I’m A Bea-lie-dor

Don't mess with Shannon's (or mine, for that matter) lemons! Photo credit: BravoTV

Don’t mess with Shannon’s (or mine, for that matter) lemons!
Photo credit: BravoTV

By Tara Cushing (@TheBravoBlonde)

Dr. Moon? Nine lemons at all times? Last season when The Real Housewives of Orange County ‘s Shannon Beador entered our living rooms via her non-toxic dream home, our cooky meters all buzzed a bit. From her visits to a healer who detected anger and resentment around her navel, to dentists who fill teeth with precious stones, I’m sure she made more than a few viewers’ eyes roll. In the real world world there’s no time (or money) to worry about such shenanigans. I confess my first impression of Shannon was that she was a neurotic princess with too much time on her hands. I found myself growling “get a job and some real problems” at my TV. However, as the season went on, Beador, in contrast to the penchant for pricey Feng Shui advisors and tacky holiday decorating, appeared rather down to earth. She began to appear…well… real, even if she did snap at her husband for disturbing her Feng Shui lemons.

Ah lemons, here’s where I begin to morph from a practical no-nonsense real middle-class housewife, to a superstitious nut. After some events that seemed a bit unlucky, I decided that it might not hurt to try to invite in a little good fortune. I was intrigued by Shannon’s lemons, they seemed so important to her, that the fate of her entire existence rested on the need of nine lemons in a bowl in her magnificent kitchen. A little bit ashamed of myself, I started googling lemons and Feng Shui.

Always trying to watch my wallet, I realized keeping my house stocked with lemons was going to increase my grocery bills. I said goodbye to weekly fresh flowers and dragged my faux ones back out. My lemons would now be taking over the decor portion of my shopping. I got my lemons in late September. I also smudged my house at this time for a little extra luck. Our house was on the market and the traffic of buyers over the summer had been a little disappointing. I needed all the luck I can get.

Almost immediately I got a call for a showing, then another. Since I incorporated the lemons into my kitchen decor there’s been a steady flow of buyers coming, sometimes up to four showings a week. Each time the requests slowed, I’d notice my lemons were rotting. I’d switch them for fresh ones and the calls would start coming again that day. (I’ll let you know how that is going later on.)

Around this time I also got a tip that somebody I knew needed some social media help. I was referred by a friend because of my experience promoting TBB. Always up for a challenge I jumped in with both feet. The result of that leap of faith has been amazing. I have enjoyed working for my client immensely and the supplemental income has been a blessing. Late in December my client decided to let me go. I was sad, but understood the need for him to do so. Long story short, three days later I noticed my lemons had turned dull. I bought 9 new ones at the grocery store and while TRANSPORTING them home my phone rang. It was my client, out of the blue, telling me he changed his mind and wanted to keep my services. His business is as busy as ever, I’ve got my second client starting in a few days, and have had two other inquiries for hire in the past two weeks. I should also mention that my husband also got a raise around the time my client called me back. Powerful money magnets these lemons are, I tell you all. No wonder Shannon is so wealthy.

Realizing Shannon’s lemons may not just be a figment of her imagination I wondered how her other methods might work. An acquaintance of mine has been doing healing, Dr. Moon territory, as a side business. She offered to do a session on me. “You have a lot of resentment,” she said. It’s true, I don’t forgive easily, and a lot of time the anger builds within me when people have done me wrong. She worked over points inhaling and exhaling as she went. In the weeks following I noticed I was feeling lighter, more positive, and able to let go of some of the bitterness I was feeling over past events with family and friends.

January began, a new year. Determined to make it the BEST ever, I smudged my house again, my lemons from December still spreading sunshine in my kitchen. By the second week of the month I’d had a steady stream of buyers. Then I got a second showing request followed by an offer a few days later. Could 2015 be off to a better start? (In my best Chandler Bing voice). With an offer acceptance it was time to start looking for a home.

We saw that a house we had liked in the fall was still on the market, we went back and fell in love. After an intense three day bidding war we came out on top. I placed the folded listing of the home under my lemons for extra luck. A few days later I also put a lottery ticket under them. I wondered if that might conflict with the energy on my dream home.  The next day I won $2 on the ticket, but was knocked out by the competition on the house again. I removed the ticket and by the end of the day the seller came back to me. Post inspection things didn’t look in our favor again, I noticed the listing sheet had been moved out from under the lemon bowl. I put it back under and the next morning, like magic, things were looking up again.

