I’ve got a few exciting things on the horizon for
you all, but as a budding (ok wannabe) entertainment
journalist/publicist, I really have to watch that all my i’s are
dotted and t’s are crossed before I print anything. The last thing
I want to do is show someone in an unflattering light or worse, get
sued (not that they would get much out of me the queen of looking
rich with nothing). So as I wait for things to come through I’ll
give you a morsel about me, which is something I try not to do too
much because you all want celeb buzz and TV reviews, not the story
of a suburban mom who works full time and struggles to pick up
after a husband, a dog, and twoddlers (in that order exactly). So
today’s tidbit is about how I became versed in all things
always dabbled in Bravo. I remember way way back when all they were
really known for was Queer Eye for the Straight
. I thought the show was brilliant, quirky, and I was
dying to get my husband, who I was dating at the time, on it. I
think I may have even applied but he never got the call, or did and
totally lied about it. Over the years as the network began to
further shape itself into what it is known today, I started
watching here and there episodes of The
. Then The Real Housewives of New
came around and, because it’s so close to where I
live, people around here were really buzzing about it. These were
women who we not only could relate to, in a lower socio-economic
kind of way, but knew the places they went and had been to many of
them ourselves. Watching that I started watching the NYC franchise,
and then became a HUGE Bethenny fan and followed her to
Bethenny Getting Married. Aside from those three
shows I still preferred traditional television, or no TV at
an active person I didn’t always have much time for TV. Then
everything changed and ALL I had time for was TV. At 31 weeks
pregnant my doctor told me I was showing some early signs of labor.
“From this point on you are on modified bedrest,” she said in her
cold clinical way, “do you know what that is?” I like to think I’m
fairly intelligent so I said “I can go out for a while and then
have to lie down for a few hours.” “Nope,” she said sternly, “it
means you can get up, go to the bathroom, get a sandwich and get
back into bed.” 1. The last thing my fat pregnant ass needed was
another sandwich and 2. How the hell does that constitute
was December 2010, right before the holidays. Half disappointed,
and half relieved I said, “but what about Christmas?” “Not going.”
“What about New Year’s?” “Negative. Aside from coming to see me you
are not to even get in a car.” 
That was the longest, and least stressful holiday
season of my life. We decided to forget the tree, the gifts, the
stockings, and just let our babies bake. Stress free yes, but easy,
hell no. Believe me, I too always thought a month plus in bed would
be fanatastic, but this fantasy far exceeds the reality. My husband
would cautiously tiptoe into our room when he got home and
immediately duck as I hurled my latest read magazine at him in a
fit of hormonally charged frustration and boredom screaming,”I read
this one already.” 
The only pleasure I got out of that month plus of
being a bed ridden whale (in a tank top, eating an ice pop, by an
open window, as the snow fell) was Bravo TV. I watched every
episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Million
Dollar Listing
, and The Millionaire
. I even honed my writing skills and filled my
time by writing reviews of the shows on my friend Jon’s pop culture
website.  This was when I became a true Bravoholic and I
am forever grateful to the network for getting me through what was
a very challenging time. 
Here I am now just over a year and a half later and
I’m more into it than ever and making it a HUGE part of my life. I
hope this explains a bit about why the network means so much to me.
You probably still think I’m a little nuts, but hopefully it’s in
an endearing way. Hey, I didn’t name either one of my kids Andy, so
I’m not that obsessed!

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