Reality Roundup- December 6, 2014

Snookie ties the knot... Source: Twitter

Snooki ties the knot…
Source: Twitter

On Beyond Bravo by Lesley Rousso

Tuesday night’s episode of True Tori was a train-wreck if I ever saw one. The episode began with Tori (Spelling)‘s mother (Candy Spelling) showing up at one of her grandkid’s birthday parties with Tatum O’Neal. Despite both women being from legendary Hollywood families, Tori and Tatum, did not know each other…and we thought the entertainment industry was small. In the episode, Tatum was ragging on Tori because she was in the house with a headache. Not that I don’t agree, but, desperate for air time much? Meanwhile, Tori doesn’t speak to her mother unless it’s at one of her kids’ parties. Later in the episode Tori went away on a girls’ weekend and basically complained the whole time. She really needs to pull herself together.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi married her baby daddy Jionni Lavalle over the weekend. I saw the pics, she looked gorgeous. Jionni unfortunately spent his first weekday of married life in court copping to a DUI claim. His license was revoked for three months and he’ll have to attend a drug and alcohol education class.

By Tara Cushing (The Bravo Blonde)

Speaking of DUI, Cake Boss Buddy Valastro pleaded guilty on Monday to a similar charge. Valastro, who reportedly told cops, “You can’t arrest me, I’m the Cake Boss,” stated that he was “very disappointed” in himself for the event which occurred last month. Valastro, 37, was pulled over in New York City when police noticed his yellow Corvette was swerving in and out of traffic. Valastro lives in Montville, NJ, the same town as another favorite reality star convict (see next story)…

Credit:Getty/Dave Kotinsky via

Credit:Getty/Dave Kotinsky

Whether you love her or loathe her, you can’t argue that Teresa Giudice makes great TV. She’s the Housewife that changed Housewives and she’s been the unofficial star of Real Housewives of New Jersey for seasons. E! Online reports, however, despite rumors,  the star will NOT be appearing on camera at all prior to her January 5th departure for the big(ger) house. E!, who, like Bravo, is part of NBC Universal, states that not only is Tre not filming before she reports to a Danbury, CT prison, but without her the show may not go on…initially. “Postponing season seven is just one possibility,” the article that was published on Tuesday reads, “…the powers that be are considering all options regarding the future of (the) series and whether Teresa is a part of it or not.” Jacqueline Laurita revealed to us in a recent interview that her own full-time return to the cast of the show is one of those possible options. Would you watch RHONJ without Teresa?

Speaking of Tre, TMZ says they have “obtained” a lawsuit she has filed against her bankruptcy lawyer. Teresa is suing Jim Kridel, for being “a slacker who never even met with her prior to filing bankruptcy docs.” Giudice accuses Kridel of failing to list several key assets including bank accounts, cars, and rental property income. Teresa is suing Kridel for malpractice to the tune of 5 million according to the TMZ article.

Our condolences go out this week to Todd Tucker, husband of Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burruss. Todd’s mother, Miss Sharon, passed on Tuesday unexpectedly. A friend of the family found Sharon unconscious. Todd was in Atlanta and flew to New York to be at his mother’s side where she was comatose in a New York hospital. Tucker, whose father passed when he was young and was raised by his mother, made the following statement via his social media:

“Today I lost my partner, my ride or die best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her agains the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!”


Nene takes on Broadway! Credit:

Nene takes on Broadway!

In other, happier Real Housewives of Atlanta news, Nene Leakes has taken on Broadway and she’s been attracting Housewives from across the franchises to the Great White Way. Since her first night as the Evil Stepmother in Keke Palmer’s Cinderella, Nene has been cheered on by Melissa and Joe Gorga with their three children, Kathy Wakile, Kristen Taekman, and former RHONY star Jill Zarin. On her website Nene, who is never humble bashful, posted:

“Waking up this morning in a daze like what just happened! I stood before a SOLD OUT Broadway theatre screaming my name! The overwhelming amount of love and support brought me to tears! I have so many people to thank this morning…I can’t believe this. Like I really can’t believe this!”