Now, is there any science to this? Probably not. Could it all be coincidence? Maybe, but hey, a little luck never hurts. If just believing in something makes a difference then why not? I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not leaving it up to chance. As far as my kitchen goes…whether it be this one, or the new one I move into…in the words of Shannon Beador, “There must be 9 lemons in that bowl at all times.”

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Heather Explains It All -RHOC’s Heather Dubrow Discusses Season 9



After three seasons on The Real Housewives of Orange County, one would think Heather Dubrow would have risen to the top of the pecking order, especially with two newbie cast members. In Housewives land, however, nobody’s role is ever guaranteed. The once revered voice of reason is now finding her season in the hot seat. I caught up with Heather just days before she was departing for a much needed family vacation. She took a break from packing  to give me a little Season 9 behind the scenes.

TBB: Was there any hesitation about returning for a third season on RHOC?

HD: Definitely! This show is difficult to do. It’s really hard to be held accountable for everything that comes out of your mouth. We film so much and in the end (the viewers) see pieces of things, and the way they are put together is not really reality, and it’s frustrating.

TBB: The dynamics of the group have changed this season. What’s your take on the new girls (Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek) and your role in the show now?

HD: I think they are both really good additions to the cast. As for my role on this season…every week when I get my screener I’m sort of scared to see what’s on there. We filmed twice as long as the previous season and I had a lot going on so it was a very stressful season from me. I felt very isolated from the other girls. I really wasn’t seeing them except for at major events.

TBB: We have been watching your once tight friendship with Tamra (Judge) unravel. In the final cut it looks like you sabotaged her ride on a mechanical bull causing her to fall. What went through your mind while watching that incident?

HD: The truth is it just didn’t happen all that fast. I made a joke in saying, “Turn it up”. I said it when I got on the bull, I said it again when Tamra got on. It didn’t mean “turn it up and maim or hurt my friend”. If my comment or joke is in any way responsible for (her falling) I apologize profusely. I feel terrible. I would never do that to my friend. There were cameras everywhere and we’d been drinking. I’ll be apologizing for this for a long time. I love Tamra and would never want to hurt her.

TBB: How do you feel about the other women accusing you of acting out your friendship with them?

HD: When Shannon and I had lunch I walked away thinking we were okay and it was going to be a fresh start. When I saw what she said I felt like I was being talked about behind my back. I was very disappointed in what she said to Tamra at her Christmas party. If I had known that I probably wouldn’t have gone to the party.

TBB: Did you fake that phone call at Shannon’s Christmas party?

HD: No, and so many people have tweeted pictures of me holding the phone, picking up the phone and the lights are clearly on. Anyone who watches this show would know that my husband, who would say if I kicked him under the table, “Why are you kicking me,” would say “There’s nobody there” if I handed him a phone with nobody on the other end. Furthermore, I would never fake anything having to do with my kids’ health. That’s such bad Karma.

TBB: Do you feel that the absence of Gretchen (Rossi) and Alexis (Bellino) who were both long standing cast members has affected RHOC?

HD: Each season feels like such a restart. It seems to me like Gretchen and Alexis are in better places doing what they want to do, and they are happy. Thankfully it didn’t affect the show. I think OC is a really strong franchise and the whole is greater than its parts.

TBB: You have had a few guest roles on some scripted series since becoming a Housewife. Are you looking to make a complete transition from reality back to scripted television?

HD: I’m enjoying the opportunities that are coming to me. I just finished a 12 episode series as part of Sony’s Vision Network and am actively pursuing auditions and reading for roles. I’m in a position where I can pick when I want to work, not that they always want me, but I don’t want to give up too much time with my children. Right now I’m very happy and feel very balanced doing both, I don’t think one has to be exclusive of the other.

TBB: Your husband Terry has been very supportive of you. Watching the RHOC how do you feel about his involvement in the drama?

HD: I think, especially this season, I felt very isolated from the other ladies. They were getting together a lot without me and anything that was going on with me was discussed at these parties. (Terry) was my only advocate. Terry and I are a partnership. We aren’t always perfect but we are a really good team. At the end of the day I go home with him, not one of the other Housewives.

TBB: Terry has his own show, Botched, coming to E. What has it been like for your family doing reality television double duty?

HD: It was very stressful. Terry was not around. He was filming Botched and I was filming Housewives. We were both stretched really thin, but he was so happy with what he was doing. It was such a fun extracurricular add on to his plastic surgery business, and when you are happy and successful you let a lot of things just roll. I think it was more stressful for me because I didn’t have him around that much.

