Painting the Town RHONY

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Last week was the long awaited return of  the Real Housewives of New York City and the ladies were super excited! As newbie Kristen Taekman pointed out this premier was a long time coming. Taekman was the host of one of two parties for the cast. The event was held at the Bleecker Street Arts Club in New York’s SOHO, my personal favorite section.

The multilevel space was the perfect fit for the quirky blonde beauty who, as she stated in episode one, is not much for the sometimes stuffy Upper East Side. Complete with Elvis Presley coiffed bartenders and a screening area on the upper floor, the mood was light and social. It was the perfect coming out party for the newest cast member who has made a great impression on fans, especially by filling the venue with some of the Twittersphere‘s most enthusiastic bloggers and Bravoholics.

I asked Taekman how her first official night in the limelight felt. “It’s all surreal”, she gushed. “It’s been a year in the making, this whole thing started a year ago so I just feel like  it’s overwhelming. I keep thinking this is just a fun Elvis party and all my friends are here and I keep forgetting that the show is going to come on in like 20 minutes.” 

When asked what the biggest surprise of her whole Reality TV experience was she said, “The biggest surprise is the girls I met. I really formed some great friendships. I didn’t go to college and I would imagine that this is sort of what a sorority would be like. Love or hate…I formed this bond with these women and even if I was enemies with somebody that’s standing over there we still have this bond.” I guess we have to keep watching to see who she may be referring to.

Even if Taekman has any enemies among the cast it wasn’t apparent that night as the girls all showed up in support, except Sonja Morgan, but we will get to that later. Even Ramona Singer was out, sans wedding ring but with her steady date of Pinot Grigio. I sat next to Singer during the screening, who was also with a mystery man, but my guess is he was a friend…a friend that made sure her glass remained full. Singer seemed a little stressed when the night began, some even felt she wasn’t happy to be there, but eventually even I got a smile and a wink from her. Despite all the scenes of her and ex hubby Mario, she kept from becoming Ramotional. I told both Taekman and Heather Thomson how I felt a little uncomfortable watching some of the show with Ramona, to which Thomson replied, “Ramona is all good. She’s absolutely fine.”

Thomson was there with husband Jonathan Schindler who I caught having a laugh with Countess LuAnn De Lesseps. When asked how her first season as a part timer went De Lesseps joked,”When I heard the lines for the new season I was like ‘THANK GOD!’,” referring to the tag lines at the beginning of the show. “You know it’s fine I’ve enjoyed this season so much. I really had a great time so this actually works out perfectly for me. We made a deal, Bravo and I, and I’m very happy with it. “

Keeping a comfortable distance from one another were Carole Radziwill and Aviva Drescher who was there with husband Reid. They were all smiles posing for group photos, but I didn’t spot any warm fuzzies between the two beyond that. Drescher and De Lesseps actually both left before the screening.

Back to Ms. Morgan, who was in Austin for the SXSW edition of Watch What Happens Live, but made it back in time to have her own post premier party at the swank Tokya Lounge on the East side of Midtown. Everything that Taekman’s party was this one wasn’t. Where the Bleecker St. affair had a feeling of the more the merrier, Morgan’s party was exclusive, and she wanted it that way.

I’m so glad you could make it,” Morgan said to me from a booth she was sharing with her closest friends. “It was so much to put this together with the press room and the no plus ones.” Even without plus ones, Morgan and Singer, who co hosted the event, had quite a turn out, an estimated 250 people that included designer Malan Breton, gossip hound Rob Shuter, Long Island Princess Ashlee White, Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos, and Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black.

“I came to do the Bethenny show tomorrow and I was  in town so Sonja asked me to come so I came by!”  said Black, who tries to watch most of the NYC franchise. She has been quite busy since her own series has been on a break. “I work full time, I’ve got a skincare company, I’ve got a handbag company, a charity, and a 12 year old, and a husband so things haven’t slowed down for me,”she said. She also says that the rest of the Miami cast is doing well. By the way she had one of her handbags with her and it was stunning! 

There was no George appearances at either party, but infamous Housewife ex husband and ex boyfriend Harry Dubin attended both. “I don’t really watch the show,” Dubin who I spotted at two filmed events last summer stated, “but I’m REALLY in it a lot next week.” He then asked me if I’ve read ex wife Aviva’s book Leggy Blonde yet and advised me not to. I’m sure this has to do with what Aviva told us last month…and it only makes me want to read it more.

Parties and Bravoleb sightings aside this was about the premier of season 6 and both Taekman and Thomson have been anxiously awaiting my thoughts on the first episode. In a nut shell, I think it’s the start of a great season and Taekman brings a lot to the show, but, and please don’t hold this against me, no more forced Aviva and Ramona scenes…pleeeeease. Did I just lose my next invite? Hey this blonde can’t help but be honest! Ya habibi!

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RHOM: The Finale and Reunion parts 1 and 2

Should they stay or should they go? Joanna Krup and Lea Black. Credit:

Should they stay or should they go? Joanna Krup and Lea Black. Credit:

By Lesley Rousso

Well, where do I begin?  Last we left off, Lisa was completely hammered swinging on the pole and arguing with everyone in the party bus.  The next morning, the ladies wake up super late and find that they’ve missed their plane. Lea finds Lisa passed out behind the bar in the suite wearing sunglasses. Drama ensues, they pack like psychos, and they end up renting a car to drive to Cali, ala the Hangover, for Joanna’s rehearsal dinner.   On the way there they stop in the desert for Lisa to throw up and Adriana to pee. Priceless watching Adri in her five-inch red heels, popping a squat, in the dirt.  On the way, they discuss the previous night and everyone kisses and makes up blaming the alcohol for all the drama.

