Reality Roundup-November 29, 2014

Teresa at the recently aired reunion show.

Teresa at the recently aired reunion show.
Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/Getty

By Tara Cushing (The Bravo Blonde)

What’s cooking? According to The Daily Mail it’s a new Bravo cooking show starring Teresa Giudice. A Real Housewives of New Jersey “insider” reportedly told the publication that there is already a deal for the mother of 4 girls, and several New York Times bestselling cookbooks, to host her own cooking show while appearing part-time on the series that made her famous enough to write a cookbook in the first place.

“Teresa is, of course, devastated she has to spend even one day behind bars but she has already made this whole situation a money maker for her…Teresa and Bravo have been taking this time to plan a big media event when she is released from prison either late next year or early 2016.”

Teresa reports to a facility in Danbury, Connecticut to start serving her sentence on January 5th.

Will Jacqueline Laurita see Teresa before sentencing? According to what she told me at an event on November 19th, probably not.” The once besties have barely even spoken since the sentencing. “I texted her, she answered me, and that was it,” Jacqueline said when I asked her about the current status of their friendship. To read the entire interview including what Jacqueline said about coming back to RHONJ and about her feud with Dina Manzo, click here.

Kim Zolciak shows off what looks like a corseted waist. Credit: Instagram

Kim Zolciak shows off what looks like a corseted waist. Credit: Instagram

Kim Zolciak has 4 reasons to celebrate this week. On Monday twins Kaia and Kane Biermann turned one. Kim posted adorable pictures of the birthday twins on her social media and made the following statement:

“It seems like yesterday I told Dr. Hood I feel different this pregnancy I couldn’t stay awake. Seriously though and he did an ultrasound and BAAM 2 sacs!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!…although twins run high on my moms side I was still in shock! What a blessing!!”

 The other two reasons she should celebrate, her impossibly thin waist which she is flaunting in selfies. She credits a cleanse from 310 Nutrition, but let’s not forget that she did  have a tummy tuck. As a mother of twins I can tell you that is a huge part of the formula (I had to do it too). She is quick to point out that plastic surgery isn’t a “cure all” and that she does work out (I will also agree that this is key). The fourth reason she should celebrate is that she’s gone a full year without being knocked up. Guess she should be kissing the feet of her plastic surgeon and Kroy‘s urologist. Ummm, it is a urologist that does the vasectomy…right? I’m not sure, what I am sure of is that Kim, those twins would only be inherited from your mother’s side. Twins on the father’s side are usually not genetic. It’s the female line that double ovulates. I’m also sure that you didn’t proofread that post (commas and apostrophes are our friends, my dear.)

Real Housewives of Orange County ‘s Vicki Gunvalson is no longer hiding her relationship with Brooks Ayers. Though the two have been off and on for quite a few years now, Vicki told US Weekly’s Brody Brown that not only have the two been exclusively dating again for the last year, but Brooks has moved into her home. Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, who has been publicly against her mother’s relationship, hadn’t known that the two were together prior to the interview. However, this is the least of the couples’ problems.

Photo via

Photo via

Brooks, who has battled Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma since 2009, is once again facing the reality of having the disease. Brooks told Vicki earlier this fall that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 of the cancer. Vicki stated in the interview that cancer, “will either tear you apart as a couple or bring you together. And with us, without a doubt, it’s brought us together.”  Vicki also stated that her RHOC castmates have mostly been there for her all except for ex BFF Tamra Judge. “You know what, you really find out who your true friends are when things like this happen,” she said. Are you team Tamra or team Vicki? Tell us why below.

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RealityRoundup-November 15th

Teresa's house gets a price cut. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images via The Daily News

Teresa’s house gets a price cut.
Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images via The Daily News

by Tara Cushing (The Bravo Blonde)

This week began with Victoria Gotti and company returning to Reality TV, with an E! special Growing Up Gotti: 10 Years Later. Apparently to be an Italian family in the Reality Television spotlight all of your grown children still need to be living at home. On Monday Victoria visited the Wendy Williams show where she explained that the boys each have their own apartments and or wings on her sprawling compound. Gotti also addressed the drama she stirred on Real Housewives of New Jersey with Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, saying that Rino (whose name, along with Nicole’s, Wendy couldn’t remember) indeed told her he slept with his mother-in-law. She also mentioned, however that Rino is a prankster, hinting that possibly his admission was in jest. Whether you think joking about sleeping with your mother-in-law is cool or not, I think one thing we can all agree on is that Victoria needs to get rid of those extensions. Wendy kept telling her how fabulous she looked, which leads me to believe Wendy Williams is either visually impaired, or a liar. Watch the clip below:


Victoria Gotti thinks her friend “Cheresa” (see video) will standby her man while he serves his sentence. What I want to know is; how much money will she be able to recoup for her debts while he’s gone. Radar Online reports that it may not be as much as we all think. Rumors swirled that Teresa and Joe Giudice were paid $325,000 to appear on Watch What Happens Live for an exclusive interview the day after their sentencing. Radar somehow got a copy of an October 13th check paid to the Giudices by an NBC affiliate for $50K. Though $50K is a nice chunk of change for an interview, it’s nowhere near the $400,000 the couple owes in restitution. Radar reported that the money they did earn went to repay the company that was set to roll out Teresa’s gelato bar line. Apparently she’s been iced out of that business.

