Hundred Thousand Dollar Listing and Guess Who’s (Maybe) Moving To Beverly Hills

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Taylor and John back on TV?                                          Photo: E!Online

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Here’s a recipe for you:

Take Ryan Serhant , transgender him, place him in the suburbs and knock down the price of sale to what typically is chump change on Million Dollar Listing New York.

Welcome to my life. For the past year I have dealt with strangers, many inconsiderate, traipsing their dirty shoes through my house at all inconvenient hours only to tear it (and my hope and pride) apart. Until finally somebody saw what I see (at a much reduced price from what I paid) and gave me the opportunity to be an inconsiderate stranger dragging my dirty shoes through somebody else’s price inflated house.

Welcome to the reality of the real estate game. It’s not glamorous. It’s tedious, disheartening, emotional, expensive and very messy. Luckily, I have crossed many hurdles and can see the light (or the wires hanging from the spot where my chandelier once hung that I will have to replace) at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a long road, but hopefully the bank will see that I am trustworthy, honest, and not laundering drug money (yeah they really suspect everybody of that these days) and soon I will have my upsized new home (and the bills that come with it).

Until that day my life is in chaos, which is why I have not been on my A game with this blog. I am good with optimism, I am good with finding the humor in the darkest of situations, but I SUCK at compartmentalizing my feelings. Like many writers I wear my heart on my sleeve, and the feeling that I have the hardest time suppressing is that of anxiety (my friends over at Skinnygirl cocktails sometimes help me with that one). So, alas, I have found it nearly impossible to focus on ANYTHING  but making this move happen (that and helping my friends over at with their social media campaign). I do plan on being very inspired once all is said and done, however, as my new abode has the perfect spot just for me to sit and write. Oh think of the interior decorating I will do…and write about!

Speaking of new abodes here’s a little niblet just for you all as I don’t believe ANYBODY else in the loop has heard this one yet. A reliable source has told me that Taylor Armstrong and hubby John Bluher (Couples Therapy-Season 4) are in talks to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

“Taylor is living in Scottsdale (AZ) for now but is moving,” our source says. “(She) is going back to RHOBH. No one knows yet. They’re looking for a home in Beverly Hills.”

Where did our source hear this little nugget? Why from Mr. and Mrs. Bluher themselves. So would you like to see Taylor back as a 90210 Housewife? Tell us your thoughts below!

Until then, happy house-hunting Taylor and John. Welcome to my world.

TBB Takes the Lyme Disease Challenge

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Lyme Disease, you would think it’s something new, considering all the press it’s recently gotten. Thanks to people like Yolanda Foster (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Avril Lavigne, and the internet phenomenon known as The Lyme Disease Challenge, Lyme has recently gotten some long awaited attention, extremely long awaited.

Flash back more than 20 years ago, when I was just a teen, and not even a blonde. I was a little bit of an earth child, listening to bands like Steve Miller and the Grateful Dead and shopping for perfectly worn in jeans and flannels at the used clothing store that became very trendy where I lived. When the warmer months came I refused shoes, going barefoot any place that would let me get away with it. I sat under trees reading books by Thomas Harris  and John Grisham, while adults from the camp I attended called my mother saying they were concerned that I often chose to be alone over socializing. I spent a lot of time in the grass bonding with nature and not caring what others thought of it. I also didn’t care when I got warned that there was a new disease being spread by ticks in that very grass.

Teenagers are unaware of their mortality, and it’s that invincible feeling that makes those years so exciting. I laughed off the notion that my penchant for refusing to wear shoes could even make me sick. “The grass between my toes is good for me,” I’d retort. Diseases happened to “other people” who were really old or in After School Specials, they would not happen to me.

When I was about 16 I started to feel different. My knees ached, I was tired, I was moody…and not in the regular hormone infested teenage girl way. I would cry hysterically without reason. You could ask me, “What’s the matter?” and I would answer “I don’t even know!” The pain in my knees started spreading and I would feel it in my elbows, my toes, my wrists, another friend who had it described it as “a mouse running around your body” which is exactly as it felt. It was like the pain was a pinball and it would bounce from joint to joint causing terrible pain.

My pediatrician first diagnosed me with growing pains, but as my fatigue and pain increased he ran out of ideas. He told my mother to take me to a shrink. That these perceived symptoms were all in my head.  My mother knew better than to do that, but we didn’t know where to go. Then one day at a family gathering I made a beeline for a relative’s bedroom and went to sleep. I woke up in a panic, I could not lift my arm, which was throbbing in pain, off of the bed. I begged my mother to help me find the right help, expressing that I feared I would end up wheelchair bound if we didn’t find somebody who could help.

A rheumatologist diagnosed me with Lyme after I showed borderline positive on a blood test (it was so hard to diagnose that even the slightest sign of a positive is taken very seriously). I was treated for 4 weeks with strong antibiotics. The first two weeks I got sicker (called the Herxheimer effect) and then in the final two started to feel better. There was a life back in me that hadn’t been seen in so long. My mother said that the “soot under my eyes” lightened up. I started to feel like the old me again. Then the doctor pulled the meds, saying four weeks were enough. I sunk even lower than before. My short term memory started to fade and the exhaustion was back with a vengeance.