Based on your behavior on recent seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta, neither can we! All jokes aside though, it sounds like an amazing show! Maybe I should try to get my glass slippers down there to check it out! The show runs through January (Hmm maybe that could be my birthday present…calling Mr. Blonde…)

Speaking of Nene, it appears she will get another chance to tell Kim Zolciak to close her legs (or stop reproducing). The frenemies are scheduled to have a sit down with Housewives Fairy Godfather Andy Cohen on a December 7th airing of Watch What Happens Live. Despite a tumultuous relationship, the two have both come around to wanting to reconcile, with Kim recently saying that she missed her pal. Could this be a prelude to a RHOA comeback for Kim? Don’t Be Tardy for this WWHL episode!

Tell us: Would you like to see Nene and Kim together again?

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Jersey Shore Poor

Our family sandcastle.

Our family sandcastle.

Memorial Day weekend I needed to get away. I’d been stressed and busy for so long that I needed some downtime away from it all to just reconnect with my family. Being it would be what America has accepted as the official start of summer, what better place to go than the beach? I found a three night deal at a typical Jersey Shore motel (aka, a humid room where your bathing suit never dries and the shower has the pressure of a watering can) and then left it up to chance. If the dog camp had an opening then we should go. The vacay gods were in our favor. Our dog got his accommodations and we got our own. Hooray, beach bound!

We booked our weekend in Point Pleasant, NJ. This was the same beach I shared with Rosie Pierri two summers ago. Now this is not the reason I went back, as much as I do adore Rosie. I’ve been visiting Point Pleasant since I was a fifth grader in camp. It’s great for both day trips and overnights from where I live. It’s been a happy constant in my life. So happy, in fact, that I was married in the neighboring town of Spring Lake in a beachside ceremony. Last summer I may have been Hamptoning with New York’s Housewives, but my true roots are in the land of Snookie.

Back in the day the Jersey Shore trip was the bare bones of summer family travel. The bulk of your budget went to the damp motel room, or share of a house not quite different from the shack John Candy and company ended up inhabiting in the 80’s film Summer Rental. You spent little during the day, sustaining yourself on pizza, ice cream cones, and funnel cake. The largest expense was if your sunscreen ran out and you had to be the chump who spent double for it on the boardwalk.

Lord how things have changed! My weekend in Point Pleasant left me feeling like the Point Peasant. That pizza is now upwards of 4 bucks a slice, parking (which I used to do for free on some side street) is now commanded by those municipal  meter machines (lining the streets like little soldiers of financial warfare) that charge $3 per hour, and dinner at restaurants that serve your tartar sauce in a package can cost your family around $80!  My vacation budget went right out the window!

Beyond food and parking there are the entertainment costs; $9.50 per adult to get onto the beach, $25 for the smaller book of ride tickets…and the rides cost 3-5 tickets each; if you want to go to the aquarium,funhouse, or miniature golf course, be prepared to shell out upwards of $30 for a family of four. It’s truly out of control.

I’m not sure if it’s inflation or the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but being Jersey Strong costs an arm and a leg. It also seems you can build a pretty dope house with insurance money. The rebuilds there are  gargantuan mansions…and these are only summer homes?

On the upside we had a fantastic time and made many beautiful memories. Interacting with little ones at the beach is priceless. The joy as my twins and I (ok really I) built our first family sandcastle was worth every inflated penny I spent. However, if you are going to the Jersey Shore, or on any summer getaway, in the next 3 blissful months here are some tips for saving:

*Bring some things from your own supermarket to save on extra spending:water, juice boxes, iced teas etc. as well as easy to pack snacks. Having some of your own food and drink will carry you between meals and many motel rooms do offer a small refrigerator and microwave. If you rent a place with a kitchen you can cook many of your meals for even bigger savings.

*BYOB- Whats the beach without a cocktail? Bring a bottle of your fave and imbibe before or/and after a night on the town. If you are traveling with kids please do it after!

*Locate the nearest CVS or other big name pharmacy. Go there if you need any toiletries, sunscreen, etc. If you buy anything at a beach shop it will be 150% the price. Even better if you use a coupon!

