  Brandi tells Kyle that “although Lisa has never asked her to say or do anything specific, she still feels manipulated by her to do things.”  So now Brandi is blaming Lisa for opening her large drunken mouth? You’re grasping darling.  Be responsible for your own actions!  Kyle of course enables her and they have the stupid chess comment conversation.  Kyle tells her she’s been there, done that.  Kyle goes on to say that unless you’re kissing Lisa’s ass, she doesn’t like it. That’s funny because I thought the same thing about Kyle.  Brandi continues on and says she’s planning for Lisa to ruin her and she’s not prepared for it.   I guess she made up her mind, spreading false rumors on her recent podcast that Lisa and Ken filed for bankruptcy, an item Radar Online had to then rescind after reporting it.

Next week: the girls head to Mohammed’s for Gigi’s party and there’s tension between Lisa and Brandi and Lisa and Kyle.  Stay tuned…