Through a neighbor we found a doctor who was gaining fame for treating Lyme about an hour from our home. He said there was no question that this is what was making me sick. For two and a half years he fought this disease with me with antibiotic cocktails until I was symptom free. He saved my life. To this day he is my hero.

Life after Lyme is never the same. I have early onset arthritis that makes it hard for me to write on some days. When it rains my ankles and wrists swell. I need to make sure I get enough rest or it could knock me out for a few days. But I am happy to say that for the most part Lyme is behind me. What I am unhappy to say, however, is that the disease still exists and more and more people are getting sick, very sick. Lyme Disease is no joke, it’s serious, though often misunderstood. Please view my Lyme Disease Challenge video below and take the challenge yourself. Let’s save some lives one bite at a time!

*For more information about Lyme Disease and The Lyme Disease Challenge please visit .

Reality Roundup: Get Him Out, Get Her On, Get Our Ratings Up

Melissa and Joe Gorga.

Melissa and Joe Gorga.

By Brent Osborne

We are one week away from the premier of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but things are less than flowery in one of the Garden State’s backyards. Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga and husband Joe are suing the inhabitant of their former home.

It turns out the couple’s Montville, NJ mansion was never actually sold, despite the claims that they received their full 3.8 million dollar asking price last August. There had been much speculation as to why a sale had never been legally recorded and it’s come out that the sale was actually a rent to purchase agreement with Kai D. Patterson, a software engineer and founder of Project Child Support. Reps for the Gorgas said that the agreement was “a purchase agreement with an extended close option…To date (Patterson) has failed to uphold his financial obligations under the agreement and provided bounced checks totaling $20,000 as well as failed to pay rent for the months of April, May, and June 2014…After repeated attempts to have (Patterson) honor his agreement, the Gorgas were left with no other choice, but to pursue legal action and filed a summons for eviction.”

Melissa, who has had to continue to pay the taxes on the mansion, told US Weekly, “I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I am not going to pay for a complete stranger to live in a multi-million dollar home.”

Reality Tea published Kai Patterson’s statement regarding the issue. According to Patterson, the Gorgas have failed to fix several problems with the property, many that stem from burst pipes that resulted from Melissa shutting off the utilities last September. Patterson says that he entered into a lease/purchase agreement with the Gorgas that entitles him to the benefits of a renter/landlord situation, while putting money towards the downpayment of the house. After many chances for Joe to fix the problems associated with the property as per the agreement, and some back and forth personal business dealings with Joe, Patterson decided to refuse payment until the issues were addressed. Patterson also says he received hateful texts from Melissa, whom, he believes, did not have full knowledge of the deals he had made with Joe.

All I can say is, had Patterson watched last year’s RHONJ he may have seen this coming. Who can forget when Jennifer Dalton went to turn on a sink in the mansion and the knob came off? Red flagging much?

In other NJ news, former RHONJ Danielle Staub is ready to come back to Bravo, but is Bravo ready for her? In a desperate plea to get back on the show and defend her family, Danielle ranted on her Facebook page about needing to come back for the sake of her children. In a series of tweets she also stated that Bravo TV  and Andy Cohen have asked her back on more than one occasion. Truth or delusion? Either way on Saturday Staub called for her fans to petition the network.



While on the subject of HW  casting, with summer in full swing, casting rumors for the upcoming seasons of The Real Housewives are warming up

TMZ reports that two former reality stars are set to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season! Former RHOBH cast members Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof were reportedly shooting scenes with the show’s current stars including Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster,Kim Richards, and Brandi Glanville. 

After the recent network firings of newcomers Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia, there are two openings! However, this RHOBH return is too good to be true! Although both Camille and Adrienne were filming at Kyle’s annual White Party, there are no plans for them to return to the series in any full capacity, People confirms.

Major cast renovations may be underway in New York! As the current season of The Real Housewives of New York continues to plummet in the ratings, Bravo execs may be taking a significant bite out of the Big Apple.

“Bravo doesn’t want to cancel the series because New York is the unofficial capital of the United States,” an insider told Radar Online. “The amount of wealth concentrated into such a small area makes it a major drawThe entire current cast, including Sonja Morgan, Heather Thomson, Luann de Lesseps, and Carole Radziwill are all expected to get pinks slips,” the source said.

The source continued to say that Ramona Singer will most likely be the only current RHONY star to be offered a contract to return next season and that “Aviva Drescher could be offered a much smaller role, of series guest star.”

Remember, however, casting rumors always abound with Housewives. After the dramatic sixth season and an intense reunion brawl, rumors surrounding the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta began spiraling out of control. Porsha Williams was thought to have been fired after being removed from the season six reunion taping after an argument with cast mate Kenya Moore turned physical. Speculation surrounding the return of RHOA veteran NeNe Leakes also spiked after the dramatic reunion show.

Despite the rumors, all six ladies will be returning for season seven of the hit reality show. Porsha, Kenya, and Nene will be back to grace our telivision screens along with Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, and Kandi Burruss. The ladies are set to begin filming in the next few weeks. Season seven of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is likely to premier this November.

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