RHONJ Season 5 Ep 2 “A Manzo of Her Word”

Caroline waits for Teresa. Is she praying? Photo: Bravotv.com

Caroline waits for Teresa. Is she praying?
Photo: Bravotv.com

Picture it, a private room, tons of tables not nailed to the floor. Two women both dressed in turquoise and…

After a full week of the Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo face off being teased by Bravo we finally got to see the fireworks…or lack there of. This meeting was uncharacteristically tame for RHONJ. I, personally, find it refreshing. It’s nice to watch Caroline and Teresa without needing a Xanax. While cuts to this meeting dominated the episode, there’s plenty of stuff keeping everyone else busy.

Melissa Gorga is hell bent on selling her house, that is if the place doesn’t crumble before a potential buyer signs a contract. Jennifer Dalton, a friend of Teresa’s and a Pregnant in Heels alumnus, brings a prospective buyer to the Gorga McMansion, only to break the knob, and part of the vanity, off the bathroom sink. Poor Melissa feels “stuck” in the sprawling home that Jennifer says will “never sell for 3.8 million” without a pool…and more solid bathroom fixtures. Sorry for your real estate woes Melissa, but I’m pretty sure few people feel sorry for you. My rec, fix the sink, put a pool in, and get used to your neighbors, er family living across the street.

Somebody else a little out of touch with the commoner is young Joseph Wakile who wants a Ferrari. What sixteen year old gets a Ferrari, other than Justin Bieber, who earned it himself? No worries, young Joseph can’t have a Ferrari because, as Kathy points out, he must learn how to drive stick first. Yes, because that is the ONLY reason he shouldn’t have one. More grounded is Victoria who is studying nursing at Caldwell College. She sends her friends away from study group when mom, dad, and a camera crew come for a visit. Good thing, because Richard cannot control himself around the training dummies.

While Caro is dining with Tre, the rest of her family is gathering, along with the Wakile/Pierri clan, at Casa de Jacqueline Laurita. The men, and Rosie, play poker while the rest of the women hang out in the kitchen, because you know that’s where us straight women belong. Albie Manzo asks Rosie everything he ever wanted to know about lesbians, and this is the last frivolous moment of the show. The conversation turns to Chris Laurita who reveals that he has been working with the speech therapist to teach Nicholas to say “I love you” to Jac. In a made for TV moment Nicholas says the three magic words, mommy embraces her child, and the whole family, along with their friends…and fans…are reduced to happy tears. Ah, a Hollywood moment in the Gardenstate.



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When It Comes to Housewife Hair, Julius Michael is at the Head of the Class

imageNestled in a classy New York City suburb, the Julius Michael Salon in Scarsdale sees enough upscale clientele. When he leaves his shop, however, salon owner Julius Michael is jet-setting to (and with) some of the most sought after women in America. Adored for his fantastic custom locks, and locked lips, he is responsible for the looks of many of Bravo’s Real Housewives, especially in NJ and OC. I first met Michael at an event with Tamra Barney in February, and, naturally, I needed to know more…

TBB: Hello Julius. Give us a little history on how your services became so popular with the Housewives.

JM: (Laughs) I feel the need to laugh. I became so popular so fast because I really bring out (the Housewives’) beauty. I do their hair to transform them without making it look like they are trying too hard.

TBB: I know Kathy Wakile, Melissa Gorga, and Tamra Barney are your clients. Who else do you work with?

JM: I also work with Heather Dubrow , Gretchen Rossi and the newest Housewife Lydia McLaughlin.

TBB: There are so many hairstylists, but these women are using you from across the country even. What is it that makes your services so sought after?

JM: I think it’s because I don’t gossip and they know that. They trust that whatever is said stays between me and whoever is in the room. I’m very professional and there to work. I don’t get involved in what happens on their shows. They also all love my hair extensions and wear them. I really do make the best hair extensions.

TBB: You recently posted a little Housewives promo video you made. Are you also a fan of the shows? Do you have a favorite?

JM: I don’t have a favorite. I made that video because I was sitting in on one of Kathy’s interviews and was playing with my phone. I take a lot of videos and pics during these things so my clients can see what they look like. My phone is loaded with thousands and thousands of videos.

TBB: Will we see you on Real Housewives of Orange County or Real Housewives of New Jersey (which premieres June 2nd) anytime soon?

JM: I probably will be on Jersey and I think you’ll see me on something in Orange County. You won’t see me as a hairdresser but at some of the events or parties. For example Vito (Scalia) and Lauren (Manzo) had an end of the world party which was a lot of fun and I was also at Richie and Victoria (Wakile’s) birthday party and Kathy’s cannoli launch.

***We are giving away Caroline’s autographed book***

TBB: You recently were in the clubhouse with Tamra on Watch What Happens Live. What’s it like in Bravo Andy’s Clubhouse?

JM: Being in The Clubhouse is awesome. Andy can run hot and cold. Sometimes he’ll talk to the guests and hang out and that night he was in such a great mood. He was with us for 40 minutes before the show and an hour after. I got to hold Tamra’s breast implants in my hand, Andy has them in a box. Tamra gave me a shout out in the middle of the interview which I never thought she was going to do, I had expected her to plug her gym. (laughs)

TBB: I know I speak for many women when I say we confide a lot in our hairdressers. Do you hear a lot of behind the scenes secrets while you’re working on your clients?

JM: Yes, of course I do.