Back in San Diego, the girls arrive at the Park Hyatt and hurry in to get dressed for the rehearsal dinner.  Joanna looks stunning in a red dress, happy to see her sister Marta and her parents.  Romain’s brother ended up making it also.  Guests arrive, and Lisa is sad Lenny isn’t there with her.  They rehearse and cocktail hour begins.  Lisa and Alexia discuss that it’s hard for them to be there without their husbands.  Lisa then tells Lea that Lenny and she have picked a surrogate and it’s a double-edged sword for her.  On the one hand she’s glad, and on the other, she wants to carry her own baby.  Lea gives her good advice, telling her to let it go and that essentially she’ll wind up with what she wants at the end, which is a baby.

The next day, everyone preps for the wedding, Joanna informs us that there will be over thirty thousand flowers on hand.  Lea invites the other girls down for facials and Adri is the only one who shows.  Lea is less than thrilled.  Adri apologizes again to Lea, about planting the article.  Adri seems to think that her and Lea are getting back to normal. Lea has a different story to tell. She informs Adri that once she sees that someone’s core is evil or negative, she doesn’t want it in her life.  Adri bursts into tears and again apologizes.  She practically begs but Lea is just over it.

Alexia gets her hair done, and surprise, in walks Peter as her date.  She’s thrilled and they have a really sweet exchange.  Hopefully, he’ll cut his hair soon.

The wedding begins, all in attendance.  Romain makes his way to the chopping block, oops I mean altar.  The bridesmaids enter and then Joanna arrives on her father’s arm.  Joanna looks gorgeous, of course that goes without saying.  The vows are sweet, the reception rocks, yada yada the episode ends.

Now I’m sure by now, we’ve all seen the reunions and heard about Joanna’s, umm, personal body scent problems.  That was revealed on Watch What Happens Live last week by Brandi Glanville, as told to her by Mohamed  Hadid.  Allegedly, Joanna had an affair with Mohamed when he was married to Yolanda Foster.  Mohamed tweeted out though, that the two are only friends.  Brandi then dropped her little bombshell abount Joanna’s chuckalina to Andy Cohen and Mark Consuelos, who subsequently fainted.  Joanna’s vagina apparently now has its own twitter handle. Classy.

So, I could recap the reunions now, but honestly, I think you should probably watch them with your own eyes.  There was lots of fighting and #RHOM was actually trending last night which I cannot imagine has happened much this season, due to poor ratings.  In fact, many tweeted that the reunions were better than every episode combined.  Will the ladies return?

For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents.   I enjoy watching RHOM for a couple of reasons.  The first is obviously, because I live here, it’s my hometown, although my real hometown is Cleveland, Ohio (happy Mom?).  Honestly though, I’ve lived here since I’m three, and my father Mike Reineri was a very well-known local radio star.  So I like seeing everything I’ve grown up with, places I still go and of course the beautiful views which made me realize I take it for granted sometimes.  Another reason I enjoy watching, and I may get flack for this, is Lea Black.  She’s hysterical and never fails to make me laugh. Selling her wares, doing her best Amy Phillips impressions of herself, whatever.  I don’t always agree with her, but that’s fine, at least she’s entertaining.  I enjoy Lisa and think she should stay and would like to see more of Alexia.  If they come back I also think Marysol should be on more.  As for Adriana, I could take her or leave her.  It’s nothing personal, I just wonder what more she has to offer.  As far as Joanna is concerned, she needs to go.  She’s played out and she’s just exhausting.  She’s always upset or bitching about something, she’s very mean and as stunning as she is, she’s starting to look a little ugly.  I don’t care about her sex life with Romain who may or may not be gay, or may or may not be sleeping with a Colombian cocktail waitress.  Enough!  If it comes back, which I’m doubting right about now, we need some new blood Bravo!  If all is said and done for the ladies, Adiós amigas, it’s been real.  I think…

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Wrap Someone Up This Holiday Season!

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If it’s not obvious, I get some pretty cool stuff for being TBB‘s Editor in Chief. Of all the Housewife Hot Items I’ve been swagged with, however, there are few I use as often as my Wrapadoo. The creation of Cynthia Saito, Wrapadoo is a favorite among the Housewives of Orange County and Miami. Made of a soft fleece outer shell and terry inner lining,  Wrapadoo wicks away moisture from wet hair while comfortably staying in place. No more wrestling with a “towel turban.” And they are so glam that we are sure even Lea Black would approve, after all she is the reigning HW queen of turbans and Wrapadoo has the seal of approval from fancy pants Heather Dubrow. The best part, Wrapadoo keeps soft wash after wash, so feel free to do your makeup with it on!

Saito’s Wrapadoo products were featured on Tamra’s OC Wedding. This month we will giveaway Wrapadoo gift cards to our commenters. Use your card for the original Wrapadoo, or put it towards one of the other products on the Wrapadoo website! All you have to do is keep reading TBB, which we know you do anyway, and tell us how you feel in the comments section! Comments are counted up and then a number is randomly chosen. The more you comment the greater your chance of winning! Not sure what to say? No problem, just tell us below that you “want a Wrapadoo” and we will count that too! Your email is safe and will never be shared or sold. So chat with us and get ready to win and shop this holiday season!

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