*Locate the nearest Dunkin Donuts and grab your breakfasts there. At DD’s we spent an average of $10 per breakfast. The morning we went out for pancakes we spent $32! (Be really frugal and bring a bag of pre-sliced bagels and your favorite spread and put it into that motel fridge)

*Don’t always buy on the Boardwalk. An ice cream sundae cost us $7 on the good ol’ BW. It was half that at a popular shop in town.

* Go to budget stores like Christmas Tree Shops and invest in your own beach gear as opposed to paying umbrella and the like rental fees.

Oh and one last piece of advice, that silly ticket from the evil parking machine? Make sure it’s got center stage on your dashboard. We got a $48 parking ticket because an officer felt it was not displayed right. Then there was an additional $2 fee to pay it online. There’s a fine line apparently between Jersey Strong and Jersey Gipped!

Happy summer everybody!

Reality of Fashion, Reality of AIDS 2013

With Ramona Rizzo (Mob Wives)

With Ramona Rizzo (Mob Wives)

On Saturday, February 9th, a crowd of enthusiastic fashion and reality television fans gathered at the Altman Building on the lower West Side of Manhattan for the first ever annual Reality of Fashion, Reality of AIDS show. The show, coordinated by Monique Tatum, spotlighted original designs by Dominique Auxilly, modelled by reality stars from Bravo, Style, MTV, UPN and VH1.

“There are over 300,000 people infected in the U.S who don’t know,” said Tatum as she addressed the crowd. Tatum, who lost her own father to HIV/AIDS when she was just 12, is hoping to spread the message that testing is imperative. Between Auxilly’s designs, models paraded up and down the runway in T-shirts that prominently displayed the statistic.

Introducing the show was former America’s Next Top Model contestant Kim Stolz. “Runway, if you remember from the show, runway wasn’t my thing, which is why I’m not walking tonight,” Stolz teased as she wore a black and ivory Auxilly creation.

The first model to walk was another ANTM personality, supermodel Janice Dickinson who looked stunning in a dress appliqued with layers of tan chiffon. She was the first in a parade of larger than life personalities from shows like Mobwives, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, and more.

Some surprises of the night were Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese who looked stunning. She’s appeared to have lost some weight and gained a whole lot of confidence. On the other side of the scale, Tracy Dimarco of Jerseylicious looked curvier than when we last spotted her at the Mobwive’s premiere party. She confidently rocked her curves making everyone cheer. Causing the biggest stir was Lil’ Kim who got a standing ovation (seated behind RHONJ’s Jennifer Dalton- Kim’s BFF- we were in her “cheering section”). Most memorable was one star who tripped on her way back in (check the videotape).

NOTE: This video was a spur of the moment decision, so we didn’t have the proper equipment to give you the best footage. We promise to bring you higher quality video reports in the future!

The show was very well done, despite a long delay in its start. Doors opened at 7:30 pm but it wasn’t until after 9 that everyone was ready to rock ‘n roll. Speaking of rock ‘n roll, the music was on point. During Kelly Clarkson’s Catch My Breath I had my own epiphany. Being at a NYFW show has been a lifelong dream of mine. I paused, took it all in, and caught that breath.

All said and done though the most important aspect of Reality of Fashion/Reality of AIDS was the cause as reiterated post show by RHONY’s Alex McCord:

The thing is that, with so many causes and diseases and conditions that plead for attention, people can’t just think that because there are drugs (there’s a cure). There’s actually no cure for AIDS… One of the things that [Monique Tatum] keeps impressing (on us) is that awareness is key because AIDS can be managed and people need to remember that.”

Funds from ticket sales will benefit Broadway Cares. In addition more donations will be made via an auction of Auxilly’s designs from the show. For more information visit

The event was sponsored by Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPMPR), EFFY Jewelry, AIRWORKS Compressors Corp, Lamik Beauty, Lozo’s Virgin Hair, MVC Productions Management, Sign Expo,Amoy Couture Hair, Time Frozen Photography, The JW Essex Marriot Hotel, Dre
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