The financial problems seem to be mounting for the Giudices as they try harder to sell their 10,000 square foot mansion in Towaco, NJ. The Daily News reported that the price of the magnificent home has been dropped by half a million dollars. Teresa’s fans, and foes, can own her house for $3.5 M! That’s a lot of Fabellini!

While we’re still on the topic if Teresa, is there a chance that without its hottest, and most controversial, star that RHONJ is about to enter its own ice age? In a Reddit AMA session Andy Cohen addressed the issue of the future  of the franchise that flipped the standard when it flipped the table. “We have not made any plans relating to the future of Jersey Housewives…we’ll go back and meet and talk and re-evaluate soon.” Andy, whose new book The Andy Cohen Diaries was just released, went on the tell the audience that Teresa is one of the easiest housewives to work with. I wonder if she will get a “single mom” type show spinoff after she serves her 15 month sentence and Joe is serving his. Good idea? What do you all think?

While the feds are getting ready to turn the key on Teresa, Vicki Gunvalson has been given the key to the city of Tupelo, Mississippi. While visiting for an MSU Bulldogs football game the Real Housewives of Orange County star was awarded the title of honarary citizen for her “efforts to promote the city of Tupelo,” as explained by the city’s mayor Jason Shelton.  With Vicki as she was honored, was boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who, surprise surprise is a long time Tupelo resident…and still dating Vicki. Personally I really haven’t heard of Tupelo until I heard this story. Did I miss something amidst all the woohooing?

It’s been 4 years since she stressed and cried on camera over having to attend her 40th birthday party, but on November 6th, Bethenny Frankel was ready for the birthday girl spotlight once more. E! Online reported that a party was held in New York City’s The Monarch Room. The full season 7 cast of The Real Housewives of New York City was on hand, as well as Bethenny’s boyfriend Michael A. Cerussi III.

Sources say the cast filmed upstairs privately away from the rest of the attendees from 9pm to 11pm. If there was any drama it was resolved, as they all came down and danced the night away, according to E!’s source. The source also said that Ramonja (Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan) were both seen with much younger men. Should they subtitle season 7, the Real Cougars of New York City ?


On Beyond Bravo

by Lelsey Rousso

Kim Kardashian’s gigantic ass was literally everywhere this week. Kim posed for Paper  Magazine‘s Winter Cover Star in nothing but her tush, which is freakishly photoshop large.  Especially compared to her teeny tiny waist, which she got doing some kind of photoshop corset fitness, whatever the hell that is.   The cover urged kim to “Break the Internet“.  Honestly, I’d be happy if she did break it.  Then I wouldn’t have had to see her full frontal picture released shortly after.  In comparison to that shelf she calls her butt, her boobs are pretty nice.  Listen, I can be fair when I need to be.

Oh snap, Mama June is sitting down with Dr. Phil, giving him an in depth interview about how she feels she owes to her fans.  She has fans?  Radar Online reports that she claims she was not dating her child molester ex Mark McDaniel and that he in fact, is dating someone else.  From what’s been released so far, Dr. Phil is not taking it easy on her.  Well of course not, that’s what he does and that’s why I’m obsessed with him! I can only imagine what he is going to give her crap about.  The interview, which airs on Monday also features daughter Pumpkin and estranged husband Sugar Bear.

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Reality Roundup

Brandi Glanville (Source: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images)

Yet another Real Housewife has been granted a spin-off!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is the latest Real Housewife to be given a reality television spin-off series on Bravo.

While most of the Real Housewives spin-offs revolve around engagments and weddings, Brandi’s show will focus on her life as a dating single mother.

“Brandi will be taping a pilot for Bravo,” an insider told Radar. “Putting your dating life on TV for the world to see is never easy, but Brandi’s never backed down from a challenge. She’s ready to jump back into the dating scene and it will be interesting to see what kind of men can actually handle her!”

 Tamra Barney, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, was one of the fortunate housewives to land her own wedding spin-off series. Tamra’s O.C. Wedding will air on Monday, September 2nd.

NeNe Leakes’ wedding spin-off, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding will premiere on Tuesday, September 17th. The show will chronicle the weeks leading up to her outrageous nuptials with her ex-husband, Gregg Leakes.

