Lauren Foster-RHOM Season 3 and Her Film with Corey Cann

imageLast season Real Housewives of Miami fans were introduced to Lauren Foster. This season she returns with what many hope wil be more appearances on the show. Recently Lauren made waves on the Miami scene with a steamy film by Corey Cann and Joseph Lally. Lauren told  us some Season 3 secrets as well as the story behind the much talked about piece called Lauren Foster Star.

**The links to Lauren’s films are included below. They are intended for a mature audience**

RHOM is now airing its third season. Has the show wrapped filming yet?


Last season you were in a couple of episodes but viewers noticed you. Did you get more Season 3 camera time as a result?

Yes, indeed. The RHOM fans enjoyed my witty banter and, I believe, as a result of this and a larger fan base, I am on camera a lot more this season.

You are very good friends with Marysol (Patton) who has taken on an associate role this season. Do you know why?

Her mother, the fabulous Mama Elsa, was very ill and could not film much. Marysol is very close to her mum and was spending a lot of time with her. I think this is the reason for her associate role in Season 3. I still think she will be in many episodes so the viewers will not be disappointed.

Can you tease any Season 3 storylines for us?

Obviously the two weddings are the stars of the season. Be prepared for lots of drama, betrayal, brides and a lot of fun! The producers, Purveyors of Pop, really amped up production and cinematography this season.

Corey Cann, is an actor and model with whom you recently starred in a short art film titled LAUREN FOSTER STAR. The film was directed by Joseph Lally. Can you tell us about the film?

I was introduced to Joe, via Daphne Guinness. I admired the film he made with her, The Murder of Jean Seberg and we talked a couple of times before he offered us this movie. Corey is an incredibly talented actor and writer and he wrote this piece. Much of his writing here is based on a snapshot of our life, with his special talent of mixing metaphors and perspective into the film. It is raw and fearless and we really bare our souls. It was a difficult film to make because of this.

According to the NY Post “art imitated life” and you two ended up involved in a, and I quote, a “torrid affair.” Tell us a bit more.

We met through mutual friends and immediately knew we would be close. We share a very special bond, and both have a laissez faire attitude toward life. We care about each other and he has a huge future ahead of him. He is deep and contemplative and is always thinking about the underdog. It’s a
sweet trait.

Is there anything else you would like to share regarding RHOM, your recent press, and things you would like to promote?

I finished LAUREN FOSTER STAR – Episode 2 last month and will be making another film with Joe Lally in October. I have started working on my autobiography  (which will be titled) Just Another Girl. I work with GLAAD and, along with Marysol Patton, Sarah Arison and Omar Sharif, Jr, we are launching the Miami Leadership Council with a cocktail party in October and gala in February. Marysol and I also filmed a PSA for GLAAD, which will air later this year.