Debriefing the Knot

TBB and Vikki Ziegler at the RHONJ season 6 premier party.

TBB and Vikki Ziegler at the RHONJ season 6 premier party.

Vikki Ziegler is definitely tough! On Bravo‘s Untying The Knot she had to tell some pretty stubborn personalities just where to stick their stuff. How does one get that tough? Be born and bred in the Gardenstate! We caught up with this no nonsense Jersey Girl at , where else, but Velocity 1 Media‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey premier party for Project Ladybug and the Deborah Hospital Foundation.

TBB: You just finished your first season on Bravo, had you been on Reality TV before?

VZ: I’ve done VH1, but pretty much all the cable networks as a talking head as a legal analyst.

TBB: Your show, a lot like Millionaire Matchmaker, was very structured; the unpredictability being in the couples you mediated. How did you feel about the final product?

VZ: I loved it! I think it was educational. I think people really loved the different types of couples and every week you didn’t know if they were going to stay together or not. I think it was a fresh new type of Reality TV. I got such great feedback. I was really happy with the show and how it turned out!

TBB: How much say did you have in how things all came together?

VZ: I pretty much did everything I normally do in my day to day mediations, so it was all me.

TBB: Did you have any trouble finding couples who were willing to put it all out there for the world to see?

VZ: There were very special couples that came on, for sure. (Laughs)

TBB: Of all of your clients who appeared on Untying The Knot, who left the greatest impression on you?

VZ: Tim and Kelly broke my heart, they were the worst! Krissy and Tina were a lot of fun, though heartbreaking as well, and Jacques and Mira I thought were beautiful people in and out and I really enjoyed them. Those would be my top three!

TBB: Which personalities were the most difficult for you to deal with?

VZ: The last episode, Iret and Stuart because Iret was really addicted to her stuff and Stuart was pretty much done and didn’t want to give in. I really had to come up with a good compromise or I knew they would not listen to my recommendations.

TBB: We know that there’s a lot of footage that ends up on proverbial cutting room floor, what was the real time, real life reaction when Jennifer and Golan found out that their Anwar Sadat passport was no where near the six figure value they had predicted?

VZ: They were so shocked and upset, actually they were pretty pissed off. They had done a business deal and put up collateral for that passport and then found out it was practically worth nothing. These mediations went on for hours, and unfortunately the viewers only got a glimpse of what I was actually doing due to the amount of time TV allotted. There was so much more that I wanted people to see, but again I think they got the gist of what was happening.

TBB: You are here supporting the premiere of the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, which once again features your long time friend Dina Manzo. Are you a fan of the show?

VZ: I am and I know other people on it too. I grew up in Wayne and they (Dina and Teresa Giudice) are from Paterson, so it’s the same area. So, yes, I’m a big supporter of (RHONJ) and rooting for everyone from New Jersey always!