LA Shrinks…Too Crazy for Prime Time?

Dr. Eris Huemer, Dr. Venus Nicolino, and Dr. Greg Cason of Bravo's LA Shrinks. Photo credit:

Dr. Eris Huemer, Dr. Venus Nicolino, and Dr. Greg Cason of Bravo’s LA Shrinks. Photo credit:

It’s taken me two episodes to form an opinion about LA Shrinks. The first episode was like watching paint dry while listening to Dr. Ruth Westheimer. The second episode was like being on a roller coaster while listening to Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Needless to say, whether a Sunday drive or a wild ride, one solid theme is sex talk… awkward, cheesy, uncomfortable sex talk. Just ask the patients of Dr. Venus Nicolino, who were not only required to tape audio of their nocturnal activities, but play it for the cameras treating us all to “that’s so good”  (gag, no from where I’m sitting it really isn’t).

Nicolino lives in a gorgeous mansion with a handsome husband and four boys, two her biological children and two nephews she recently obtained custody of. Footage of Nicolino bounces between the chaos that naturally ensues when you are raising four boys, to her asking couples, “Did you give her oral sex?” It’s the classic juxtaposition of the Madonna and the whore, and quite frankly it’s a little too much.

Dr. Eris Huemer is also focused on sex, or the fact that she and husband Clayton aren’t having it (perhaps she should see Dr. Nicolino). Amazing that a couple who has the naked lower half of a man in their doorway (WTF is that thing anyway) is having such issues. Then again, what’s that about those who talk about it most are doing it least? Upping Huemer’s anxiety is the fact that she is 38 years old and desperately wants a baby. Paging Dr. Eris, if you think you aren’t getting any now having a baby is not going to help your situation, just ask any new parent about that one.  In episode two Huemer brings in a tantric sex therapist who has the couple perform a breathing exercise to which Clayton is less turned on and more turned off by his wife’s breath as he lets her, the tantric sexpert, and all Bravo fans know.  It was one of the most awkward television moments I’ve ever witnessed and my heart broke for her.

Our final LA Shrink is Dr. Greg Cason. Cason lives with partner Kevin (who reminds me of comedian Scott Thompson from HBO’s Kids In the Hall). Cason is planning his wedding to Kevin after over 20 years together. Cason ‘s clients aren’t sex crazy, they are just plain crazy, or acting like they are. In episode two, one woman, who has a raging road rage problem, spends her session on the LA Freeway. Her insane shrieking, steering wheel slamming, and peeing (yes I said peeing) into some bizarre human cat litter device is not just cringe worthy to observe, but hard to believe as well. Dr. Cason himself feels a little put off by this woman urinating in front of him. His manners are far more refined as he told us in episode one that he will “hold in a fart” for the hour or so he is counseling someone. Lovely.

Bottom line…I’ll watch LA Shrinks, but only because it is, indeed, the proverbial train wreck.

Tell us what you think of LA Shrinks! Is it too much for prime time?

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