Modern Resolutions for Modern Times

imageWith the New Year coming it’s natural to think about change. Opening the calendar is like getting a new notebook. It’s a clean canvas to write a better story.

I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions. Although I have my list of personal resolutions (and stay tuned because personally this will be a HUGE year of change for my family and I). I’ve been thinking about general resolutions we all can make to be better not just as individuals but as a society. Below is a list of suggested ways to make 2014 our best year yet:

Enough Stuff– We’ve become such a wasteful society. We are constantly upgrading our devices, updating our wardrobes, redecorating our homes. You know what we end up with? More stuff, more trash, more stress. Why not slow down on consumerism this year? Your iPhone still works? Don’t rush out to buy the next generation. That old dress can be updated with a belt? Cinch it. Less purchasing means less clutter, which yields less anxiety, and the best part, more money in the bank. Plus it’s better for the environment!

Spend on Experiences– All that consumer money you save can be used towards experiences. For all the crap that you can’t take with you when you depart this life, your memories you can through those that remember all the fun you had. Take that dream vacation, see that play, have that day at the spa. Life is meant to be lived. Spend your “living” living it up!

Share Less– Less information that is. Social media has made our lives open books, and though it may seem I report everything that goes on in my life, the reality is that I don’t. There are many things I keep to myself. We all need a personal life. Make sure you are allowing yourself that luxury.

Share More– So much good can happen when we share what we have with friends and family. From consuming less calories to creating less waste to saving money, so much good comes when we share. Your kids have outgrown their clothes again? Pack them up for your friend whose child is younger. Out to dinner? Share a meal, the portions at most American restaurants are more than you need anyway. Somebody loves something you own more than you do? Give it to them.

Pamper Yourself– Allow yourself luxuries. It’s ok to be selfish. Giving yourself the time and activities you need to be happy make you better for others. Get a babysitter so you can get a manicure, allow yourself that latte even if it costs $4. What good is a life of self denial and always putting yourself last?

Let Go of the Phone– …and the tablet…and the laptop. Enjoy the company of those around you. You can Instagram, tweet, and Facebook at the end of the day. Not only will you be able to truly enjoy what you are doing, but you will have fun reliving it later on when you post your pictures and status updates.

Let Go in General– Don’t hold on to negative energy. Confront feelings of anger, jealousy, and regret head on. Accept when things don’t go your way and focus on how to turn it around.

Let it Shine– You know that little light of yours? Let it shine bright. Love yourself as you are and allow others to as well. With social media people are now able to broadcast their talents, knowledge, and senses of humor. Don’t be afraid to be a star in your own right.

May this be your best year yet!
Happy New Year from!