TBB: I was surprised to learn that Terry’s brother was Kevin Dubrow, the late lead singer of Quiet Riot. Does Terry sing at all?

HD: No…that would be no. He has many special gifts, but that is not one of them.

TBB: If Housewives is renewed would you be interested in returning for the next season?

HD: I think so much happened this season and it was such a long season. I need a break. I’m definitely ready for a break. It will depend on what’s going on in my life and also what happens during the reunion. I have to take one day at a time.

TBB: What’s the story on the new house? Is it finished yet?

HD: We have about another year to go.

TBB: Have you got a favorite interior design tip to share with us?

HD: I love mirrors! They can make a small room look bigger and you can find many great inexpensive ones. It’s such a great tool to use in your house.

TBB: Thank you for chatting with me once again. Is there anything you’d like to add?

HD: It’s been a tough season (of RHOC) but I’m really grateful that I’ve had an opportunity to be on the show. I’m really grateful as it’s been wonderful for our whole family. It’s truly been one of those really great life experiences, so thanks Bravo!

What are YOUR thoughts on season 9? Are you team Heather or team somebody else? Join the conversation below! To read our Season 8 interview with Heather click here!

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 9 So far…

The updated ladies of the OC. Orange you glad there's no more "Grelexis"? Photo:bravotv.com

The updated ladies of the OC. Orange you glad there’s no more “Grelexis”?

By Lesley Rousso


The original, one that got all this cray-crayness started, The Real Housewives of Orange County is a few episodes into its ninth season. Wow, can you believe it’s been almost a decade since the Real Housewives and Bravo changed the landscape of reality tv?  Some people remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, I remember where I was the first time I met the ladies of the the OC.

The only original cast member left is the cantankerous but still lovable Vicki Gunvalson.  Tamra Judge is back, as is Heather Dubrow.  Gone are Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino, mercifully.  Debuting as new wives are Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek.  I think Lizzie seems nice, but we only met her last week.  One thing I liked about her though, was that she doesn’t seem to put up with shit from the other  girls.  She gave Vicki as good as she got and in the upcoming episodes it looks like she and Tamra are going to have some major issues. Lizzie is married with two boys and she’s also a bathing suit designer.  Tamra said she’s “a cross between Alexis and Gretchen, Grelexis.” She seems like a smart cookie though, and I think her bathing suit line is not along the lines of Alexis Couture, or She By Sheree for that matter.  Sometimes I like Shannon and other times she’s just odd.  Her relationship with her husband David is very awkward.  She’s also a bit of a nervous nilly who gets acupuncture several times a month, or is it a week.  She is the mom of three girls, and her family owned the I. Magnin chain of department stores.

Shannon isn’t clicking with Heather at all and Tamra and Vicki haven’t been very nice to Heather this season.  They complain about how judgemental and uptight she is.   Tamra and Eddie continue to run Cut Fitness, with Tamra’s eldest son Ryan working there too.  Heather and Terry prepare to break ground on their new hotel, I mean house and apparently do just that while throwing a Hoe Down. Yee Haw.  We found out that Vicki and Brooks (ugh) are again an item.  I honestly do not think they ever broke-up.  Brianna won’t have to worry about running into him though.  She and her equally charming husband Ryan Culberson are moving to Oklahoma.  Later in the season we will be treated to a  Mexican vacay, Heather’s hoe down, and Brooks talking about Vicki’s vagina (double ugh).

Upcoming tiffs include Tamra mistrusting Lizzie,  Terry calling David a “penis”, and   Tamra telling Heather she “acted out” their friendship.  Tamra accuses Lizzie of saying Eddie wanted to “F” her and Lizzie says Tamra is the most insecure woman she’s ever met.  Tamra runs, literally runs away hysterical.

There’s also a new “friend” of the housewives, Danielle Gregorio.  She hoted the  ugly Christmas sweater party at which Lizzie made her show debut.  She’s married to husband Joe and had three kids, one from a previous relationship.  That’s all I got.

So far, so good.  I’m really happy Alexis and Gretchen are gone.  We needed a little bit of a shake-up.  The whole Gretchen and Slade Smiley thing and Jesus Jugs bit was starting to get old.  The OC remains my second favorite housewives franchise, a super close second to Beverly Hills.  Hell, they could film anything in California and I’d watch it.