Skinny De Mayo

IMG_8871By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Can you believe that Cinco De Mayo is just a week away? Time is flying my friends, and my personal favorite time of the year (late spring and summer) is right around the corner!

Recently I took on two fitness and dietary challenges. The first was a 6 week ab challenge which started with 40 full daily sit-ups and increased by increments of 15 weekly until our final week of 115! The other was a clean eating challenge. I now eat as clean as possible during the work week…no sugar, and no fried or processed foods.

Naturally I’ve been inventing ways to eat some of my favorites in a healthier, cleaner form. One of these is the taco. I LOVE Mexican food. The cheese, the salsa, the sour cream, the salty crunchy chips! Not exactly lean eating. So I invented my own healthier taco…and for the (weekend) nights I want a little bit of extra Ole’ in my step, there’s Bethenny Frankel‘s Skinnygirl brand Spicy Lime Margarita. I know many of you have commented to me how much you like the original SKGM, so if you, like yours truly, enjoys a spicy kick, give it a try alongside this Skinnier taco recipe that I’ve been enjoying guilt free since my little lifestyle change.

Skinnier Taco

* one whole wheat tortilla

* 1/2 cup fresh organic baby spinach

* 1/2 cup of lean protein source (fish,chicken,beans…salmon is pic

*1/4 cup shredded organic cheddar cheese

*1/2 diced small avocado

*1 tablespoon organic salsa (make sure no sugar in it)

Take tortilla and invert it so it hangs over two bars in your oven rack and bake until crisp in a 350 degree oven (about 6 minutes).

Stand up tortilla like a taco shell. Layer ingredients in the following order:

Spinach, avocado, protein, cheese, salsa.

*Need that hint of sour cream?Use a tablespoon of plain nonfat Greek yogurt.

Did you try this recipe? Let us know how it worked for you below!


Bethenny 2.0

Bethenny Frankel Photo credit:

Bethenny Frankel
Photo credit:

By Tara Cushing (TheBravoBlonde)

“Get the chopstick out of your ass!” “I’m eating my feelings right now.” Only one person can say these things and sound entertaining, intelligent, and authentic. Yes folks, the original Skinnygirl is baa-aack, and from the previews of Real Housewives of New York City Season 7, she’s as brash and sassy as ever.

It’s been a while since I can say I’ve been excited about a new season of Housewives. What used to be a strangely entertaining spy session into the lives of a clique of women, morphed into a long hour of petty overacted, and overreacted, drama. The last couple of seasons of The Real Housewives of wherever, had become background noise that I desperately tried to stay interested in. Each hour ended with me questioning if I had undiagnosed ADD. I just could not stay focused. However, if anybody can bring me back to Housewife fandom, it surely will be Bethenny Frankel.

After a stint on daytime TV with her talk show, Bethenny, a very public divorce, and a muted presence in the public eye,we now have Bethenny the RHONY version 2.0. Though she may feel that coming back to Bravo is in someway eating her own words, from the looks of it this is right where she belongs..and they need her. Bethenny is the perfect fit for Housewives.

How is she the perfect fit? She’s a single mother with a growing company, a far cry from some of the women on the neighboring New Jersey franchise who are more traditionally suited to have such a title, but it’s the absence of this traditional Housewife definition, combined with her unique personality that make her the quintessential Real Housewife. Her life is interesting which means she has enough going on that there’s no need for her to manufacture a story to be on the show. Add to that her witty sarcasm, unapologetic neuroticism, and nitty gritty take no prisoners approach to catfighting, and you’ve got a woman who knows how to be nothing but real. This is why fans love her, it never feels like she is faking it. This is why she excels at reality tv, and was the square peg as a talk show host.

With a major return to the show that made her a household name, a new dating advice book, and two new Skinnygirl Cocktails flavors, I think the world is certainly ready for Bethenny 2.0! PS: I recently received the new Skinnygirl Pinot Noir and Spicy Lime Margarita flavors. I haven’t even drank red wine in eons due to migraines, but I bit the bullet with the Pinot Noir. I have to say, it was delicious and I fought the urge to have a second glass. The next day I was fine, no headache. Perhaps it’s the reduced sugar, but whatever it is, I’ve finally been able to enjoy red wine for the first time in ages. Just like I’ll be able to enjoy Housewives when it premieres April 7th. I’m saving my Spicy Lime Margarita for that special occasion. Check out the trailer below and tell us, are you excited for the return of the glamorous girls of the Big Apple?