Hundred Thousand Dollar Listing and Guess Who’s (Maybe) Moving To Beverly Hills

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Taylor and John back on TV?                                          Photo: E!Online

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Here’s a recipe for you:

Take Ryan Serhant , transgender him, place him in the suburbs and knock down the price of sale to what typically is chump change on Million Dollar Listing New York.

Welcome to my life. For the past year I have dealt with strangers, many inconsiderate, traipsing their dirty shoes through my house at all inconvenient hours only to tear it (and my hope and pride) apart. Until finally somebody saw what I see (at a much reduced price from what I paid) and gave me the opportunity to be an inconsiderate stranger dragging my dirty shoes through somebody else’s price inflated house.

Welcome to the reality of the real estate game. It’s not glamorous. It’s tedious, disheartening, emotional, expensive and very messy. Luckily, I have crossed many hurdles and can see the light (or the wires hanging from the spot where my chandelier once hung that I will have to replace) at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a long road, but hopefully the bank will see that I am trustworthy, honest, and not laundering drug money (yeah they really suspect everybody of that these days) and soon I will have my upsized new home (and the bills that come with it).

Until that day my life is in chaos, which is why I have not been on my A game with this blog. I am good with optimism, I am good with finding the humor in the darkest of situations, but I SUCK at compartmentalizing my feelings. Like many writers I wear my heart on my sleeve, and the feeling that I have the hardest time suppressing is that of anxiety (my friends over at Skinnygirl cocktails sometimes help me with that one). So, alas, I have found it nearly impossible to focus on ANYTHING  but making this move happen (that and helping my friends over at with their social media campaign). I do plan on being very inspired once all is said and done, however, as my new abode has the perfect spot just for me to sit and write. Oh think of the interior decorating I will do…and write about!

Speaking of new abodes here’s a little niblet just for you all as I don’t believe ANYBODY else in the loop has heard this one yet. A reliable source has told me that Taylor Armstrong and hubby John Bluher (Couples Therapy-Season 4) are in talks to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

“Taylor is living in Scottsdale (AZ) for now but is moving,” our source says. “(She) is going back to RHOBH. No one knows yet. They’re looking for a home in Beverly Hills.”

Where did our source hear this little nugget? Why from Mr. and Mrs. Bluher themselves. So would you like to see Taylor back as a 90210 Housewife? Tell us your thoughts below!

Until then, happy house-hunting Taylor and John. Welcome to my world.

Reality Roundup

Porsha Stewart of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Source: Butch Dill/Getty Images)

On Wednesday The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart made her first official appearance since her marriage split.  Porsha attended the Bravo Upfront Presentations just two weeks after her estranged husband, Kordell Stewart filed for divorce.

Porsha told reporters outside the event that although she is going through a difficult time, her supportive family is helping her get by. “When you have strong arms and strong family around you, they cover you -– that’s what they’re there for,” she said, according to Us Weekly. “So that’s who I’m leaning on. And it’s really a blessing to see people, supporters and fans are standing up and just really showing me the love.”

Now that the third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has ended, viewers want to know which cast members will be back for season four?! With Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof gone and the new rumors surrounding Taylor Armstrong‘s departure, fans of the show want some answers!

One answer is that RHOBH guest-star, Faye Resnick will not be returning. Faye turned down the offer to become a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season, according to RadarOnline.  In fact, Faye does not even want to appear on the show in the future. Resnick’s decision to not return isn’t the only headache producers of the show have to deal with. Part-time Beverly Hills housewife, Marisa Zanuck may not return for Season 4 either.

The newest name to be thrown back into the mix of possible Real Housewives replacements is Lisa Rina, who was reportedly approached to join the cast for season one back in 2011. A source revealed to Radar Online that “Lisa already knows people at Bravo and they really like her. She’s funny but she’s got a great sense of humor so she can send zingers.” Other possible replacements include former Extra host and Plastic Wives star Dayna Devon.

Finally, ratings for part two of the Beverly Hills reunion soared with over 2.1 million viewers at airtime.  Brandi Glanville spilled about her friendships with the Beverly Hills ladies in her latest blog. “Lisa is an amazing human being, mentor, and friend, and Yolanda is the same. I would ‘cut a bitch’ for either on of them. Kyle, Kim, and Taylor can be fun at times but those are the kind of girls you have to watch yourself around.” So what about Adrienne? Did she miss her at the reunion?  “I was relieved that Adrienne [Maloof] didn’t [show], but then again I kind of figured she wouldn’t if she couldn’t bring her lawyer with her.” Ouch!

Bravo has officially announced the renewal of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a fourth season, The Real Housewives of New York City for a sixth season, The Real Housewives of Miami for a third season and The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a sixth season.

