RealityRoundup-November 15th

Teresa's house gets a price cut. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images via The Daily News

Teresa’s house gets a price cut.
Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images via The Daily News

by Tara Cushing (The Bravo Blonde)

This week began with Victoria Gotti and company returning to Reality TV, with an E! special Growing Up Gotti: 10 Years Later. Apparently to be an Italian family in the Reality Television spotlight all of your grown children still need to be living at home. On Monday Victoria visited the Wendy Williams show where she explained that the boys each have their own apartments and or wings on her sprawling compound. Gotti also addressed the drama she stirred on Real Housewives of New Jersey with Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, saying that Rino (whose name, along with Nicole’s, Wendy couldn’t remember) indeed told her he slept with his mother-in-law. She also mentioned, however that Rino is a prankster, hinting that possibly his admission was in jest. Whether you think joking about sleeping with your mother-in-law is cool or not, I think one thing we can all agree on is that Victoria needs to get rid of those extensions. Wendy kept telling her how fabulous she looked, which leads me to believe Wendy Williams is either visually impaired, or a liar. Watch the clip below:


Victoria Gotti thinks her friend “Cheresa” (see video) will standby her man while he serves his sentence. What I want to know is; how much money will she be able to recoup for her debts while he’s gone. Radar Online reports that it may not be as much as we all think. Rumors swirled that Teresa and Joe Giudice were paid $325,000 to appear on Watch What Happens Live for an exclusive interview the day after their sentencing. Radar somehow got a copy of an October 13th check paid to the Giudices by an NBC affiliate for $50K. Though $50K is a nice chunk of change for an interview, it’s nowhere near the $400,000 the couple owes in restitution. Radar reported that the money they did earn went to repay the company that was set to roll out Teresa’s gelato bar line. Apparently she’s been iced out of that business.

The financial problems seem to be mounting for the Giudices as they try harder to sell their 10,000 square foot mansion in Towaco, NJ. The Daily News reported that the price of the magnificent home has been dropped by half a million dollars. Teresa’s fans, and foes, can own her house for $3.5 M! That’s a lot of Fabellini!

While we’re still on the topic if Teresa, is there a chance that without its hottest, and most controversial, star that RHONJ is about to enter its own ice age? In a Reddit AMA session Andy Cohen addressed the issue of the future  of the franchise that flipped the standard when it flipped the table. “We have not made any plans relating to the future of Jersey Housewives…we’ll go back and meet and talk and re-evaluate soon.” Andy, whose new book The Andy Cohen Diaries was just released, went on the tell the audience that Teresa is one of the easiest housewives to work with. I wonder if she will get a “single mom” type show spinoff after she serves her 15 month sentence and Joe is serving his. Good idea? What do you all think?

While the feds are getting ready to turn the key on Teresa, Vicki Gunvalson has been given the key to the city of Tupelo, Mississippi. While visiting for an MSU Bulldogs football game the Real Housewives of Orange County star was awarded the title of honarary citizen for her “efforts to promote the city of Tupelo,” as explained by the city’s mayor Jason Shelton.  With Vicki as she was honored, was boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who, surprise surprise is a long time Tupelo resident…and still dating Vicki. Personally I really haven’t heard of Tupelo until I heard this story. Did I miss something amidst all the woohooing?

It’s been 4 years since she stressed and cried on camera over having to attend her 40th birthday party, but on November 6th, Bethenny Frankel was ready for the birthday girl spotlight once more. E! Online reported that a party was held in New York City’s The Monarch Room. The full season 7 cast of The Real Housewives of New York City was on hand, as well as Bethenny’s boyfriend Michael A. Cerussi III.

Sources say the cast filmed upstairs privately away from the rest of the attendees from 9pm to 11pm. If there was any drama it was resolved, as they all came down and danced the night away, according to E!’s source. The source also said that Ramonja (Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan) were both seen with much younger men. Should they subtitle season 7, the Real Cougars of New York City ?


On Beyond Bravo

by Lelsey Rousso

Kim Kardashian’s gigantic ass was literally everywhere this week. Kim posed for Paper  Magazine‘s Winter Cover Star in nothing but her tush, which is freakishly photoshop large.  Especially compared to her teeny tiny waist, which she got doing some kind of photoshop corset fitness, whatever the hell that is.   The cover urged kim to “Break the Internet“.  Honestly, I’d be happy if she did break it.  Then I wouldn’t have had to see her full frontal picture released shortly after.  In comparison to that shelf she calls her butt, her boobs are pretty nice.  Listen, I can be fair when I need to be.

Oh snap, Mama June is sitting down with Dr. Phil, giving him an in depth interview about how she feels she owes to her fans.  She has fans?  Radar Online reports that she claims she was not dating her child molester ex Mark McDaniel and that he in fact, is dating someone else.  From what’s been released so far, Dr. Phil is not taking it easy on her.  Well of course not, that’s what he does and that’s why I’m obsessed with him! I can only imagine what he is going to give her crap about.  The interview, which airs on Monday also features daughter Pumpkin and estranged husband Sugar Bear.