TBB: You specialize in extensions and we know many of the Housewives wear them. Is there anyone you know for sure (besides the obvious, ummm Lea Black) who is sporting their own locks?

JM: Lydia has all her own (hair). Lea actually does wear extensions. I know that first hand. She wears them short. Heather Dubrow wears her own hair but I am going to have her wear (extensions) on May 20th on WWHL.

TBB: With the summer coming many of us who can’t have our hairdresser follow us around, or afford extensions, have many bad hair days on the horizon. What products do you recommend to combat the heat and humidity?

JM:My fave product is by Oribe. It’s called Imperial Humidity, it’s the best spray to beat frizz.

TBB: Any products the average woman who wants to lengthen without committing to “permanent” extensions can try?

JM: My extensions are all clips ins. They can definitely get the Housewife looks without the commitment!

TBB: Thank you for talking with me today. Where can our readers go to see you if they want to try the Julius Michael treatment themselves?

JM: My salon Julius Michael Scarsdale in Scarsdale NY.

Julius’s video promoting RHONJ!

2012 Final Thoughts

Dear Readers,

I started this website in hopes of gaining employment in the media industry.  I started this website with the intention of visiting book signings and appearances to give others who couldn’t attend the scoop on them while having a place to show my ambition and work ethic to potential employers.  That was nearly 8 months ago, and I have learned in those 8 months that things often do not go as planned.

I never found new employment, well I haven’t found it yet, but what I did find was an amazing team of interns that wanted me to employ them.  I have never been any one’s boss before.  I have been able to take some bad boss experiences in my own life to help mold me into the boss I would want.  Drew and Brent may be young, but they have more drive and ambition than many adults I know.  I am blessed to have them and just knowing they are here makes me want to work twice as hard to turn TBB Entertainment (more about that in 2013) into a company which, if they chose, they can work at long after their college years are through.

I went to only one book signing, and one wine signing (Thank you Teresa Giudice) but I have been to countless events, starting as a ticket holding guest and evolving into a respected web journalist on a press pass.

I sought to get quotes from reality stars on Twitter which somehow morphed into interviews, invites, and in some cases friendships (much love to Amy Laurent, Aviva Drescher, Heather Thomson, Lori Zaslow, Lauren Foster, and Kim DePaola)

I found that though I probably could work for somebody else, on my own I am more of a powerful force than I ever imagined.  I was looking for my escape from my everyday, and found my niche and people who believed in me (Thank you John BasedowPam FinkNyk FortuneSharie ManonVictoria DoroshenkoNicole LotitoMarysol Patton, and Elvira Grau).

One thing I never was looking for, however, was a fan base.  I reached out onto Twitter to connect with those who could maybe help me find a new line of work, and I got followed back by all of you who, for the most part, have been supportive, loving, and forthcoming with your lives and loves and feelings.  I’ve been inspired by all of you and your appreciation of my writing is more than any amateur journalist (or seasoned author) could ask for.

It hasn’t always been easy.  The competition in reality television blogging is stiff, at times brutal.  Not every follower has been kind.  The occasional troll pops up and, believe me, they aim below the belt, and it stings.  I’ve been called an awful mother, a spoiled bitch, and a “corpse”.  But every time I felt like quitting one of you has lifted me out of it.

As we move into the new year, I am moving into both a new domain and a new business.  Along with Lindsey from Cinderella’s Glass Closet, I am laying down the plans for a full fledged media relations business.  Along with Drew and Brent I am moving to a new web address and layout.  We will be bringing you a full fledged magazine layout site with more articles and interviews than ever before.

So thank you to all the reality stars who have appeared on TBB, to Bravo TV and Bravo PR for allowing us to function in your world, Andy Cohen for the occasional tweet of confidence, Bethenny Frankel for being my role model, and you all of my fans and readers.  See you in 2013!  Onward and upward!

Regards and Hugs,

*Additional Thanks to: The Manzo, Laurita, and Wakile Families;Donna Delmas, Melissa Callery, Dazzle Candy, The Cherished Decor, Initials Inc, Mitzy-Lou LLC,The SS Collection, Peggy Tanous, Slade Smiley, Gretchen Rossi, Sarah Winchester, Brooks Ayers, Josh Altman, Heather Bilyeu, Jenn Zucher,Lawrence Thompson, The Cast of Miss Advised, Tamra Barney and Wines By Wives, Tipsy Girl Wine Designs, Koppers Chocolate, Good Charma Jewelry, Yummie Tummie, Dee, Lori M, 3 Ice Cubes, Sheri Morgan, Amy Poliakoff, Liz Margulies, Makeup By Eric, Buzz 60, Positive Andrea, Jairo Arias, Rosie Pierri, NJ Sweet Spot, Mom’s Thoughts Show, Not So Soccer Mom Radio, Gina Cutillo, Diamond Kesawn, ttracyh, Matthew Drozd, Kristen Schiano, Fabellini Wine, Sheila Giudice, Brando’s Cucina, Melissa Gorga, the cast of My Big Gay Italian Wedding, Elaine Lancaster, Lynda Erkiletian, Stacy Vance, Isabella Staycer, Pam Ermizian, DramaFollower, FabFeathers, Victoria Cumberbatch, and most importantly my family for being so flexible and understanding when the hours were long and my patience was thin, I love you more than I can ever express and everything I do is so the four of us can have the best of everything!