“Both of us want this, so it will definitely work this time,” NeNe told Life and Style last month. “I know exactly what I’m getting myself into. Gregg and I are real adults, so it was better.”

It is no secret that The Real Housewives have their fair share of financial woes. This time around, former Real Housewives of Miami star Karent Sierra is in the red.

Florida Community Bank filed a lawsuit against the popular cosmetic dentist to the stars in Miami-Dade civil court back in March of 2013 over two of Karent’s Miami homes.

Now, GossipExtra is reporting that one of Karent’s homes will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Court documents show that the bank was awarded a judgment against Sierra for a whopping $1.05 million, including back interest, principal and fees.

Karent is not returning to The Real Housewives of Miami for it’s third season, which premieres August 12th.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson broke up with her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers after two years of dating.

 “We were dating, but we never moved our relationship to the next level,” Vicki told Us Weekly. “We care a lot about each other, but we are now dating other people… That’s where we’re at.”

Vicki noted that the reason behind their split will be addressed on the season eight reunion show; however, I have reason to believe it may have something to do with the ongoing cheating allegations against Brooks. Rumor suggests that Ayers cheated on Gunvalson after fellow Real Housewives cast-mate Lauri Peterson claimed Brooks had affair with a porn star.

“I wasn’t there and neither was Laurie,” Vicki said about the cheating allegations. “All I know is what I heard from Brooks, which was a completely different story than what Lauri fabricated…Lauri doesn’t know, I don’t know, so I think we can all shut up. I’m not going to defend Brooks, because I wasn’t there.” 

It’s been over a year since Phaedra Parks, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta filed a lawsuit against Vibe Magazine and author Angela Stanton for defamation, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait even longer for the final outcome on this case.

Phaedra filed charges against Angela over her book, Lies of a Real Housewife. In the book, Angela claims that Phaedra was the leader of an auto-theft ring and that she and Phaedra used to be partners in crime, literally.

Both parties were due in court earlier this year but after Angela’s attorney walked off the case and Phaedra’s witness could not provide, the hearing was delayed. Since, Angela has hired a new attorney and has now filed a counter suit against Phaedra!

Angela is countersuing Phaedra for defamation, tortious interference with business relationships, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees.

Angela currently provides no proof of Phaedra’s alleged criminal involvement in her book.

Kathy Wakile, Patti Stranger, Jill Zarin, and Aviva Drescher (Source: Rob Rich/

Jill Zarin may not be a cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City anymore, but she still knows how to party in the Hamptons.   

The redheaded reality star held her Luxury Ladies Luncheon at her beachfront Southhampton estate in New York last Saturday.

Despite the downpour, many of Jill’s famous friends came out for a good cause—the luncheon was held to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Among the fabulous faces at the event were RHONY stars Aviva Drescher and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Kathy and Rich Wakile, and the hot mess that is Dina Lohan!

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin may not be on the show anymore, but it seems like she owes Uncle Sam some of the money she made while she was!

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the IRS filed a tax lien against Lynne—claiming the former reality star owes close to $32,000 in taxes!

Lynne joined the season four cast of RHOC in 2008 and left the show after season five in 2010. Since her departure from the series, Lynne and her husband Frank split after 22 years of marriage. His name is not listed on the lien.

Bravo can’t get enough of Atlanta, Georgia! Home of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine, Bravo has announced a new Atlanta based reality series, The New Atlanta.

According to Bravo,  “The New Atlanta will follow five of the city’s trailblazers as they strive to achieve their dreams, search for love, and find resolutions to heartbreaks from the past. Fighting their way to the top, each hopes to make their mark in the cutthroat industries of fashion, music, event planning and business while taking advantage of Atlanta’s hot social scene.”

Mona Scott Young, the creator of VH1s hit reality series Love & Hip Hop, produces The New Atlanta. Catch the show’s trailer here.

Viewers flocked to Bravo last Sunday night as 2.7 million people tuned in to see brother-in-laws Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga claw each other on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

 Based on those numbers, Bravo earned the No. 1 spot on cable television among adults 18-49 in the 8 p.m. timeslot last Sunday—in addition to the top spot among all ad-supported cable channels for total viewers.

Viewers stuck around to watch Andy Cohen host Watch What Happens: Live!, which will air its fourth anniversary episode this Tuesday. Sisters Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri’s appearance attracted close to 1.2 million viewers—giving the show it’s highest viewership of the season.

The brawl broke out during a family retreat in which the feuding family members were to take part in various team-building exercises in an effort to mend their broken relationships.

Tell us— Are you over the Gorga/Giudice family feud? By leaving a comment below you will automatically be entered into winning an autographed copy of a Real Housewife’s book!