Tell us what you think about this week’s gossip then check out our recommended vendors (with coupon codes) for holiday shopping!

And Then There Were Two…

Above: a second awning hangs inside Angelo's of Little Italy. Below: Team TBB meets for the first and last time.

Above: a second awning hangs inside Angelo’s of Little Italy. Below: Team TBB meets for the first and last time.

Last Saturday was a monumental evening for TBB. After nearly two years of working together we finally met Lesley Rousso (@MommyRou) in person. If that seems weird (and what isn’t in the age of social media?) what is even weirder is that there was no “Nice to meet you” or any awkwardness of a first time encounter. The conversation just picked up like we were all old friends, and in some ways we are.

It’s amazing how much you can get to know somebody over the internet. I almost understand how some people get swooped up into these love affairs with imprisoned strangers they never met. Via your Wifi and cellphone strangers can become besties…they are even meeting for hugs now via some bizarre new app. I’m not about to go hugging strangers, but it was all I could do to hug Lesley like she was a long lost sister. In some ways it felt like I really was meeting one.

Twitter has lead me to some pretty awesome people who will forever be part of my life, especially those who spent some time at TBB. Former intern Drew still checks in with me from his new home in LA and I plan to continue to track him as he chases down all of his dreams. He’s totally going to be big, I know it. If you haven’t seen the last post yet then you may not know that Brent Osborne (@HousewifeGuy) has also flown the coop. Even though he’s been gone less than a week, I still chat with him constantly. Our meeting Lesley was the high of our celebration dinner, the low was saying goodbye to an extraordinarily talented young man who is also going to tackle his dreams in huge ways. Seriously, Brent and Drew I would not be shocked if some day either of you ends up being my boss! In fact I would love it!

So as we celebrated Lesley’s birthday and gifted her with some Good Charma, we also celebrated Brent and all he has done for us, and all he is and forever will be to us. He will always be part of our family. However, there was another event unfolding. With Brent’s absence we need to make some changes. We thought about bringing in some new people, but the problem is when you’ve worked with the best, the bar is set pretty high. So what are two blonde moms who watch too much Bravo left to do?

The answer is simple, to continue delivering what you expect from us. Real life, real laughs, and real encounters with the stars of Reality Television. Of course with two really girly girls at the helm things might get a little more, to quote Wendy Williams, soft and pink. So in the coming weeks you’ll see some changes. Girls just want to have fun, and so we will be doing lots of that and hope you will come along for the ride. The last thing we ever want this site to feel like is work. Not for us and not for you, the reader.

So buckle up it’s about to get crazy in here! Speaking of crazy, it was the blonde leading the blonde last weekend when we both obliviously scheduled our meeting at Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Rino Aprea‘s Angelo’s in Little Italy during the busiest weekend of the NY Italian year. Neither one of us realized that the world famous Feast Of San Gennaro was still in full effect. As I was exiting the door my mother, who was here to babysit the blondelets, said, “Have fun at the feast.” Wha-wha-what? Silly me didn’t know the thing went on across two weekends. The hubs, Brent, and I ended up stuck in major traffic. Les and Darren left midtown on the late side. I feared our table would be gone. I called Angelo’s to tell them we’d be late.

After nudging 99 people in the street with my second hand Louis Vuitton I made it to the famous 100+ year old restaurant with the blue and white awning. The line outside was insane! But hey, our reservation was secured for us by Teresa Aprea. We walked right in and partied at the bar until our table was ready…which considering the timing and that we were a half hour late was not a long wait at all.

Angelo’s is clearly a place that is a tourist and local favorite. Right across from the bar was a table of New York’s Bravest (that’s the FDNY ). Firefighters in the Big Apple are notorious foodies. If you see them dining somewhere you know you’re in a good place to chow down. We loved the rice balls, calamari, and my gnocchi was the right consistency…lots of places get it wrong. The husband felt his steak was medium, though he wanted it medium rare, so if you go, just really stress how you like your meat. And no worries, we didn’t see Rino and his interesting underwear choices anywhere.

Loads and loads of thanks and hugs and kisses to Teresa! My dear I had no idea that I was asking you to squeeze in five of us during TFSG! You are amazeballs!

Reality Roundup

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak (Source: Gregg DeGuire/

Only two days after confirming her fifth pregnancy, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak was spotted lighting up a cigarette in an Atlanta parking lot! [Photo] The reality television star attempted to hide the cigarette behind a cup, but the mother to be was snapped puffing away.

Us Weekly first reported that Kim and husband Kroy Biermann were expecting another child three weeks ago. The couple confirmed these reports on their Real Housewives spin-off show, Don’t be Tardy when Kim read aloud the results of her multiple at-home pregnancy tests. “Kim loves being pregnant,” an insider told Us. “She really wants a little girl.”

This will be baby number three for Kroy and Kim– their son KJ is now 2 and Kash is only 9 months old. Kim also has two older daughters, Brielle and Ariana, from previous relationships.

