Mad Men: A farewell

By Lesley Rousso (@MommyRou)

Today, I’m a little heartbroken.  I know what you’re thinking, get over it, it’s just a TV show.  My logical head agrees with you but the other side, not so much. I happened upon Mad Men a few years ago when I was looking for something new to binge watch.  I think I had just come off of Brothers & Sisters, another great show.   I was working on the Preschool  yearbook and I started watching.  It took me an episode or two but hooked me fast.  I’m a Virgo, and I’m very much in my head thinking, a lot of the time.  Mad Men was thought provoking, it left me asking questions and wondering about life in the 1960’s.  From what I’ve heard, it seemed a pretty accurate depiction.  I watched this season, especially those last seven episodes, breathing in every last scene. It was basically torture because I knew it was ending.  I’m a television addict, we all know this but there are few shows that latch themselves on to me like Mad Men did. As much as I love a good reality show or Scandal type soap opera, a great drama can really grab me.  Like I said, there are few shows.  Friday Night Lights falls into this category as does American Dreams.  Anyone remember that show? Brittany Snow was in it, she was a dancer on Bandstand.  It was so good.  Then NBC just ended it, leaving us hanging.  At least last night, we got a resolution.  There are spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched yet, what the hell are you wating for?  Go watch and then come back.

I thought last night’s episode was perfect. That montage in the beginning, set to Times of Your Life by Paul Anka had me ugly crying. By the way, I downloaded it immediately and have listened to it way too many times this morning. My only real negative is that there was a little too much Stephanie for my taste, but we had to get Don to that retreat.  I loved Peggy & Stan‘s little game of telephone. Let’s face it, I was just glad that Peggy wound up with someone.  I was starting to think that she’d end up alone, married only to her job.  Roger & Marie were just okay for me.  I wanted him to end up with Joan. I knew it wouldn’t happen though, I think that ship sailed.  Pete & Trudy hop a lear jet and I’m sure have a very nice life in Witchita now.

This of course now brings me to Betty Draper Francis. Poor Bets, all those cigarettes and cocktails at the kitchen table didn’t fare her well.  I think I felt worse about her cancer than she did.  She honestly took her diagnosis much better than I thought she would’ve. Don calling her Birdie on that last phone call was everything.  I mean, they clearly didn’t belong together, but they loved one another. Remember that encounter when they were visiting Bobby at sleepaway camp? One of my favorite episodes.  The ending was brilliant and true to Don Draper, who we all know is a very complex character. Or is he?  You had to love him and root for him, no matter what bad things he did. Everything for Don, was really just about his next great idea.  That was his high. He looked for that high in every woman and every drink but only truly found it, when he had his next great ad, and, every experience, good, bad or otherwise, led him to it. Hence the retreat.  I’d like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company.  That’s the real thing…  1431960293_don-draper-ohm-lg