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Eric Jimenez’s first client was his mother at the tender age of 9. From his childhood home in Arizona, to an Ulta Beauty shop, to RHOBH Adrienne Maloof’s personal makeup artist, he’s reached a status only dreamed about by many in his field and Housewives fans alike. Nobody gets closer to a Real Housewife than the man behind her flawless face.
TBB: Hello Eric. I read that your first client was your mother when you were 9! When was your first big break and how did it happen?

EJ: My first big break was Sunset Tan, a show that aired on E! (Entertainment Network). Erin (Tietsort) and Janelle (Perry) came to Arizona to do a fashion show and I had the opportunity to do their makeup. After our first day together they fell in love with my work. I went with them back to LA and they brought me on Season 2. Since then I have worked on other shows. I took a break for a couple of years, then I had the opportunity to start working with Adrienne Maloof.
Eric perfects Adrienne Maloof’s look.


TBB: You grew up in Phoenix, but now reside in LA. What made you ultimately decide to relocate, was it Sunset Tan?
EJ: It actually wasn’t Sunset Tan, it was when I started working with Adrienne. Unless it’s a photo shoot or show promo, most of the Housewives do their own makeup, but Adrienne loves having her makeup done. I decided to relocate to be there the majority of the time, but I still have a place in Arizona, so technically I reside in both states.
TBB: Your work is obviously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Are you a fan of the show?
EJ: Yes, it’s pretty crazy because prior to working with Adrienne I was a huge fan of RHOBH! When Season 2 was beginning to air, I decided to try and contact Adrienne through Twitter and see if she needed a makeup artist. After I sent her three tweets she contacted me and after a lengthy process, decided to give me a shot.
TBB: Ah, another twitter success story!
EJ: Social media is the way to go right now! I love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Well actually I love all (social media)! 
TBB: In addition to Adrienne you also work on Taylor Armstrong. They have very different looks. What do you do for their makeup to reflect their different personalities>
EJ: With Adrienne we enhance her eyes and use a lot more color. She’s more of a smokey eye kind of girl and we do brighter, bolder looks. With Taylor we have to be more subtle because of her very pronounced features. We love to joke about our big lips.
TBB: Speaking of the smokey eye, I’ve read you are an expert on creating that look. What are some tips that the average woman, someone like me, can use to achieve the look on her own?
EJ: A really big secret, that a lot of people don’t know, is to apply a translucent powder underneath the eye and above the cheek bone, then apply your eye shadow. Once your eyes are complete, wipe away the powder and the makeup will not have fallen below your eyes. Also try using a dark brown eye shadow instead of an overbearing black. It will create a softer look that is much more flattering than the harshness that black can sometimes come with.
TBB: Being a makeup artist, you are constantly in your clients’ personal space. I imagine you develop very close friendships. How do you keep things on a professional level?
EJ: Sometimes it becomes difficult. As time has passed Adrienne and I have become very close. Your makeup artist, even your hairdresser, becomes like your psychiatrist. It’s hard to adapt to, but you remember it’s your job and you’ve got to keep it professional.
TBB: You travel with many of your clients. What and with whom was your most memorable experience to date?
EJ: Last year, Adrienne and I went to New York for a press release around Christmas time. We drove through the city getting to see the extravagant Christmas trees and the department store windows decked to the nines. I had the opportunity to meet Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen. It was an amazing experience! There’s nothing like NYC during the holidays, although it is a little too chilly for us West Coast people.
TBB: Will you be making any appearances on the new season of RHOBH?
EJ: As of right now I was filmed in two episodes, once with Taylor and once with Adrienne. Will they make it to TV? You will just have to wait and see.
TBB: On your website you encourage people to pursue their dreams. What was your greatest obstacle in developing your career and how did you overcome it?\
EJ: The biggest hurtle I overcame was being afraid of rejection. People are going to reject you and people are going to move on, you need learn to just go for it. Such as with Adrienne, If I let the rejection get to me and didn’t send that third tweet I wouldn’t be with her today.
TBB: Thank you for speaking with me. Is there anything else you would like people to know?
EJ: It was my pleasure! I would just like to remind everyone that the sky is the limit and to never give up!
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