It is no secret that The Real Housewives have their fair share of financial woes. Ana Quincoces is the latest Housewife to fall on hard times, financially. The Real Housewives of Miami star may be facing foreclosure on her home in Coral Gables, Florida.

According to Zillow, Ana’s home has been on and off the market since September 2011. Most recently, Ana’s home was recorded as in default for $1.5 million. The website even claims that she was served with papers and that the foreclosure process was initiated! However, Ana took to Twitter to set the record straight. Saying, “I modified my loan to reduce my interest rate. It’s called a strategic default. But that wouldn’t be news.”

Bravo’s newest Atlanta housewife and former Miss USA, Kenya Moore was accused of not paying $848 of her $3,999 monthly rental payment on her home for both May and June. After neither Kenya nor her lawyer showed up to her eviction hearing, a judge ruled against Moore and in favor of her landlord. “First of all, we never got notice of a court date, so that’s going to be overturned and we will have another court date,” Kenya told Wendy Williams via phone on The Wendy Williams show last week.

Kenya’s landlord has since filed a new motion on June 21, seeking to expedite the proceedings– claiming that Kenya has a history of “delinquencies and defaults.” Radar Online obtained a copy of the petition, in which the landlord states that Kenya defaulted on the terms of her lease on at least 15 different occasions.

“Plaintiff has received numerous calls from bill collectors throughout the term of the Lease as a result of Defendant’s delinquencies and defaults,” the document reads. The landlord also stated that the former beauty queen has “prolonged the eviction process in order to avoid public humiliation as an irresponsible tenant.” “I am grateful that the judicial system has brought finality to this eviction process and I look forward to regaining possession of my home,” Kenya’s landlord told Radar.

Get ready, Miami housewives fans! The Real Housewives of Miami are back for their third season this August! Based on the season three trailer, viewers can expect a lot more attitude and drama!

Marysol Patton is back for season three; however, the public relations maven won’t be returning as a full-time housewife! Marysol confirmed that she will be on the show as a “friend of the housewives” in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.

“I’m not in the main title shot with the photos with the girls, but I film just as much as I did when I was a regular housewife,” Marysol told Radar. “So, I guess it will come down to the editing.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is putting the pregnancy rumors to rest. Cynthia took to Twitter to address the tummy bulge she has been photographed with over the past few weeks. “Thanks for all the congrats!,” Cynthia shared. “However, I am not pregnant.” Cynthia later tweeted, “I am dealing with a medical condition that makes me look pregnant. Stay Tuned…..”

Cynthia and her husband Peter Thomas may not be expecting a baby anytime soon, but their book Carry-on Baggage – Our Nonstop Flight is expected to hit shelves next month.

After suffering from low viewership, both The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Princesses: Long Island saw a ratings increase. 2.41 million people tuned in to RHONJ this week and Princesses saw a great increase in viewership with 925,000 viewers after hitting just 780,000 last week.

Nene and Gregg walking down the aisle! (Source: Drexina A. Nelson)

Congratulations to The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes who re-married her ex-husband Gregg Leakes this past weekend. The couple said their “I Dos” for the second time in front of 400+ guests and Bravo cameras in Atlanta, Georgia. Kim Zolciak, Fantasia Barrino, and Vivica A. Fox were all in attendance to celebrate the couple’s nuptials.

The duo spared no expense as they tied the knot at the InterContinental Hotel. The lavish event boasted a whopping $1.8 million price tag, according to Life & Style. After getting divorced in 2011, NeNe says that this time she and Gregg will last. “Both of us want this, so it will definitely work this time,” NeNe told the mag. “I know exactly what I’m getting myself into.”

The Old Hollywood themed wedding will air on NeNe’s wedding spin-off, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, on Bravo this fall.

It looks like it’s really over for Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson and her on again/off again boyfriend Brooks Ayers. In her June 26th Bravo blog Vicki stated that her checkbook, heart, and mind are all “guarded”. Two tweets surfaced from Ayers on the same day  in which the controversial beau to the original housewife sounded very wounded, and bitter. “@vgunvalson My heart is very heavy because of you. The world doesn’t revolve around you alone, especially when you’re in a relationship”  Brooks tweeted, followed by “@vgunvalson I  should’ve known that you’d betray us for you. I did the opposite.”

Auditions for The Real Housewives of Oklahoma City were held at an OKC country club on June 27th. According to KFOR-TV News Channel 4, Bravo may be interested in adding OKC to the Real Housewives franchise. One by one, elite women from well known families sat in the hot seat and debated why they should be the next Real Housewife, but were they duped by a phony producer? Annette Latham claimed she was casting for a new franchise, but Bravo’s main man Andy Cohen has vehemently denied any involvment in the allegedly bogus auditions:


 Latham claims she proposed the OKC Housewives idea to Bravo executives in L.A. and New York earlier this year, and she says the network is very interested.

.Tell us– Do you think the RH of OKC auditions were fake or is Bravo TV trying to get their kittens back into the bag? By leaving a comment below you will automatically be entered into winning an autographed copy of a Real Housewife’s book!