Speaking of RHOA, three of the Georgia Peaches have official spinoffs—including Phaedra Parks! “When the rich and famous of Atlanta have a dispute, they know that only one lawyer will deliver some cold, hard justice: Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the official description from Bravo reads. “Whether it’s friends battling over an $8,000 loan or accusations of stolen Chanel handbags or confusion over a prenuptial agreement and whether it entitles you to two or three live-in staff members, the rich certainly have an odd sense of what qualifies it as a problem in today’s world, and Phaedra will be there to help them sort it all out.”

Phaedra’s personal life will likely come into play as well in Rich People’s Problems (working title). Phaedra, who is expecting her second child with her husband Apollo Nida, certainly leads a colorful life!

Bravo execs have also ordered new seasons of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and Million Dollar Listing New York. Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Tabatha Takes Over and Vanderpump Rules have all been picked up for all new seasons as well. For a full list of the new and returning series, click here.

Fans will also be seeing a lot more of Jeff Lewis on the network! Bravo ordered new seasons of both Flipping Out and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. Jeff also landed a third gig on the network in an upcoming new series titled Property Envy. In a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine Jeff spoke about his newest television show. “You already have two property design shows,” the mag stated. “How will Property Envy be different?” “It’s a design and real estate show where I serve on a panel of judges,” Jeff responded. “It’s kind of like Fashion Police, but it’s for design and real estate so it’s fast and funny and quick. You’ll see gorgeous homes and then we guess the prices. And we do a little celebrity real estate.”

So, who else is on the panel?Mary McDonald from Million Dollar Decorators, who is hysterical. It was funny because we did all these chemistry tests and Mary and me really jelled the best. Now the problem is that we’re looking for a third person, and we think we found her. It’s interesting because it’s not exactly who I thought — I thought we all were going to love each other, but we don’t all love each other. I guess that makes for good TV.”

So what shows didn’t get picked up? Unfortunately Bravo has axed most of the new lineup from 2012-2013. In fact the ONLY new show to get a second season is Vanderpump Rules. Second season shows like Kathy and Pregnant in Heels have also claimed their place in Reality TV heaven. Here’s hoping Bravo finds some new winning ideas in the upcoming months.

Teresa and Joe Giudice (Source: Peter Kramer/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

The season five premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is just around the corner! Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice will all be returning for the new season of the series which airs the first week of June according to our sources. However, will all the househusbands return?

There is no end in sight for Joe Giudice’s legal toubles. Husband of RHONJ star Teresa Giudice, Joe, has turned down a plea bargain in light of the identify theft charges against him. Joe allegedly falsely obtained a driver’s license in his brother’s name a few years back after his own license was revoked.

InTouch reports that if Joe had taken the deal, he would have had to serve up to four years in NJ State Prison.  Now, if Joe is found guilty during his court trial, he could be facing up to 10 years behind bars. “Today [April 1] the state offered him NJ State Prison, and we rejected that offer,” Joe’s attorney, Miles Feinstein told the magazine. “Instead, we set a trial scheduling hearing for May 28, since we’re rejecting the new plea offer.”

Two other househusbands, Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga may also be facing some legal trouble. Both were rumored to have been called in for questioning after a brawl at Kim D’s second Posche store opening. Details about the scuffle are all over the net, however having been at the event, filmed for the show, we can’t comment.

Only three of the Real Housewives of New York City attended the Bravo Upfronts on Wednesday night. Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Heather Thompson were the only N.Y. ladies present at the event, leaving LuAnn de Lesseps, Aviva Drescher and Sonja Morgan noticeably absent. So, which of the Big Apple babes will be returning for the upcoming season? The NY Daily News is reporting that Ramona will certainly be back as will Heather and Carole. However, Countess LuAnn, Aviva and Sonja are still under contract negotiations over money although Bravo is still unsure whether or not they want the three ladies to return. “They may want to round out the cast with fresh meat,” a source told Confidenti@l. Tell us—does The Real Housewives of New York City need a second cast massacre? Leave a comment down below! Make sure to come back next week and enter into That Housewife Guy’s Third Birthday Giveaway! ***ENTER OUR CURRENT GIVEAWAY HERE***

All About the Altman

Josh Altman
On television he’s unapologetically confident and cut throat, but when it comes down to it the most important things in Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Altman’s world are his family, friends, and clients. He spoke to me about his road to success, his love for his industry, and why he encouraged Heather to stand up to Madison.
TBB: Good afternoon Josh. I read you played college football. Can you tell me about that?

JA: I was one of the kickers on the Big East Championship Syracuse University Football Team. I played for a couple of years and I feel that it prepared me for what I do right now. It’s a pressure filled position kicking in front of 80,000 people, it helped me learn to handle the types of pressure in situations I face in real estate. I always played sports. I was a soccer player also. Playing college ball was great, I had fun doing it!

TBB: You were a communications major at Syracuse, many graduates of that program go on to broadcasting careers, how did you end up in real estate?


