8 Baby Items That Can Outlast Babyhood

Live Tyler holding her Medela insulated bottle pack. Photo Credit: perezhilton.com

Live Tyler holding her Medela insulated bottle pack.
Photo Credit: perezhilton.com

By Tara Cushing (TheBravoBlonde)

Every parent goes through the angst of tossing away the baby stuff. Things that cost a small fortune that we either used in the blink of an eye, or never quite used at all. Our guilt laden purges are done via selling gently used stuff on the web, trying to force parents-to-be (who are wrongfully under the assumption that they, too, want to buy this stuff new) to take them off our hands, or (the absolute worst) chucking it all in a sad heap of memories and wasted dollars at the end of the driveway on mass garbage pick up day.

Babyhood, though we never realize it while expecting, is the shortest time in our, and our babies’, lives. The things we so desperately think we need; the bottle warmers, the booties, the mobiles; are the things that are outgrown the fastest. I would take a guess that much of the stuff filling up the landfills are baby items. Just the items I received at my “double trouble” baby shower filled up an entire room. Alas, there is some hope.

The other day Perez Hilton posted a photo of Liv Tyler on the street outside her apartment toting a little Medela breast milk bottle insulated cooler. The very same insulated cooler that, when once I toted precious ounces of liquid gold home from pumping at work, I now use in lieu of a brown bag. It got me thinking, “What other baby items do I, or can I still use in a new way?” Below are 8 baby items that can be repurposed long after babyhood.

Insulated Bottle Bag: Like mentioned above, insulated bottle holders can be repurposed to carry lunches. They keep food cool, are compact, and dishwasher safe. I wish I had a Medela bag for each member of my family! I also used the Medela tote as a work bag for a long time…until the handle broke.

Diaper Stacker: Long after your child has mastered the art of using the toilet, your diaper stacker can keep hanging in your child’s (or even your) closet. Diaper stackers make great hanging storage for foldable clothes, or even as a space saving hamper!

Video Monitor: Don’t want to spend your entire day in the playroom? Of course not, you’ve got other things to do. Mount that video camera in the places your child hangs out and now you can watch them while you cook, clean, or…OMG…watch something other than Disney Jr.

Frozen Teething Ring: Because childhood clumsiness sticks around longer than we wish. Teething rings are easily gripped by small hands. I give these to my sons as ice packs when they take the usual bumps and tumbles that most growing boys take. I also feel safer about them placing it in their mouths if the injury is lip, gum, or tongue related.

Tiny Forks and Spoons: They fit perfectly in that little repurposed insulated bag you now use for lunch. No more plastic cutlery and you are now forced to take tinier bites. Slimming your waistline and your trash bag!

Plastic Wipe Dispensers: You can organized anything in these! They are especially great for storing small toys, puzzle pieces, and Legos. I’ve even seen teachers use them to hold crayons and markers for their students.

Diaper Bag: It’s big, it’s bulky, and you couldn’t wait to carry your trendy designer purses again. However, your diaper bag is the perfect bag to take when you need big and bulky. Use it for the pool, the beach, as an overnighter when the kids go to grandma’s. Just make sure it doesn’t smell like sour milk and Pampers.

The Bella Band: If you wore one of these to stave off wearing maternity pants as long as you could, then you know what it is. What you didn’t know is how you can use it for years to come. My Bella Band comes with me to the gym now where it keeps my midsection warm until my run is heated enough for me to fold it over, at which point it becomes a holder for my iPhone. You could also use it as a tube top at the pool. Slide it over your bikini top and take down those straps…no tan lines or accidental flashing!

Did you find this article helpful? Which ideas will you try? Do you have other ideas for repurposing baby items? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section. Email addresses remain confidential and do not show up in publishing.


Giudice Jailed:Reality Roundup 1/11/15

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Happy New Year Bravo TV watchers. I took some time off…for which I was sick, boohoo…and now I’m trying to relight the fire under my (thanks to the holidays) well padded ass. Even though I was off, gossip wasn’t, and it never is. Let’s explore some of the stories from this first week of 2015!

Of course the biggest news is Teresa Giudice‘s sentence commencement. She arrived at the Danbury Federal Correction Institute in Danbury, CT very early Monday morning. The star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey arrived at the prison at 3am, dodging the press. Personally, I find it quite interesting since she hasn’t seemed to be camera shy during this entire process, what with showing up on Watch What Happens Live only a day after she was sentenced to 15 months for financial crimes committed by both her and husband Joe (Juicy) Giudice, who will serve 41 months upon his wife’s return.

Speaking of return, Teresa is obviously already making an impression. Before even her first week of incarceration was complete, he release date was already changed. As of now Tre fans will have their queen back to reality on February 5, 2016; two months earlier than originally planned. My prediction is we will continue to see her sentence shortened. Would love to hear your predictions of when she will return home. (Please comment below!) The home she returns to, however may not be the one she left. Her Towaco, NJ mansion continues to sit on the market and has just been reduce another $500K to $2.999M. The home originally was listed for $3.999M in September.

For more on Teresa, and what I think about her situation, check out the above video from The Derek Z Show. Thanks Derek and team for filming me! It was a blast.

In other news Real Housewives of New York City‘s Sonja Morgan opened up about her divorce. The boisterous blonde made an appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker where she talked about being ready to find love again and that due to her high profile ex-husband (grandson of J.P. Morgan) she has mostly stayed private about the details. Also appearing on the episode was Perez Hilton. Jill Zarin appeared with daughter Ally Shapiro, the week before. Hmmm rating issues, as in we need Millionaire Matchmaker the celebrity season? Did you catch Sonja on Patti Stanger‘s show? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section. By the way Sonja, I thought you looked fantastic! Where can we find that awesome black blouse?

The other RHONY blonde making headlines is former Bravoleb Aviva Drescher who along with husband Reid, stars in the new season of Marriage Bootcamp which is a Reality Stars edition. The show debuted on Friday on WEtv. Aviva told me about her experience a few months back. For some of the shocking drama tune in Fridays at 9/8 C. Did you see the first episode? Share your thoughts with us!

Finally, we should call this Reality Roundup, “3 Blondes and a Brunette”, Gwyneth Paltrow will be the next heavy hitter to be interviewed by Andy Cohen on WWHL. The actress will appear on Thursday’s show. Andy told E!News “I am so excited for Gwyneth Paltrow in the Clubhouse that I plan on drinking the most goop-tacular health drink I can find to toast her with!” What are your thoughts on Gwyneth?

Last but not least, do you all have any New Year’s Resolutions? This year I need to be more forgiving of myself for things I can’t accomplish, and I totally need to stick to my TV watching schedule! How about you?