Melissa Gorga Debriefs Season 5 in a SWEET Interview

imageOn Thursday October 24th Cresskill New Jersey’s Sweet Spot was a hot spot! Promoting her recently released Love Italian Style was Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga. Melissa signed books and chatted with excited fans who also got to nibble on the incredible cupcakes the popular shop is famous for. Adamant that anything Season 6 is off limits (we just couldn’t get any word on those casting rumors), she was more than happy to discuss all things Season 5, her new home, and of course her book…even the controversy surrounding it.

TBB: Now that it’s all history, what are your thoughts about Season 5 ?

MG:  I think Season 5 was probably, to me, one of the longest seasons. I felt like it just dragged on and was never going to end. It was a little bit of a tougher season, but it was just long.

TBB: What was your favorite moment while filming?

TBB's Brent Osborne, Melissa Gorga, and Sweet Spot owner Melina Milionis .

TBB’s Brent Osborne, Melissa Gorga, and Sweet Spot owner Melina Milionis .

MG: Favorite moment…You know when me, Joe, and all the kids took a bunch of people and went ice skating, that was my best. I think you got to see a little bit of that in the lost footage. That was fun. I enjoyed the fun moments when we’re all having a good time, that’s what I enjoy. I don’t feed off the drama, I don’t enjoy watching it. I enjoy watching us laugh and giggle. You know I loved the Lost Footage, I thought it was better than the season! I thought that watching us laugh and play and have a good time should not be unseen and it should have been incorporated into the regular season because those were some of the best moments if you ask me.

TBB: Other than the lost footage, do you have a favorite Season 5 episode?

MG: One good episode, I thought, was when we were all in Arizona and we were on that highwire. I thought it was “WOW”. It was a wow to be there and be that high up. I don’t know if that came across on TV, but doing that with my sister in law was amazing.

TBB: Your book, Love Italian Style, has got a little bit of controversy surrounding it. What do you have to say to its critics?

imageMG: I think they need to read it first before they try to say anything negative about it. My book’s about honesty, it’s about loyalty, it’s about putting your marriage first. It’s about putting your partner first, that’s what my book is about. Some things are definitely taken out of context and I think when people read it they clearly see that.

TBB: There are a lot of people who want to write books, I myself started one and it’s very hard to stay motivated to finish it. What advice can you give to somebody reading this who would like to be an author?

MG: Oh my gosh go and do it! It’s the most amazing feeling when you actually receive the book in your hands and know that you wrote it and put words down. It’s an amazing feeling to have and anyone thinking about it, go for it, and I wish you luck!

TBB: How’s the new house?

MG: We are currently in Franklin Lakes and we are building a new home right now so it’s going to take a good year to build. We’re renting right now about two miles away from where we’re building so it works out really good and we’re happy. We wanted to get over to Franklin Lakes so that the kids could be in the school system starting in September so we didn ‘t have to switch them in the middle of the year. I didn’t want Antonia to get any older before we had to pull her out of one school and switch her into another so we hurried up and we found a house to rent.

TBB: Are Antonia and Milania still getting some playdates in?

MG: They are! They actually cheerlead together now a lot. So they have seen eachother and things are really good now, thank God!


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