JA: I was a speech communications major, I got into real estate by chance, not planned. I actually came out to LA for music management. I started out in the mail room at a well known record agency. I worked there for a year getting coffee, running errands. At the same time my brother and I put all our money together and bought our first condo. That was around 2002-2003 when the economy was booming. We bought it and did some interior work on it. When we were finished we thought it looked better than it had before so 3 or 4 months later we decided to put it back on the market. We made a profit and I found real estate was something I wanted to do. My favorite thing to do still is building homes. We flipped some more properties and I realized how much money was going to the mortgage brokers so I got my broker’s license. Then the market collapsed so I got on the agent’s side. I think all these components lead to me being a successful agent.

TBB: You are originally from Massachusetts, and went to school in upstate NY, why did you leave New England for SoCal?

JA: My brother was out here and we are really close. I knew that whatever business we gotinto we would want to work together, so I wanted to be where he was.

TBB: Your brother Matt is still your business partner. How come we don’t see him on MDLLA?

JA: You will see him a little bit in the last episode. We wanted to keep one of us off the show and one of us on, let one person be in the limelight and the other behind the scenes. People don’t realize how much he is involved in every deal we do because of this, but he works very hard and is a huge part of this business.

TBB: Tell me about your professional ties to the Hilton family and how their mentorship has helped you build your business.

JA: I work for Hilton and Hyland which is literally the top company on the planet. For perspective, H&H sold over 1.5 billion dollars in real estate last year between its 90 agents. Large real estate companies with thousands of agents didn’t do that volume. Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland are legends in the business. They are here working every day even though they could retire. Jeff Hyland wrote The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills which chronicles the history of 50 of the most historic homes here. In business, like in sports, you want to surround yourself with the best. Every one here is a hitter. I’m in the office 8am-8pm and when I’m not I’m showing properties. This is my lifestyle and I love it!

TBB: After a brief appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians you came into MDLLA in season 4 to replace former cast member Chad Rogers. How did it all happen?

JA: I got a call from (MDLLA) after I was on The Kardashians. I had also closed a few deals with celebrities around town so they were hearing my name. They reached out and asked if I was interested. I did about 7 interviews, thinking it was just fun, even up until the very end I was not really expecting to get the offer. Initially when I got it I wasn’t going to do it. For the first couple of days I was going to pass it up. I was worried about how it would affect my business, but after talking to my colleagues and clients I figured what better platform to get my name out there. So I said, “What the hell?” It’s been great for business which is through the roof right now despite such a hard time in the market as a whole. A lot of it is hard work, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the show helps. We are almost at the 100 million dollar salesmark for the year. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to celebrate!

TBB: You are extremely confident on the show, some may say overly confident. Are you always that, for lack of a better word, cocky? Does it ever have a negative impact on your business?

JA: I like to say I’m confident and I have the numbers to back it up. I wasn’t always like that, however when you get to a certain point in your career confidence comes along with that, but cocky? No, but it’s a reality show and if people think that it’s cool with me. What matters is what my family, friends, and clients think, and they would all say I’m generous and a good guy. However, if everyone else thinks I’m cocky and a good business man, and that’s the worst thing people think, well then it’s OK by me.

TBB: When the anticipated drink throwing argument between Heather (Bilyeu) and Madison (Hildebrand) aired many Tweeters called you out for instigating the fight. We only see the footage that makes the final cut. What happened that night that we did not see?

JA: I think it’s very important for people to understand I was pushing Heather to do something she needed to do. They didn’t see the emails and the calls from Madison saying, “I’m paying you” and then turn around and change his mind. For a young woman trying to make it $7,000 is a lot of money. I thought it was important for Heather to confront him. As the only woman,she represents women on our show. Madison would not see her, answer emails, or calls, so when viewers say it’s the wrong place and the wrong time what they don’t know is that it was the only time. I knew she would feel better if she got it off her chest, and she did.

TBB: What do you think of MDLNY and its cast?

JA: I think it’s great. I love those guys. I worked with Fredrik (Eklund) on a deal. I gave him a referral for a townhouse in Manhattan. He’s a hustler, he’s great. I love watching the New York show. I’m an East Coast guy and I love real estate. I could watch real estate all day.

TBB: You seem to do well with townhouses. I read you sold the highest priced townhouse in the history of your area?

JA: In the history of Santa Monica, yes, we sold it earlier this year for $10.5M. 8,000 square feet on Ocean Ave. Those are New York prices, which is huge to get that here. We are very proud. We also hold the second highest too, which was $4.5M.

TBB: Real estate related television is quite popular. In addition to your show there’s Open House on NBC and several on HGTV. Why do you think your industry makes for such great TV?

JA: Real estate is something that every one is interested in, especially now in this economy. You either have it and want to know what your home is worth, want to know about it, or just want to dream about it. Even when you see the mansions on our show, it’s nice after a long day of work to relax and see these crazy houses.

TBB: Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?

JA: I’m a big family guy. My family is very important to me. People who know me know I will also do anything for my clients, I treat their money like my own. I love what I do and I’m having fun!